Looking for a quick and interactive way to gather feedback, ideas, and suggestions? Check out my top 8 picks of the best live polling apps and find the perfect fit for your business needs and budget.

No matter your line of work, the number one rule to keeping your team happy and engaged is making them feel heard.

Live polling apps are a great tool to easily gather on-the-spot feedback, check in with your employees and convey that you value their input and opinions. And with instant access to poll results, you’ll have all the insights you need to make informed decisions.

To help you find your ideal live polling app, I’ve lined up the top 8 options on the market today so you can make the best decision for your business. 

Here’s a quick overview of my top picks:

If you don’t have the time to read through our research, jump down to our quick comparison table.

Our Top Picks

  1. Best all-in-one live polling app

  2. Best for sparking conversation with the audience

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How I Chose the Best Live Polling Apps

To get a better understanding of how I determined the best live voting apps on the market, these are the key functions and features I looked for during the review process:

Important core features:

  • Real-time results for better decision-making
  • Multiple types of questions: The app should allow you to create multiple types of questions, including multiple choice and open-ended questions
  • Anonymous answers: Option for participants to submit responses anonymously, promoting honest feedback

I also looked for usability features, like: 

  • Easy to use: It should have a user-friendly interface and not require much training for employees to use.
  • Available to use from anywhere: Employees should be able to answer polls from their mobile devices, no matter where they are.
  • Affordable: The app should be affordable for small businesses and have multiple pricing plans. 

I also checked for more product features, including:

  • Customization: Ability to customize poll questions and the look and feel of the poll by adding images and personalized branding, colors, and display formats.
  • Scalability: The app should be able to handle both small groups and large audiences without performance issues.
  • Accessibility: Participants should be able to access the poll easily, whether through a direct link, QR code, or integration with social media.
  • Security: Features to ensure that the data is secure and that unauthorized individuals cannot tamper with the poll.
  • Feedback mechanism: Participants should be able to provide feedback or ask questions during or after the poll.
  • Interactivity: Features that allow for more interaction with employees during the poll, such as live reactions and comments.
  • Integration with other tools: The polling app should integrate with other software or platforms you use to streamline operations.

The 8 Best Live Polling Apps of 2024

  1. Connecteam — Best all-in-one live polling app

    Surveys connecteam app interface

    Connecteam is an all-in-one live polling app that allows you to manage all aspects of your business on the go.

    Why I chose Connecteam: Connecteam’s robust set of features and user-friendly interface makes it my top pick. I also love how easy it is to create live polls and send them out to your entire staff with the click of a button. You can monitor results in real time, compare them, and make data-driven decisions from the results.

    Customized live polls on any topic

    Simply create live polls on any topic, or choose from various customizable templates. You can tweak the poll settings to allow users to select multiple answers, vote anonymously, or see results only after they vote.  You might want to read our in-depth review of the best live polls tools for managers and employees.

    Once ready, you can post your live poll on your company app’s social feed for all the relevant employees to see, respond to, and even react to and comment on – all from their mobile phones. 

    Create employee surveys for your team

    Create custom surveys on Connecteam’s employee communication survey app and gather your team’s thoughts with multiple-choice questions, open-ended questions, and star ratings. 

    Connecteam’s live polling tools further helps you boost response rates with an easy and engaging user experience, an auto-save functionality, notifications, and an anonymity option. As an admin, you can organize and access your team’s real-time responses from your admin dashboard. 

    Streamlined communication features to share polls and discuss results

    Instantly communicate with your employees in secure individual, group, and company online team chat. You can also use the company newsfeed to share company updates and announce polls and surveys to your team, share results, and discuss company ideas.

    Your employees can respond to messages with comments, likes, and emojis for a social-media feel, making it easy for team members to keep in touch. 

    a women looking at her phone that shows an in-app chat

    Vote on company events and team-building activities

    Use the polls and events feature to vote on company events, like team outings and where to celebrate team member’s birthdays. Once decided, you can use Connecteam’s event app to create events, explain all relevant details, and have employees RSVP right from the app.

    And so much more…

    In addition to robust live polling and survey features, Connecteam offers excellent employee management tools, exceptional customer service, an intuitive user interface, and high customizability, which allows you to adjust the platform to suit your precise business needs.

    Connecteam also offers a free for life plan – Get Started Now!

