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  1. Why Is Employee Satisfaction Important? 
  2. Create Online Surveys With a Digital Solution
  3. How Often Should Employee Satisfaction Surveys Be Issued? 
  4. Questions to Include in an Employee Satisfaction Survey
  5. Key Takeaways Of An Employee Satisfaction Survey
  6. Next Step To Execute An Employee Satisfaction Survey

Employee satisfaction surveys are essential for gathering information about your company and engaging your employees, for giving them a platform to raise issues and to make their voices heard by management. It’s also a great way for management and business owners to understand what aspects of their company needs more focus and what can be better organized. 

To put it lightly, employee satisfaction surveys are an amazing tool for management to keep track of the heartbeat of the company. 

As a manager, it’s important to master this tool and to use it correctly. But what does that really mean? And why is it so important? Those are the questions we’re here to answer!

Why Is Employee Satisfaction Important? 

When employees are satisfied, they’re more productive, have high levels of morale, and are more likely to stay at the company for longer. These factors positively influence your company’s bottom line and reputation. 

But how often are you issuing employee retention surveys? If the answer is annually, then you’re missing a huge opportunity to collect raw data in real-time. 

A Forbes article suggests that “some organizations may want to check their pulse every week or every quarter, some every other quarter. You may want to try using an app to ask four to six questions on a regular basis.

Then every six months you can use a longer, more formal survey. And again annually, do something different to measure employee engagement”. But what tools can you actually use to make this process smooth and painless?

Create Online Surveys With a Digital Solution

With Connecteam’s surveys app, you can quickly get the ball rolling and implement digital surveys with the push of a button.

organizational surveys app

Some of it’s key capabilities include:

  • Collect real-time data from your employees to implement quick and effective company changes. 
  • As a manager, it’s easy to create surveys and as an employee, it’s a breeze to answer them. 
  • Use one of the many pre-made templates or create your own surveys using a variety of question formats. 
  • When sending out the surveys, you can opt for them to be anonymous if the questions are a bit sensitive and you want complete honesty. 

Not only does Connecteam offer a simple-to-use survey feature, but you can do it all using one app! Some of it’s other essential communication features include:

  • Onboard new employees easily by creating a course for them to complete. 
  • Quiz them after each section to be sure they retained the information.
  • Recognize and reward your employees for their successes, work anniversaries, or promotions. 
  • Chat directly with any employee, easing company-wide communication
  • Use the internal directory to find the person you need by their name, department or job description. 

Connecteam is an all-in-one app that can help you streamline daily operations, improve communication, onboard employees from day one and so much more. 


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How Often Should Employee Satisfaction Surveys Be Issued? 

If you truly want to keep your employees satisfied and engaged, you should employ surveys as often as possible. Once a year is definitely not enough!

Make employee satisfaction surveys a regular occurrence at your company – issue them at the end of every week/month, before or after board meetings, after company gatherings, before or after training sessions, and so on. Any time you feel it’s relevant, send a survey.

More and more companies are moving to mobile apps to send out surveys To ensure your employees are onboard to filling out surveys as often as possible, you should follow these simple tips: 

  • Keep surveys short and to the point 
  • Guarantee the survey app is easy to use 
  • Ensure the surveys are accessible anywhere

Make sure that the questions in your employee satisfaction survey sound human and genuine, not like a robot churned out the questions. Employees will be far more likely to fill in surveys completely and honestly if they feel that the survey is really geared toward their needs. 

Keeping that in mind, there are certain questions to include in an employee satisfaction survey and it’s crucial to act on employee feedback, otherwise your efforts are pointless.

Questions to Include in an Employee Satisfaction Survey

Do you enjoy our company’s culture?

Company culture is crucial for employees to create and foster better relationships with coworkers and can even enhance productivity. Healthy company culture promotes team building, collaboration among employees, and increased company morale.

If your employees don’t like the company culture, it becomes far more difficult for your company to excel. Work environment, culture, and interpersonal relationships are the top components of employee happiness.

Do you find your work meaningful?

If employees don’t find the work they do to be meaningful, they are less engaged. In fact, a survey by BetterUp Labs found that 9 out of 10 American workers would take a pay cut if they had a meaningful position. When workers find meaningful work; employee retention increases, employees work longer hours, and they don’t take as much time off. 

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How can you help make their work meaningful? Nurture your employee’s personal growth, remove toxic behaviors and atmospheres, and create a strong social network. Try Connecteam now!

Does our company give you the tools you need to be successful in your role?

Reports have concluded that only 44% of employees have the latest technology enabling them to work to their fullest capacity. There is a huge gap between the tools your employees currently have and the ones they need in order to excel at their job. 

