Make informed business decisions with surveys and live polls

Create and share customized surveys and polls and get real-time employee feedback straight from the field

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Make surveys an integral part of your communication strategy

  • A mobile-first experience makes it easy for every employee to participate
  • Gather your team’s feedback and evaluate training needs, performance drivers, and overall employee sentiment
  • Set up push notifications and auto-reminders to ensure high completion rates

Create and publish employee surveys in minutes

  • Use pre-made survey templates or create your own
  • Customize surveys with open-ended or multiple-choice questions
  • Set questions as required or optional
  • Make surveys anonymous with the Communications Advanced Plan
  • Limit distribution to relevant employees only

Get fast, reliable survey results in real-time

  • Receive data and valuable insights as soon as employees hit the submit button
  • Maintain a clear overview of who’s completed surveys and who hasn’t
  • Easily export results to Excel for use outside the app

Capture employee feedback in real-time

Use customized surveys and live polls for better business decision-making

About the Connecteam Surveys app

Survey apps enable users to take surveys on their smartphones or tablets. Using an app rather than traditional surveys over the phone or email gives the surveyor accurate real-time data. 

Yes. Everyone gets a 14-day free trial to use all of Connecteam’s survey features. After the trial ends, you can opt for the free plan or subscribe to a premium plan to continue using all of Connecteam’s survey features. 

Connecteam’s surveys gather instant data about employees’ thoughts and needs.  

Using a survey, you can measure employee satisfaction and, if needed, make changes quickly since you acquire the information immediately. When employees see you implementing changes, they will want to participate more in surveys to get their voices heard, leading to high employee engagement. 

Only one submission is allowed per employee. Surveys can be submitted with names or anonymously—you decide. 

Connecteam offers survey templates to use, but you can also create completely customizable surveys. Connecteam’s survey questions can be multiple-choice, open-ended, yes/no, or ratings. You’re able to send out an unlimited number of surveys to employees to ensure you are getting all of the data needed. Once you get the results, you can export the data.

Connecteam’s employee survey app is a great and easy way to create, manage, and share surveys for employees to fill out, wherever they are working from. The employee survey app makes it easier than ever to gather employee survey feedback and evaluate training needs, performance drivers, and overall employee sentiment. Get results and valuable insights in real-time, directly from the field, to make informed decisions and act on issues immediately. Connecteam’s intuitive, mobile-first experience makes it easy for you to reach every last employee and make them feel heard. Connecteam’s employee survey app enables users to take surveys on their smartphones or tablets. Push notifications and auto-reminders will further help save you time and ensure high completion rates. Launch surveys for employees and get employee survey feedback – all in one place. So, if you’re looking for a way to gather employee feedback no matter where your staff are working from, Connecteam’s employee survey app is the easiest and most affordable solution for you.