Integrating your time clock app with an accounting program like QuickBooks can save you time and money. Here are five of the leading time clocks that support QuickBooks integration. 

QuickBooks is a widely used accounting program that’s been in the industry for more than 25 years. It offers its own time tracking software, but it’s somewhat limited in features. 

For example, you can’t manage employee availability or message employees directly from the app. The QuickBooks Time mobile app also doesn’t allow for biometric verification on clock-in, and you can’t share checklists, forms, or instructions, or assign and manage tasks. 

A simple solution is to use an all-in-one time clock and team management app that integrates with QuickBooks. This gives you all the amazing benefits of a full-featured time tracker, while  also allowing you to quickly and easily export timesheets to QuickBooks for payroll processing.

Connecteam boasts full integration with QuickBooks Online, and it’s a great example of an all-in-one team management app you can use alongside QuickBooks to streamline payroll processes. Below, we take a closer look at Connecteam and four other leading time-clock apps that integrate with QuickBooks.  

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What to Look For in a QuickBooks Time Tracking Integration

There are a few important features to look for when selecting the best time clock for QuickBooks integration. These include the following. 

  • Seamless integration. Look for software with simple, one-click, or automatic integration. With Connecteam, for example, simply click on “Export” and select “QuickBooks Online,” and you’re done. 
  • Simple mobile app. Workers need to be able to track their time, manage breaks, access shift notes and more from any location, at any time. 
  • Kiosk app. This enables multiple employees to clock in and out from a single shared device, such as an on-site tablet or computer. 
  • GPS functionality. GPS location tracking and geofencing tools ensure employees are clocking in and out from the right locations and enhance safety for lone workers.
  • Reporting and analytics. Get real-time overviews of your workforce, keep track of metrics like employee attendance and labor costs, and filter by job site, customer, teams or shifts.
  • Break and time off management. Tools for managing breaks, paid time off (PTO) and overtime help reduce labor costs and maintain a happy and healthy workforce. 
  • Digital timesheets. Automatic timesheet generation can save you a significant amount of time and reduce the risk of human payroll errors. 
  • Shift scheduling. Built-in scheduling ensures every time entry is tied to a specific shift and job site. Plus, workers can see instructions, notes, checklists and forms as soon as they clock in.
  • In-app chat keeps all your shift-related communication in one place so you can avoid mistakes, confusion, and costly delays.

The 5 Best QuickBooks Time Tracking Integrations of 2024

  1. Connecteam — Best all-in-one QuickBooks Time Tracking integration

    Connecteam integration with QuickBooks, user interference

    Connecteam is a powerful time tracking app and a leading time clock for QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. It’s easy to use, affordable, and boasts excellent customer service in the unlikely event that you have an issue. 

    What’s more, it’s backed by a huge selection of useful features.

    Hassle-free QuickBooks integration

    Of course, Connecteam features seamless integration with QuickBooks Online.

    It takes just minutes to set up and features automatic employee mapping. Exporting timesheets takes just two clicks or taps: simply select “Export” and then “QuickBooks Online.” 

    Your timesheets will be sent to QuickBooks or payroll processing and billing, and you can confirm the payroll period both before and after exporting. 

    And the best part? You can continue using all of Connecteam’s other great team management tools. 

    Simple time tracking, accurate down to the second

    Connecteam’s built-in employee time clock enables employees to clock in and out with a touch of their device. It’s accurate down to the second, ensuring employees get paid for their exact working time. It also enables your workers to view their current and upcoming shifts.

    On the admin side, managers will have a real-time view of who’s working and where. You can also track time by individual clients, jobs, tasks, and more.  

    GPS functionality to manage clock-in locations

    Connecteam features full GPS functionality. This enables you to view the locations employees are clocking in and out from. 

    Set up geofencing, restricting clock in and out to specific areas. This can help prevent buddy punching (when a friend or colleague falsely clocks in for an employee) and other forms of time theft. 

    You can also view the location of employees in real-time to manage your workforce and coordinate between job sites and customers. Real-time location tracking also helps ensure safety for workers who are in the field alone.

    Importantly, location data is only being tracked when employees are clocked in.

    Automatic time off, break, and overtime management

    Seemingly simple things like time off and break management can take a significant amount of time and effort to sort out manually. With Connecteam, you can create custom time off policies that enable the system to automatically approve or reject simple applications. 

    You can also set up automatic breaks during shifts, ensuring employees are taking their breaks when required. 

    Plus, the overtime management tools will automatically calculate overtime and ensure you’re maintaining regulatory compliance. 

    Automatic reporting and digital timesheets

    Connecteam also comes with a suite of reporting tools that are available through your admin dashboard. You can see a real-time overview of your workplace or workplaces, and productivity reports can inform data-based business management decisions. 

    You can also set up automatic timesheet generation, which can save you a lot of time and manual work hours. You can edit timesheets if required, and employees can approve them or request changes directly from the mobile app.

