LETZ SUSHI Paired with Connecteam to Overcome Daily Challenges (Case Study)

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Rea Regan June 19, 2019 4 min read
LETZ SUSHI Paired with Connecteam to Overcome Daily Challenges

Quick Guide

    LETZ SUSHI is a sushi restaurant in Denmark with over 200 employees, and like many other companies, LETZ SUSHI wanted to uplift employee engagement, quickly share updates and resources, and provide a younger generation of employees with the instant, digital experience they expect. 

    Before LETZ SUSHI found the answer to their problems, they used another solution but weren’t quite satisfied with it as it lacked certain capabilities and the customer support just wasn’t good enough. That’s when LETZ SUSHI paired with Connecteam, an all-in-one mobile solution, to overcome the challenges they faced on a daily basis.

    The Assets tab keeps everything neatly organized for the employees

    Bridging the gap with an employee app: 

    With Connecteam, LETZ SUSHI were able to narrow the gap between employees and management, make day-to-day operations easier and swift and could communicate in real time with all their employees. Even the simple things were no longer lost in the wind, like announcing a new manager or sharing great feedback from a customer. And it also worked the other way around because employees were able to communicate feedback, thoughts and ideas to managers.

    Connecteam made it easy to keep everyone on the same page and update employees on what is going on with the company: from procedural updates to management announcements and more. Specifically, LETZ SUSHI utilized the app’s embedded chat feature allowing them to communicate within their working environment and teams more easily and quickly.

    Connecteam's employee engagement software
    LETZ SUSHI utilized to the app’s embedded chat feature allowing them to communicate within their working environment and teams easily and quickly

    Sharing of digital resources:

    When running a restaurant, there’s a lot of information that needs to be shared with the team. As teams are ever changing, keeping them at the top of their game is not an easy task. LETZ SUSHI took advantage of their mobile app and made all this information available at a click.

    LETZ SUSHI made all forms and checklists digital
    LETZ SUSHI took advantage of their mobile app and made all this information available at a click.

     Here are a few examples of the digital resources they made available for their teams via the knowledge hub: 

    1. LETZ TAKE AWAY:  information and guidelines
    2. LETZ HEALTH & SAFETY: videos, regulations, PDFs and presentations
    3. LETZ KITCHEN: recipes, checklists, hygiene control, etc. 
    4. LETZ DRINK: videos & and background on the drinks menu.
    5. LETZ DINE : tips and guidelines for service and sales when in the restaurant
    Training material was now digital with Connecteam's employee app
    LETZ DRINK: videos & and background on the drinks- menu

    Now that all employees have access to the knowledge hub, LETZ SUSHI made it easy to refer back to training materials, processes and procedures at any time. This allowed their employees to enhance their professional skills on a regular basis so delivering amazing customer service was easier to perform. 

    Digitizing day-to-day operations:

    With the employee app, LETZ SUSHI were able to digitize day-to-day processes and gain oversight on procedures that needed to be done, a good example of such forms that turned digital is the opening and closing checklists that are used daily.

    Streamlining the on-boarding process was easy to do with Connecteam
    restaurant opening / closing checklists turned digital

    We spoke with Henrik Persson, the Service & Training Manager, and here’s what he had to say:

    What were the major pain points of your process prior to using Connecteam?

    To reach a more efficient communication with the staff.

    Were there any other advantages you discovered after using the product more regularly?

    A higher team spirit with cross-communication between departments.

    About how long does it take a new employee get up to speed with Connecteam?

    Not long, they are very active and positive. 

    What is your advice to others who might be considering our product?

    Go for it 🙂

    Do you think the investment in our product was worthwhile? Why?

    Yes, for us it has created a higher level of direct communication and an easier way to update and maintain staff handbooks, OSH (data sheet, rules), training programs, etc. 

    LETZ SUSHI joined Connecteam's employee app to handle certain challenges in their daily routine

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