    Key Features


    • Intuitive and easy to use

    • All-in-one solution

    • Great customer support

    • Budget-friendly


    • Needs internet or wifi access to work


    Free-for-life plan availablePremium plans start at $29/month for 30 users

    With Connecteam you can create engaging surveys and measure employees' responses

    Try Connecteam here
  2. Slido — Good for sparking conversation with your audience

    Available on

    • Web
    • iOS
    • Android
    Screenshot of the Slido webpage

    Slido has a variety of question formats to choose from to create live polls and surveys, including multiple-choice, ratings, open text, and word cloud.

    Why I picked Slido: Slido is easy to use and incredibly customizable.

    Live polls

    Slido offers a live polling feature that allows you to create real-time polls to get feedback from employees. You can create multiple-choice questions and participants can vote on predefined options. 

    Creating polls is incredibly simple, and you can send them out to staff with a click. Once the poll is activated, participants cast their votes using their smartphones or any device connected to the internet by accessing a unique Slido event code. Once participants begin to submit their votes, the results are instantly updated and shown in a graphical representation as bar charts or pie charts for multiple-choice questions.

    Live Q&A

    With the live Q&A feature, participants can submit questions through the Slido app in real-time. Whether you’re hosting a team event or training, this feature allows employees to ask questions anonymously right away.

    You can view questions as they come in and decide which ones to answer. Attendees can also upvote their peers’ question, indicating which ones are more popular, ensuring that the most pressing questions are addressed first.

    Word cloud

    With the word cloud feature, you can collect open-ended responses from participants. This feature is particularly useful for gathering spontaneous feedback, brainstorming, or capturing the audience’s mood or opinions on a specific topic. 

    Participants submit words or short phrases in response to a prompt, and Slido aggregates these responses into a word cloud, where the size of each word adjusts to reflect its frequency among the submissions. This creates a visual representation of the group’s collective thoughts, highlighting the most common themes or ideas and providing quick insights into the collective mindset of the audience.


    • Microsoft Teams
    • Zoom
    • Live Video
    • Google Slides
    • Powerpoint 
    • Cisco Webex
    • Switcher

    Slido’s user-friendly dashboard allows users to engage attendees in meetings using a bunch of powerful tools, which range from stunning themes and stand-alone settings to polling and voting in Q&A sessions.

    👍 Mohamed

    The events in Slido can be scheduled only for a limited time. I usually restart ended events again and again to bypass that. It would be great if we can keep events for a more extended time.

    👎 Chamaru Tech

    Key Features

    • Real-time live polls
    • Social promotion
    • Send polls via a link or QR code
    • Word clouds


    • Embed videos into live polls 
    • Unlimited polls and quizzes 


    • Lacking in reporting metrics
    • Data analysis is complicated


    Starts at $12/user/month Trial: Yes Free Plan: Yes

  3. Vevox — Good for polling meeting or class audiences

    Available on

    • Web
    • iOS
    • Android
    • Windows
    • Mac
    Vevox live polling app user interface

    Vevox is a live polling and anonymous Q&A app that aims to help you engage your audience in online, in-person, and hybrid meetings and classes.

    Why I picked Vevox: With Vevox, you can create live polls to run during meetings, trainings, or classes. 

    Real-time polling

    I really like Vevox’s real-time polling feature. You can pose questions to your audience directly, and they can respond using their smartphones or mobile devices. Questions can be multiple-choice, yes/no, and opinion scales, enabling a wide range of interactions. 

    As participants submit responses, Vevox updates the poll results instantly, displaying them in a visually appealing format that both presenter and participants can see. This live feedback mechanism encourages users to participate and can be used to better understand the group your polling.

    Interactive quizzes

    Vevox’s interactive quizzes feature makes it easy to gamify learning and feedback sessions. 

    You can set up quizzes with a series of questions, and participants compete by answering these questions correctly and as quickly as possible. Each quiz question appears on participants’ devices and once answered, Vevox compiles the responses, immediately updating the leaderboard. 

    I really like this competitive element because it motivates participants to pay attention and actively engage with the content. 

    Team surveys

    With team surveys, you can gather in-depth feedback on any topic you like. Unlike real-time polling, surveys allow participants to think about their answers and provide more thoughtful responses. 

    You can customize surveys with a variety of question types, like open-text responses, rating scales, and multiple-choice questions. The responses are collected anonymously, so participants can respond honestly without worry.  

    Vevox also analyzes responses to uncover trends, insights, or areas for improvement. 


    • Webex
    • Microsoft Teams
    • GoToMeeting
    • Zoom
    • YouTube Live

    User friendly interface. Easy and fast to create a quiz or a survey, and easy to start/manage in the classroom. Allows time to stop and discuss the issues with the class, as the responses are anonymous.