“What we found is employees want the same modern digital technology that they are accustomed to at home in the workplace, accessible leadership, and a strong company culture that aligns with their personal values—often trumping monetary compensation,” said Gretchen Alarcon, group Vice President of HCM Product Strategy at Oracle.”These factors are all influencing the degree employees feel engaged and committed to a company.”

One option is to provide your employees with an employee management app.  By doing so, you can clearly assign daily tasks and provide workflows to make sure your employees are quickly and easily accomplishing their daily goals. By offering employees the right tools they stay motivated, productive and engaged in their work

Do your managers communicate company news effectively and in a timely manner?

Your employees work 40 hours, more or less, every week. With that being the case, you have to keep them updated and in the loop on company news. The last thing you want is for them to be blindsided by something that impacts them directly. Employees won’t be satisfied if they hear something important from a third party, it’s best to hear it straight from management

Connecteam Can Help You Communicate Easily With Your Employees

In a hypothetical situation, if you were to quit tomorrow, what would your reason be?

If employees bring up little to no transparency, feeling unvalued, or poor communication, you know you’ve got a serious problem. Employees need proper communication, transparency within the company and to feel valued if you want any hope of keeping them onboard for years to come. 

By asking this question in an employee satisfaction survey, you’ll be able to understand just how satisfied each employee is in their position and you’ll know what areas of management need improvements. As a manager, this will enable you to put out any fires before they begin. 

Do your managers value your feedback?

All employees have ideas on how to improve performance, increase sales, and so on. They don’t need to be senior managers! Everyone has an opinion. Ask your employees for their ideas on a regular basis, if you’re not, chances are your employees won’t feel valued and heard.

Employees should feel that management cares about what they have to say, giving them a chance to be heard, even if you don’t necessarily act on every idea. Giving employees a platform to be heard can spark creativity leading to valuable feedback that you can implement or use as a starting point.

Employee satisfaction survey feedback matters sign
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  How frequently do you receive recognition from your manager?

Employees that receive daily recognition from their managers are less likely to leave the company because they’re more engaged and trust their managers more. Employee recognition MUST be a part of your company’s culture. 

Research has found 69% of employees would work harder if they felt their efforts were appreciated.  When employees go without recognition, morale and productivity drop. Don’t miss the mark, encourage, and recognize your employee’s work on a daily basis.  To say “thank you”, send recognition badges and even reward employees.  Appreciate them in front of the entire company to show your employees that their hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. 

How would you rate your company as a great place to work on a scale of 1-10?

This question will help you determine just how loyal an employee is to the company. When you have loyal employees, they will stay with the company longer and  work harder. If your employees are happy at the company, including the management style and the work they do, they will recommend working there to everyone and anyone. 

Keeping the above in mind, you can add these questions to the employee satisfaction survey:

  • Do you feel connected to your co-workers?
  • Does management seem invested in the team’s success?
  • How transparent is management?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, how happy are you at work?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, how is your work-life balance?
  • How strongly do you believe you will reach your full potential here?
  • If you had the opportunity to reapply to your current position and company, would you do it?
  • What are some changes you think would be beneficial to the company?

Asking these types of questions, you will gain actionable data using employee satisfaction surveys. Make sure you act on the feedback received so that employees will continue to answer honestly.

Key Takeaways Of An Employee Satisfaction Survey

Use surveys as often as possible.

Annual employee satisfaction surveys just won’t do. To truly engage your employees, boost productivity, and help them feel connected to the company, you need to hear their feedback regularly.

Keep them short.

If a survey takes longer than 7 minutes to complete, employees won’t complete them. Keep surveys short and sweet to ensure that every employee finishes the survey in its entirety. This way, you didn’t waste time creating the employee satisfaction survey that your employees aren’t filling out. Act on the results.

Act on the results.

Only 20% of managers follow up with problems employees raise in surveys. If employees feel that management is just pointlessly sending out surveys and not actually making changes, what’s the point of the survey in the first place? You need to show employees that the managers are implementing change based on the survey results.

Keep things anonymous.

In some cases, it is best to ensure anonymity when issuing an employee satisfaction survey. This way, you get genuine and honest feedback, especially if you’re asking about an employee’s direct manager. If you’re merely asking for feedback on a product design, there might not be a  need to keep things private.

Gauge what you hope to learn from the survey, that’s how you’ll know if you should keep it anonymous or not. Let your employees know if the survey is anonymous beforehand so they can be sure to answer truthfully. It’s important to act on what is being said, rather than who said it.

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Next Step To Execute An Employee Satisfaction Survey

Sending out an employee satisfaction survey isn’t as daunting as it once was. Mobile apps can effortlessly help you integrate employee satisfaction to improve company culture. How? In minutes, you can digitally generate a survey and choose who to send it to. Employees will then instantly get a notification and management can track who started and completed the survey in seconds, and watch in real-time as answers pour in! No need to wait months for survey results, all data is actionable from the minute you push SEND.


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