Top 7 Employee Engagement Survey Tools To Help You Succeed

Top 7 Employee Engagement Survey Tools To Help You Succeed

If we’re going to talk about an employee engagement survey, then we have to discuss employee engagement first. There’s no doubt that you’ve heard just how important employee engagement is, whether it was written in an article or spoken about at an HR conference; the importance of employee engagement can’t be ignored. In short, employee engagement is the feeling that employees have when they feel valued, connected to the company, and are proud of their work.

Frequently using employee engagement surveys won’t just show you how happy employees are, but will also show how dedicated they are to the company’s overall mission. That’s why dishing out employee engagement surveys is crucial – it’ll show you where your company is heading and is a great way to spot areas where you can improve.

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Why should you measure employee engagement? To put it simply, employees will be more productive if they are engaged with their work. They’re far more motivated and fulfilled when they’re engaged. In fact, according to a report by the Workplace Research Foundation, 38% of engaged employees are more productive. Not just that they’re more productive, actually, they are more likely to have above-average productivity! Additionally, turnover rates plummet and your employees are more likely to recommend the company as a great place to work.  

Don’t confuse employee engagement with employee satisfaction. While the two are similar, they are not the same. An engaged employee is likely satisfied but not all satisfied employees are engaged.


What Should An Employee Engagement Survey Measure?

  • Management’s behavior.

There is no doubt that when you have effective management, you have more engaged employees. In every sense of the word, managers can make or break employee engagement. If you have managers who take an interest in their employees and really get to know them, they can boost productivity and revenue. By using an employee engagement survey, you’ll be able to understand how effective your managers really are.

  • How challenging the job is.

When you have challenging work that employees genuinely love, they’ll be far more invested and engaged in their company and job role. At the end of the day, no one wants a boring job! In addition, employees also want meaningful work. Studies show that 9 out of 10 employees are willing to earn less if they can do more meaningful work. In an employee engagement survey, ask the employees if they find their work challenging or meaningful and also ask if they know that there is a clear, direct relationship between how they perform and how the company does.

  • Career development.

If your employees know there is room for advancement, they will be far more productive and self-motivated. If there is no room for career development, a high turnover rate is likely. Make their career goals 100% clear and offer them the support they need to excel in their role. Use an employee engagement survey to understand if your employees want career development, if they clearly know how to advance, and if they’re getting the support they need.

  • Pride.

We’re not talking about personal pride, but rather if your employees have pride in the company. When you have proud employees, it shows clear as day. These employees will want the company to be successful and they will work twice as hard to ensure that happens. Employ an employee engagement survey to find out just how employees feel about the company, their peers, and the bottom line.

  • Relationships with coworkers.

It’s important to recognize how employees interact with one another, how they view one another’s abilities, and what they consider to be the strengths/weaknesses of all employees. This relationship between employees will impact morale and whether the company meets its goals. These questions included in an employee engagement survey can have a huge impact on how you engage your employees.

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  • Work-life balance.

Be sure to gauge if your employees have a healthy work-life balance. This way you ensure that they remain productive and engaged. If there is an unbalance, employees will quickly feel burnout.

  • Recommendation.

Would your employee recommend your company as a great place to work to a friend or even a total stranger? Again, this question can be tied to pride in the company. If an employee does indeed feel pride in their company and their job, if employees feel connected and up to date on the company’s goal and if they feel like their managers listen to them, they will be more likely to offer recommendations.

Now you know exactly why employee engagement is important and exactly what an employee engagement survey should measure, but what tools will help you achieve both goals? We’ve rolled up our sleeves and have compiled a list of 7 tools that can help you successfully roll out employee engagement surveys. Let’s get started!


Top 7 Employee Engagement Survey Tools 


1. Connecteam

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Connecteam is an all-in-one employee engagement app that helps boost engagement and streamlines communication. Through Connecteam’s employee engagement and communication app, you can analyze your team’s feedback and review insights to improve your business in real-time.  You can best understand your employee’s engagement levels while streamlining communication and ensuring your employee’s voice is heard.

Connecteam allows you to:

  • Make decisions based on organizational surveys and live-polls
  • Launch a suggestion box to gather your team’s feedback
  • Introduce your team with structured channels to query or approach HR and senior management
  • Share company news, short updates, and announcements and get feedback with comments and likes
  • Gain employee feedback through emoji reactions, GIFs, videos, pictures, and more
  • Collect real-time feedback
  • Allow your team to be heard and share their thoughts.

