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  1. Benefits of Effective Internal Communication
  2. What Makes Connecteam’s Internal Communication Tool Unique
  3. How to Leverage Connecteam & Take Your Business Forward
  4. Now That You’re Up to Date on Effective Internal Communication…

Effective communication is important in our work environment just as it is in our day-to-day life. Whether your employees are all in the same office building or are scattered across the country, effective internal communication has a direct impact on your company’s success. 

In fact, many studies have been conducted, along with our own, as to why good internal communication is so beneficial. 

Benefits of Effective Internal Communication

  • Higher productivity
  • Higher employee engagement
  • Higher likelihood that goals will be met
  • Higher retention rates 
  • A better, effective and responsive customer service team
  • Lower conflicts amongst employees
  • Reduce the need for micromanagement

When you have an effective internal communication strategy, your employees can better understand the company’s goals and how their work will influence its objectives. As a result, this leads to higher employee engagement and more of a commitment to their roles in the company. 

We live in a digital world, and it’s necessary for companies to move to a digital communication tool in order to solidify their success in the coming years. For example, Connecteam, the leading choice of digital communication apps, provides businesses with the tools and technology to enhance their internal communication and many other daily processes all in one app. 

What Makes Connecteam’s Internal Communication Tool Unique

Connecteam's employee engagement software

From the very beginning, our goal was to create a one-stop-shop for all the communication tools a company needs – we know it’s more than just adding features, it’s providing the full-package that makes communication in the workplace effective (and fun!). 

Bottom-up communication; 

Bottom-up communication allows  your employees to reach you when they need to, even if they’re on the go. For example, a suggestion box for new ideas, an HR inquiry form and so on.

Top to bottom communication; 

Top to bottom communication allows  you to share announcements, updates and everything in-between with all your employees no matter where they are. Managers are able to see in real-time who actually viewed the message, create automatic and manual reminders to those that didn’t view it by a certain time, export custom reports and more.

Targeted communication; 

Targeted communication allows you to  easily send the right information to only the relevant people in a click, this way you don’t distract other employees with non-relevant information. WIth Connecteam, you can send or assign pretty much anything to groups or selected users. 

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Structured data communication; 

Structured data communication allows you to receive data straight from the field, like reports or ticketing, more easily. For example, an Expenses Reimbursement Form, a New Hire Checklist, a Potential Hazard Report, an IT or Maintenance Ticket Opening Form and much more. 

The Connecteam platform includes rich template libraries, organized by categories, so it’s easy to find and add what you’re looking for in a split second. You can view some of our templates right now by clicking here

Measurable communication; 

Measurable communication tells you what’s working and what’s not, and you know who received and read your message and who didn’t. With Connecteam, everything is measurable and includes actionable insights, so you can make data-driven decisions at any time.  

All media types for communication; 

This includes visual assets in your everyday communication and engagement are necessary nowadays, and Connecteam has it all! Images, videos, files of any kind, location sharing, GIFs, reactions and more. 

We took it a step further and added features like a knowledge base and customizable forms and workflows. Our goal was to create an affordable product for all business sizes so you can adapt it to the way you work and your specific needs.

Connecteam includes features and capabilities like:

  • Updates delivered to targeted groups
  • Push notifications
  • One-on-one chat 
  • Employee directory 
  • Suggestion box
  • Tailored surveys 
  • Live polls
  • Workflows 
  • Knowledge center 
  • Hazard and incident reporting 

Our solution was designed to help you streamline communication, limit unnecessary phone calls and improve employee productivity. 

How to Leverage Connecteam & Take Your Business Forward

Boost productivity with fewer back and forth phone calls

Most companies are still using phone calls to reach their employees, but there’s a problem with that. For starters, phone calls are disruptive, missed calls are too common and harm productivity, pictures can’t be sent via a call, sharing and receiving multiple information is messy, there is no structure when receiving information, priorities don’t exist and there is no history of what was said in the call. All in all, phone calls just aren’t the answer. 