    Kiosk app to streamline timekeeping

    Connecteam’s employee time kiosk app allows employees to clock in and out from a single, on-site device. This is particularly useful for construction sites, retail locations, nurses’ stations, and other industries where workers all clock in from a central location. You can also configure the app to take a selfie whenever someone punches in or out to verify their identity. 

    Customizable notifications to keep you and your team up to date

    The Connecteam app enables you to set up a suite of custom notifications and alerts. For example, you can be notified anytime an employee is late for their shift, enters overtime, or is absent. Employees can also be sent shift reminders and alerts if required. 

    Employee scheduling, in-app chat, and much, much more

    Connecteam is so much more than just a time clock that integrates with QuickBooks. It includes a suite of other features covering operations, internal communications, Human Resources, and workplace management. 

    For example, the drag-and-drop employee scheduling tool makes shift planning easier than ever. It’s fully integrated with the time clock, and you can add shift attachments such as notes, checklists, forms, videos, and PDF documents to assist employees. As soon as the employee clocks in, they can see everything they need for their shift.

    There’s also a secure and feature-rich in-app chat you can use to communicate with all your employees. It’s fully integrated with time tracking and payroll features, so you can start group chats with teams on the job, message employees about specific tasks or shifts, respond to time off requests, and much more. 

    Connecteam also features robust task management, comprehensive tools for onboarding and training, a knowledge base with unlimited storage, a company directory, and much more. 

    What’s more, Connecteam has a free-forever Small Business Plan supporting teams of up to 10 people. For larger teams, Connecteam starts at just $29 for up to 30 users and $0.50 per user after that. 


    • Easy to set up and use

    • Loads of attractive features

    • Feature-rich, free-forever plan

    • Built-in scheduling, communications, and more


    • Needs internet or wifi access to work


    Free-for-life plan availablePremium plans start at $29/month for 30 users

    14-day free trial, no credit card required

    Start your free trial
  2. Timecamp — Good for basic budget management

    A screenshot of the TimeCamp website

    TimeCamp’s time clock app integrates with QuickBooks and can be used in a web browser or via the mobile app. You can adjust time entries manually and generate timesheets for export to QuickBooks.

    It also offers additional invoicing features, basic budget tracking and billing tools (including budget notifications), productivity tracking, and other simple productivity tools. 

    However, TimeCamp is a rather simple option, and it lacks advanced features like employee scheduling. On top of this, it’s one of the pricier options on the market. 

    Key Features

    • Mobile time tracking
    • Manual timesheet adjustment
    • Basic budget tracking
    • Third-party integrations


    • Quite easy to use
    • Straightforward QuickBooks integration


    • Lacks advanced features like employee scheduling
    • Can get expensive for larger businesses


    Starts at $2.99/user/month Trial: Yes Free Plan: Yes

  3. OnTheClock — Good for project reporting

    Screenshot from OnTheClock showing interface for small business

    OnTheClock is a simple web and mobile-based time tracking platform that can work with QuickBooks, although its more advanced features can be a little difficult to use. Along with employee time tracking, OnTheClock includes GPS tracking, project reporting, overtime management, time off tracking, and some basic communication tools. 

    There are shift scheduling tools and numerous online resources. The admin dashboard provides a real-time overview of who’s currently on the clock, and users can limit clock-in to specific time windows. 

    Key Features

    • GPS functionality
    • Third-party integrations
    • Shift scheduling
    • Project reporting


    • Real-time workplace overview
    • Simple time tracker


    • Advanced features can be confusing
    • Only 2 employees with free plan


    Starts at $102/month Trial: Yes Free Plan: Yes — For up to 2 users

  4. Buddy Punch — Good for streamlined time tracking

    Screenshot of the buddypunch webpage

    Like others on this list, Buddy Punch’s integration with QuickBooks’s payroll software is straightforward to set up.

    At its simplest, Buddy Punch enables time tracking. Employees can punch in and out from a computer or mobile device. Managers can verify employees’ locations and use geolocation tools to create restrictions on where workers can clock in and out. They can also set the app to take a photo of team members when they clock in to verify their identities.

    Buddy Punch has employee scheduling tools, but it falls down a little here due to the absence of a shift-swapping feature. Other tools include overtime management, time tracking with job codes, and an integrated calendar. 

    Key Features

    • Identity verification
    • Geolocation and GPS functionality
    • Overtime management
    • Payroll integrations


    • Integrates with QuickBooks
    • Straightforward to set up


    • No shift-swapping tools
    • No free plan


    Starts at $3.99/user/month + $19 base fee/month Trial: Yes — 14-day Free Plan: No

  5. Clockify — Good for basic free time tracking

    Screenshot of the Clockify webpage

    Clockify is a time tracking app that offers various extra features. With this time clock for QuickBooks, desktop and mobile users can track time relatively easily. It supports offline tracking, and users can manually add or edit time entries. 

    Alongside time tracking, Clockify has time off management, expense management, and basic reporting. Users are able to categorize time according to job, team, or client. 

    The free-forever plan is functional, but it lacks the platform’s more advanced features. Another downside is that Clockify doesn’t have any built-in communication tools, and there’s no automatic clock-out feature. 

