Connecteam Awarded Category Leader In Employee Engagement

Rea Regan October 27, 2020 4 min read
GetApp Employee Engagement Category Leader

Quick Guide

    In October 2020, Connecteam was awarded the Category Leader in GetApp’s Category Leaders in Employee Engagement. The rankings are awarded through 5 factors that are worth 20 points each, for a possible total score of 100. 

    Connecteam’s score is 99/100. 

    The five factors in consideration here are Ease of Use, Value for Money, Likelihood to Recommend, Customer Support, and Functionality.

    Connecteam employee engagement app allows businesses of all sizes and industries to reach every team member with fun, targeted, and measurable communication while reflecting your company culture, solidifying your branding, and enhancing employee engagement

    A Modern Communication Tool 

    Announcements, Newsletters, and Updates

    Announcements, Newsletters, and Updates
    Easily communicate the right content at the right time to every single employee. We offer multiple communication tools to enhance your day-to-day business routine.

    From group, private, or company-wide communication and engagement, Connecteam makes the process smooth so that distributing targeted and visual content and measuring its reach can be done at the click of a button. 

    Through robust features, including targeted communication to choose your specific audience, measurable communication, specific follow-ups, schedule to send at a later time, automatic reminders, and engaging content like videos, images, GIFs, PDFs, attachments, etc., Connecteam has you covered.

    These are a few common use cases of using Connecteam announcements, newsletters, and updates features including newsletters, executive communication, company announcements, celebrating employee or company success, employee recognition, and operational communication. 

    Engage Your Team Like Never Before

    Surveys, Suggestion Box, and Live Polls

    Surveys, Suggestion Box, and Live Polls

    Ensure that every employee is heard in your organization by sending traditional or micro surveys when relevant. Simply send a targeted survey to specific teams or individuals, conduct anonymous surveys, analyze insights of results in real-time, review every individual entry, and export survey results for additional processing. 

    Choose the channel most relevant, such as a survey, live polls, or incorporate a virtual suggestion box. 

    Benefit From A Team Chat

    Separate work from an employee’s personal life

    Connecteam Work chat

    Ensure there is a separation between your employee’s work and their personal lives with an in-app chat on Connecteam. Relying on WhatsApp for internal communication only causes more issues while Connecteam ensures work-life separation, self-maintaining groups, profanity control, and data storage. 

    Internal communication is also fun as you can send files, GIFs, pictures, audio notes, and more. Make communication more streamlined by creating chats based on location, department, projects, and so on. 

    A few examples include private dialogues, team channels for one-sided communication from group admins to channel members, team groups, peer groups for specific departments, and subject groups for safety or car-sharing as an example. 

    If you’d like more information on how to build an efficient internal communication strategy then download our free eBook to guide you through this process. 

    Put Your Team Front And Center

    Employee Recognition and Acknowledgment

    Employee Recognition and Acknowledgment@2x

    Create a community that enables employee recognition by utilizing Connecteam’s robust feature set, from updates to chat to group channels. In a tap, you can celebrate exceptional employees (an employee of the month), celebrate work anniversaries, offer wishes for personal milestones (marriage, new house, newborns/adoption, etc.), welcome new hires, announce promotions, and so on. 

    Take recognition a step further and allow your team to be a part of the conversation by adding comments, sharing GIFs or photos, and even liking the post. This improves comradery and gives a sense of belonging. 

    Reach Your Team In Real-time

    An In-App Employee Directory 

    It’s very useful to have your team’s contact information on Connecteam and not stored on a personal mobile device. Contact information is more readily available and searchable with ease (just search for title, name, or location) so finding team members can be done quickly and easily.

    Plus, it’s helpful that you can execute quick actions from the directory like call, chat, text, or email. All information is automatically populated and doesn’t need to be manually done. You can choose to customize the directory for privacy so some individual’s information is hidden (like the CEO’s direct number) and you can even add relevant work contacts as needed (the cafeteria, partners, vendors, etc.) 

    The Bottom Line

    Using Connecteam communication and engagement app allows you to reach your entire team instantly and in a way they’re now used to, thanks to modern technology and internal communication trends. 

    Get started with Connecteam’s free 14-day trial or sign up for the free for life plan to boost internal communication and employee engagement at your organization!

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