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  1. A Positive Work Culture
  2. Emphasis On Employee Care
  3. Remote Work In 2024
  4. Rise Of Employee Management App
  5. Data Driven Decision Making
  6. Workforce Upskilling And Training
  7. Overall, It May Be Said That Workplace Trends Are Definitely Changing in 2024…

Businesses, large and small, are all facing unprecedented changes and obstacles in 2024. Due to the world’s socio-economic situation and the global pandemic, companies are having to make huge transformations to their internal processes and daily operations. It’s imperative for a company’s success to stay up-to-date with these current workplace trends in 2024. While some trends come and go these workplace trends are reshaping the workforce and will become deeply rooted as the new model of modern businesses. 

To make sure you’re not missing out on any great opportunities or advice, here is a list of modern workplace trends that will enhance your company and will dramatically improve your operational efficiency. 

A Positive Work Culture

It’s no secret that having a healthy working environment for employees creates happy and hardworking employees. William Craig, business founder and president, mentions “happier employees are more likely to exceed expectations, meaning your entire office can get more done”. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, it’s possible to make it a reality by creating a place your employees feel comfortable and able to work unencumbered. 

In addition, a positive work environment allows employees to feel comfortable sharing and exchanging ideas. By collaborating, employees can get a fresh perspective on projects and get them done faster. This is also a great way to strengthen employee camaraderie and foster team building. 

Positive Work Culture Trends Infographic

Health Catalyst provides three different ways companies can help support their employee’s mental health. The insistence of a healthy workforce will be one of the many changes in workplace trends. Ensuring your employees know and understand that they have easy access to healthcare coverage, that their mental health takes precedence, and having an open-door communication policy provides employees a work environment in which they feel secure and safe. 

Emphasis On Employee Care

Over the last few years and especially the past year, employee mental health and overall well-being has become a forefront issue in the modern workplace. A recent Gallup Poll noted that “more than eight months into the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S., Americans’ reports of mental health are much worse than a year ago.” With this knowledge, business owners should be more aware of their employee’s mental health priorities and concerns. 

Assessment Of Mental Health Infographic

So how can management and business owners help to support their employee’s mental health? The Mental Health Foundation advises business owners to allow employees to make “reasonable adjustments to their job or workplace to accommodate their disability”. For example, management and administration should allow for a more flexible working schedule or approve employees to work remotely more frequently. Business owners must understand the direct correlation between their employee’s mental health and productivity for their businesses to be successful in 2024. 

Remote Work In 2024

With the global pandemic shuttering office spaces and companies requiring employees to work from home, the new norm in 2024 has become remote work. A Gartner survey of company leaders revealed that “nearly half (47%) said they intend to allow employees to work remotely full time going forward. For some organizations, flex time will be the new norm as 43% of survey respondents reported they will grant employees flex days, while 42% will provide flex hours”. With remote work becoming a more enduring trend in 2024, it’s important to let your employees have that option as well. 

With remote work comes a new set of challenges. To make sure workflows, daily tasks and internal communication are still running smoothly and efficiently, companies need to enlist the help of a digital employee management app to help streamline internal operations. 

Rise Of Employee Management App

Digital workplace trends are also transforming in 2024. Now that companies have decided to embrace remote work and the move to digitizing workflows and daily tasks, it’s crucial companies have the most modern and cutting-edge employee management software. These employee management apps are being used to train, manage and engage employees and are extremely intuitive; meaning even your less tech-savvy employees will be able to jump on board. 

Not long ago, only big enterprises and organizations were able to afford to have an employee management app. Today, these management apps are necessary for small and large businesses to excel in their industry, and the costs are much lower than before. The Connecteam all-in-one mobile employee management app allows companies to digitally manage nearly all aspects of their company’s daily tasks and internal operations. Some of the features that will directly positively impact your company’s productivity include:

  • Communication; remove gaps in communication, improve employee retention and save time and money by effectively communicating with your team. 
  • Daily operations; a digital time clock with the option to add geo-fence tracking when clocking in or out of the job makes it easy for management to understand when an employee clocked in and where. Employee scheduling becomes a breeze and management can stop spending hours creating an employee schedule. Checklists, Forms and Workflows allow managers and administrators to save tons of time delegating tasks by digitally streamlining these internal processes. Lastly, an accurate payroll process safeguards companies from losing money on payroll mistakes
  • Training and onboarding; simplify the onboarding process or even keep your employee handbook digitally accessible to working staff at all times. You can easily update training materials, making it effortless to keep them up to date and in line with compliance regulations. 

Business owners and management are very familiar with how many tasks can fall between the cracks or how much paperwork can be easily lost or misplaced. By embracing an employee management app, you can take your company into the future with peace of mind. 

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Data Driven Decision Making

The adoption of management software will go hand in hand with a more strategic approach to decision making that’s based on real-time data and companies will be forced to adapt to these new workplace trends in 2024. To stay ahead of the curve, it’s essential that businesses small or large, are making informed decisions based on reliable and accurate data. Forbes reported that “enterprises accelerated their adoption of AI and machine learning in 2020, concentrating on those initiatives that deliver revenue growth and cost reduction” and this capitalization on predictive analytics and artificial intelligence will only continue to increase in 2024. 

Data Driven Decision Workplace Trend Infographic

Workforce Upskilling And Training

Due to the changing socioeconomic environment we are in today, the workforce trends in 2024 and talent hiring criteria will need to be updated as well. The Bureau Of Labor Statistics reported that unemployment rates in the United States have gone down to 6% as of March 2024 and “these improvements in the labor market reflect the continued resumption of economic activity that had been curtailed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Job growth was widespread in March, led by gains in leisure and hospitality, public and private education, and construction.” This means that there are more jobs on the market with less talent to fill the positions. 

Instead of spending loads of time trying to find the perfect person for an open position, companies now will be more focused on training capable employees to do jobs they may not have experience in. Training staff to learn new and improving software keeps your employees at the forefront of technology and gives them all of the right tools to be able to succeed and excel at their job. Additionally, training and upskilling build employee engagement, productivity and company morale

Companies will need to make some big changes if they want to succeed in the next coming years. Some of these healthy workforce trends in 2024 will include a comfortable and more flexible office work environment, whether it be remote or in office. Furthermore, remote work will now become the new norm, especially as more of the younger generation will be entering the workforce. 

Workplace trends in 2024 will now force large and small companies to invest in an employee management app like the Connecteam Employee Management App to help streamline and digitize workflows and internal processes if they want to stay on par or ahead of competitors. Among these new trends, decisions will no longer be based on previous assumptions, but on hard data driven analytics. In the coming years, more focus will be put on supporting employee mental health and overall well being. Lastly, upskilling and training employees with new skills will solidify their soft skills while also creating new leaders of the future. 

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