    👍 Lewis

    It would be great if wordclouds could appear in real-time through the PPT plug-in. Our clients tend to use the PPT plug-in but steer from the wordcloud feature as it does not appear in real time.

    👎 Cassandra

    Key Features

    • Live voting
    • Real-time results
    • Poll sharing
    • Poll data reporting


    • Intuitive user experience
    • Good customer support


    • Lacks flexibility
    • Limited reporting options


    Starts at $10.95/month Trial: No Free Plan: Yes

  4. SurveyMonkey — Good for surveying the general public

    Available on

    • Web
    • iOS
    • Android
    Screenshot of the SurveyMonkey webpage

    SurveyMonkey allows users to create live polls and surveys using pre-made templates.

    Why I picked SurveyMonkey: SurveyMonkey comes with an abundance of survey templates. Once you create your live poll using a variety of question types, you can send it out to your audience via an email link or create pop-ups embedded into your website.

    SurveyMonkey is user-friendly but doesn’t allow for customization regarding company branding since the SurveyMonkey logo will appear on all live polls. 

    The SurveyMonkey app is most suited for large corporations, academic institutions, and government agencies since it is most appropriate for customer and supplier feedback, but less ideal for internal use.

    Key Features

    • Live result sharing 
    • Data analysis tools 
    • Question bank 


    • Pre-made templates 
    • Send polls via email or pop-ups 


    • Expensive
    • Difficult to set up 


    Starts at $25/user/month Trial: Yes Free Plan: No

  5. Zoho Survey — Good for sending out the live poll

    Available on

    • Web
    • iOS
    • Android
    • Mac
    Screenshot of the Zoho Survey webpage

    Zoho Survey offers pre-made templates to create live polls and surveys.

    Why I picked Zoho Survey: With Zoho Survey, you can distribute live polls via social media, embed survey links in emails, or have your audience scan a QR code to enter the live poll. This polling app can also translate your survey into multiple languages, and while there are some kinks to be worked out, they do a decent job of translating.

    If you need information from the public, you can purchase responses, reaching a relevant audience, and giving you the information that you need. Once you have the data you can build different reports to sort the data into useful categories.

    Zoho Survey is best for freelancers and individuals looking for answers from the public, not so much for internal polls within companies.

    Key Features

    • Question library
    • Translate survey
    • Real-time reports


    • Pre-made templates 
    • Export data as PDF 


    • Limited question types 
    • Very time-consuming to create live polls and surveys


    Starts at $39/month Trial: Yes Free Plan: Yes

  6. Poll Everywhere — Good for moderating live responses

    Available on

    • Web
    • iOS
    • Android
    Screenshot of the Poll Everywhere webpage

    Using Poll Everywhere, you can watch answers roll in by engaging audiences through live polls, surveys, Q&As, quizzes, and word clouds.

    Why I picked Poll Everywhere: You can embed polls in presentations and watch the answers update to your live polls in real time. Poll Everywhere also gives you the ability to monitor poll results as they can in by accepting or rejecting answers.

    Even customize Poll Everywhere to reflect your company’s branding.

    This app is best used to encourage audience participation from students while onboarding employees and team meetings.

    Key Features

    • Customizable branding
    • Online and SMS polling 
    • Moderation


    • Real-time results
    • Users can continually change answers


    • Need additional software to use plug-ins
    • Not mobile-friendly for creation of polls  


    Starts at $120/user/year Trial: Yes Free Plan: No

  7. Swift Polling — Good for audience participation

    Available on

    • Web

    Swift Polling allows you to build real-time polls, Q&A, quizzes, and surveys to engage your audience.

    Why I picked Swift Polling: There are various forms of questions you can ask such as multiple-choice, open-ended, and word cloud. You can send out your polls and the audience can respond online or via SMS. You’ll also receive the answers in real-time, and if you’ve integrated the answers into a presentation, you can watch as the answers roll in. If you have the Pro or Conference plan, you can export the data to Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel for reference later.

    Swift Polling is best for teachers, coaches, and instructors looking to boost audience participation and gauge their understanding.

    Key Features

    • ​​Data Analysis Tools
    • Live Results Sharing
    • Online and SMS Polling


    • Real-time polling
    • Audience interaction


    • Frequent technical glitches
    • Slow customer support response time 


    Contact vendor for price Trial: Yes Free Plan: No

  8. Polltab

    Polltab — Good for authenticated voting

    Available on

    • Web
    Screenshot of the Polltab webpage

    Polltab’s live polling platform offers a straightforward user experience and doesn’t require setting up an account.