Price: Get started with a premium plan of just $39/month for up to 200 users or execute engagement with the free for life plan.

Boost engagement with Connecteam

Easily create an internal employee engagement survey to send to your employees on a regular basis. Choose from a template or create your own and monitor the feedback from your dashboard in real-time.

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2. SurveyMonkey


SurveyMonkey is perfect for customer and supplier feedback, but not so much for internal use. Typically foundations, academic institutions, government agencies, and corporations use this software. 

Choose from any template and create surveys for your intended audience and filter replies as well, although you can’t customize the tool so the SurveyMonkey logo will appear on all surveys. Gather employee feedback with a web link, email, mobile chat, social media, and more. You can then analyze the data received from the surveys to make smarter business decisions. 

Price: In terms of pricing, there are three plans to choose from Standard Monthly at $37/month, Standard Annual at $31/month, billed annually, and Advantage Plan at $32/month, billed annually. There are team and enterprise plans as well, talk to a SurveyMonkey representative about pricing. We should mention there is a free plan, but it is incredibly limiting.


3. Monday


Customize surveys, embed it onto your site, and the collected answers go on your board. It takes minutes to create a survey and the data is presented in a visual style. Monday allows for a custom survey URL and a question library as well. The surveys are done through Forms in order to field small product research studies. Afterward, you can take screengrabs of the Charts view in order to quickly create a recap presentation – however, that’s just one instance of how to use the Forms for survey needs.

Note that this is an advanced feature so you can need to look into the pricing plan you sign up for to understand if it’s included.

Price: As far as pricing goes, it depends on how many team members you have and which plan you choose. For example, five users will cost $29/month, $48/month, $72/month, and $144/month for each of its pricing plans.


4. Nfield

Nfield survey function

In their own words, “[Nfield] is a powerful cloud-based data collection platform for professional market research organizations.” If you’re a market research company, this is the software for you. You can create online and mobile surveys, telephone surveys, or face-to-face surveys with Nfield.

Additionally, you have custom survey URLs, offline response collection, data analysis tools, question library, skip logic, question branching, site intercept survey, and it also supports audio, images, and video.

Price: It’ll cost $2,000/yearly.


5. Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey

Freelancers, medium to large companies, and nonprofits use Zoho Survey. Create your own survey, share with your employees on social media or through email, and get a customized report on the results. While the user interface isn’t appealing to the eye, it’s quick and easy to implement. Choose online or mobile surveys, choose an audience if you want to target consumers, and also create surveys as a team.

With over 25 question types and features including skip logic and piping, so that you can create your perfect survey. Instantly share your survey with everyone who is included on your list, or through social media and email campaigns.

Price: All prices are monthly: $29, $39, and $89.

6. SurveyLegend

Survey Legend

Create a mobile-friendly survey on PC or tablet, customize the look, and get data in an insightful graphic – you can also view results in real-time. Share the survey via email, SMS, or social media. Everything is drag and drop empowered so it’s really easy to create your perfect survey. 

As the responses come in from your survey, the analytics offer real-time insights.

Price: SurveyLegend has monthly plans that start at $19, $39, and $89. Note that only the $39 and $89 plans offer unlimited survey creation, whereas $19/monthly allows you to create 20 surveys.

7. Google Forms

Google Forms survey function

If you have a Google email, go ahead, and create a survey! You can use your own logo to customize the survey, choose from numerous questions, and add photos or videos. Create a survey on your desktop or phone and all responses are collected in Forms – you can view data in Google Sheets as well. You can also send a link and have employees collaborate on a survey with you.

Price: If you’ve already paid for Microsoft Office 365 Essentials or a Business account, you can immediately use Google Forms. If you haven’t, pricing varies at $5 per user/month or $12.50 per user/month for up to 300 users, both come at an annual commitment. Just remember that Google Teams requires all users to have a Microsoft account in order to use their services.


Choose The Right Employee Engagement Survey For Your Company

By now, you should understand the importance of employee engagement and why you need to gauge it on a regular basis and not just at the annual performance review. When it comes to positive customer satisfaction, higher productivity, and a better bottom line, employee engagement is key. Implementing the right employee engagement survey, at the right time, will only make a positive impact – for both your employees and the company. The list of 7 tools we outlined above is a great starting point for boosting employee engagement.

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