With the Connecteam communication tool, managers can send updates instantly and to the relevant team or location and can track who opened and read the message to ensure that everyone is aligned. Send a message, instead of wasting time on a phone call, regarding an accident, a potential hazard, new protocol procedures, coordinate a company event, celebrate employee success stories and so much more. 

Enhance efficiency with internal communication

Push notifications are key when it comes to using internal communication apps, like Connecteam. We make it easy to send immediate alerts and scheduled messages to all your employees or specific groups; like a certain location or department. On top of that, we found that employees open and respond to messages via push notifications more quickly, by almost 90%!

In addition, track who opened and read your message so you can be sure everyone is aligned and on the same page across the board. 

Drive loyalty and advocacy 

Using Connecteam’s internal communication tool is a great way to give your employees a voice. Empower them to share experiences by sharing photos and videos if a customer gave a glowing review. Allow your team to share knowledge like sharing tips to land a sale. 

And Connecteam makes it easier to increase engagement and build happiness with the work your employees do. Combine all this and you are able to encourage loyalty and brand advocacy. It’s important to remember that satisfied employees are harder working employees, especially those that feel their achievements are celebrated and their voices are heard. 

Make feedback a routine

On a regular basis, make sure you’re checking in to see how your employees are doing. Send a tailored survey or create your own and monitor the results as they come in. Send surveys to find out how training or on-boarding is going, an employee’s feelings about the latest company outing and what ideas they have going forward.

Open the suggestion box on Connecteam so employees can send in their thoughts and opinions whenever convenient. However, make sure you’re acting on the feedback instead of just throwing it away. Granted not all ideas you receive are actionable, but some might be out-of-the-box and exactly what you were looking for! So go through the feedback and act on the ideas that are valuable. 

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Safety first communication mindset

Whatever your industry, it’s important to distribute and communicate safety-related updates and protocols. Communicating safety-related information is a difficult task, as you need wide, instantaneous reach and you want to make sure you reach every one of your employees. With Connecteam, not only is this doable, but it is made easy. For example, incident finding reports, procedural updates, real-time notifications on risk factors like a closed road or rough weather conditions – are all just a few clicks away.

Hazard and safety reporting with Connecting

Benefit from the in-app directory 

Manually adding, editing and deleting contacts for work is a tedious task, especially when it’s on a personal phone. With Connecteam, all contact information is stored on the app, and employees always have the latest version available. You and your employees no longer have to store contacts on your personal phone and later delete if the person is no longer with the company. Searching for contacts is easy, just look up a name, location, department, job title or anything else that’s relevant directly on the app. 

Boost employee engagement

Connecteam updates employee recognition

With Connecteam, you can enable social functions to help boost employee engagement. Depending on the message, choose to enable likes and comments so employees can get involved. Whether it’s the employee of the month, celebrating personal milestones (a birthday, someone got married or had a baby, etc.), a shoutout on a job well done (meeting or exceeding a company goal), relaying positive customer reviews and more are all available features on the Connecteam app. 

Separate life and work 

Put an end to endless Whatsapp groups buzzing all day long, mixing between your and your employees’ private life and your business life. Avoid sensitive messages being accidentally sent to the wrong person or inappropriate messages being sent through the group chat. Rely on a chat feature that is robust, requires no maintenance (as there is no need to add or remove users from groups) and is completely separated from your favorite private messaging app.

All data is actionable instantly

Connecteam keeps all data visual and actionable so you can act on feedback in real-time, instead of months down the line. Not enough employees finished their training material or quiz? Send them a push notification as a reminder. A large volume of hazards is being used? Investigate why that is so you can avoid injuries.

Now That You’re Up to Date on Effective Internal Communication…

It’s important to any company, small or large, to use the right tools and technology to constructively communicate with your employees. With Connecteam you can stop letting important information fall through the cracks and make sure your whole team is up to speed with everything they need to know to get their work done successfully and smoothly!

With all of the benefits that Connecteam has to offer, you can execute an effective . Plus, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg! Connecteam’s pricing starts at just $29/month for up to 30 users and there’s a free plan to get you started.

Reach everyone in seconds

Connecteam offers effective and customizable communication tools for businesses and teams all in one place, like group-chat, employee directory, immediate updates and social posts!

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