    Key Features

    • Add descriptions to time entries
    • Offline time tracking
    • Expense management
    • Time off management


    • Relatively easy to use
    • Supports offline tracking


    • No communication tools
    • No automatic clock-out


    Starts at $3.99/user/month Trial: Yes — For PRO features Free Plan: Yes

Compare the Best QuickBooks Time Tracking Integrations

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Best all-in-one QuickBooks Time Tracking integration
Good for basic budget management
Good for project reporting
Good for streamlined time tracking
Good for basic free time tracking
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What Are QuickBooks Time Tracking Integrations?

QuickBooks time tracking integrations are programs that easily link with QuickBooks accounting software. 

At their most basic level, they enable users to track employee time, collate time entries into timesheets, and export them to QuickBooks for accounting and payroll purposes. They’re widely used by companies employing mobile and remote workers. 

The best time clock software for QuickBooks is available on both mobile and desktop devices. One-touch clock-in and out is essential, as is GPS technology to verify employees’ on-site locations. A range of other features like employee scheduling and overtime management are often included for extra functionality. 

How Does a QuickBooks Time Tracking Integration Work?

The best time clock for QuickBooks enables you to accurately track employee hours via a mobile, desktop, or web-based app. You’ll have access to a central admin dashboard where you can view information about things like who’s on the clock, and employees can track their hours with a single click or tap. 

Usually, the integration begins with you connecting your time tracking app to QuickBooks and providing your QuickBooks login details. Some apps, like Connecteam, automatically transfer employee details to QuickBooks, but others require manual data entry.

Once you’ve set up your integration with QuickBooks, you can export employee hours and other information with the tap of a button. This data is converted seamlessly to the appropriate format for QuickBooks and can be used to ensure accurate payroll and accounting. 

The Benefits of QuickBooks Time Tracking Integrations

Reliable timekeeping apps like Connecteam are invaluable on their own, and they become even more useful when used alongside a program like QuickBooks. With a time tracker that integrates with QuickBooks, you can:

  • Save time and money with streamlined payroll processing. With a solution that integrates with QuickBooks, payroll is stress-free and simple. Automatic data export effectively eliminates the risk of human error that can cost a lot of money to fix. Plus, it saves you and your team a ton of admin time.
  • Maintain compliance. Software with overtime management and automatic break management can help you remain compliant with local and federal labor laws and regulations. Most programs are also compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other data privacy regulations.
  • Prevent time theft. Digital time clocks track time to the second, and GPS functionality enables you to monitor where employees are clocking in and out from. You can use geofencing to restrict clock-in to specific locations, and most apps come with some sort of verification features to prevent buddy punching. 
  • Boost productivity. The best time clock software for QuickBooks allows you to add notes, files, checklists, instructions, and more to shifts. This way, workers know exactly what they’re supposed to do right when they punch in for the day.Many programs also include a live project feed where you can update job information and where employees can post updates. This ensures no one’s out of the loop and everyone’s productive.
  • Make data-driven business decisions. The ability to access real-time information and generate custom reports about your employees and job sites can empower you to make better, more data-driven decisions. For example, you can see information about staff availability, labor costs, project budgets, job progress, and more. You can easily identify areas for improvement and increased efficiency.

How Much Do QuickBooks Time Tracking Integrations Cost?

Most time clocks that integrate with QuickBooks implement a per-user pricing system. This can become quite expensive for mid- to large-sized teams. For example, OnTheClock starts at $102 per month, and TimeCamp comes in at $6.30 per user, per month. 

Meanwhile, Connecteam has a much simpler, more affordable price structure. There’s an attractive free-forever Small Business Plan that supports up to 10 team members. Its paid plans start at just $29 per month for up to 30 users, and you’ll pay only $0.50 per month for each additional user. 


What time tracker integrates with QuickBooks?

Many different time trackers integrate with QuickBooks. Connecteam is a leading option that comes complete with feature-rich, GPS-backed employee time tracking tools. It also offers other communications, operations, and HR tools

Does QuickBooks have a time tracking feature?

Yes, QuickBooks has its own time tracking tool. However, many people prefer to use a third-party option like Connecteam because of the greater functionality and suite of extra tools on offer. 

How do I use time tracking in QuickBooks?

The QuickBooks Time app enables you to track time through your QuickBooks account. However, you can also track time through a third-party QuickBooks time tracking integration like Connecteam.

The Bottom Line On QuickBooks Time Tracking Integration

Using a time clock with a QuickBooks integration streamlines payroll and accounting processes by removing much of the need for manual work. They enable employees to track their working hours, and you can then export timesheet data from your time clock to QuickBooks.

Connecteam is one of the best QuickBooks time tracking integrations on the market. It’s backed by a range of attractive tools, including GPS functionality, a kiosk app, automatic timesheet generation, customizable notifications, and more. 

What’s more, Connecteam is very easy to use and super affordable. There’s a free-forever plan that teams with up to 10 employees can use, as well as a fully-featured 14-day free trial that enables you to test the premium packages before committing.