    Why I picked Polltab: With Polltab, you can create poll questions and answers to share on different platforms, and a live preview will appear beside it. You can adjust voting security by, for instance, restricting multiple votes from one IP address or requiring participants to log in to their Google, Facebook, Reddit, or Twitch accounts before being able to cast a vote.

    When ready, Polltab will generate a custom URL that you can distribute to your audience. 


    Key Features

    • Real-time polls
    • Multiple choice questions
    • Facebook comments
    • Option to hide polls


    • Restricts participants from issuing multiple votes
    • Usable on multiple plaforms


    • Lacks option to create an account
    • No reporting options


    Contact vendor for price Trial: No Free Plan: Yes

Compare the Best Live Polling Apps

Topic Start for free Polltab
Starts at just $29/month for the first 30 users
Starts at $12/user/month
Starts at $10.95/month
Starts at $25/user/month
Starts at $39/month
Starts at $120/user/year
Contact vendor for price
Contact vendor for price
Free Trial
Free Plan
Free Up to 10 users
Use cases
Best all-in-one live polling app
Good for sparking conversation with your audience
Good for polling meeting or class audiences
Good for surveying the general public
Good for sending out the live poll
Good for moderating live responses
Good for audience participation
Good for authenticated voting
Available on
Web, iOS, Android
Web, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac
Web, iOS, Android
Web, iOS, Android, Mac
Web, iOS, Android

What is a Live Polling App?

Live polling apps allow managers and business owners to gauge real-time feedback from their employees. By conducting instant polls, managers can assess employee opinions and make informed decisions. 

These apps enhance communication, foster transparency, and promote active participation within the team. For business leaders, it’s an invaluable tool to ensure that employee voices are heard and considered in decision-making processes.

How Do Live Polling Apps Work?

Live polling apps provide business owners and managers with a platform to instantly gather feedback from employees. By setting up real-time polls, leaders can create engaging questions and have team members respond with their mobile devices. 

As responses are submitted, the results are aggregated and displayed immediately so managers get results quickly. This immediate feedback helps with quick decision-making, promotes transparency, and ensures that employee perspectives are taken into account.

What are the Benefits of Live Polling Software?

Enhanced audience engagement

Live interactive polls can make employees’ day-to-day work experiences more engaging and interactive, especially when employees don’t work in the same locations. They help ensure that remote and field workers all feel like part of the team.

Immediate feedback

Managers can get real-time insights into employee opinions, allowing for quick and informed decision-making.

Inclusive decision-making

By soliciting input from all employees, managers can ensure a more democratic and inclusive decision-making process.

Boosts transparency

Sharing poll results can demonstrate to employees that their opinions are valued and considered, fostering a sense of transparency.

Facilitates learning

In training sessions, live polls can be used to assess understanding, identify areas that need more focus, and adapt content accordingly.

Breaks communication barriers

Employees who might be hesitant to speak up in large groups can comfortably share their opinions through polls.

Data collection and analysis

The data gathered from polls can be analyzed later to identify trends, areas of concern, or opportunities for improvement.

Promotes a collaborative culture

Regularly seeking employee input can foster a culture of collaboration and mutual respect.

How Much Do Live Polling Apps Cost?

The pricing of live poll apps largely differs per provider and often depends on the number of users and the feature package. It usually comes down to $5-$25 per month per user. In particular, those that charge per user can be quite costly if you work with a large team. 

Note that a high price doesn’t necessarily mean a better user experience. Our number one pick, Connecteam, offers premium plans at a flat monthly rate of $29 for the first 30 employees.

>> Get started with Connecteam for free today! <<


What is the best polling software?

While it depends on your business’ needs, I think the best polling software on the market is Connecteam. Not only does Connecteam offer a platform to easily create and run live polls, but it’s an all-in-one employee management app that allows you to manage your non-desk team and field workers from one place. 

Which tool is best for gathering audience responses quickly?

The best tool for gathering audience responses quickly is Connecteam. You can send out live polls to every employee and get real-time feedback as each employee responds.

Does Google have a polling app?

No. While you can use Google Forms to create a live poll, we would recommend using an app built for live polling. An app will make it easier for your audience to answer on the go using their mobile phones.

The Bottom Line on Live Polling Apps

Overall, the right live polling app allows you to create and share live polls in just a few clicks and collect instant feedback from your team. 

If you’re particularly looking for a solution to engage your non-desk employees, I recommend trying Connecteam’s user- and cost-friendly app.