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Rea Regan August 9, 2020 9 min read
Curate Employee Experience at your Company in 2019

Quick Guide

    You probably already know that employee engagement is key for employee motivation, satisfaction, a healthy working environment, and to boost productivity. It is also important to understand that it isn’t a one time task to check off your to-do list – instead, you need to employ engagement from the first day to the very last, employee engagement doesn’t have an off switch. And it’s not a buzzword or the latest hype either, employee engagement is company culture.

    Engaged employees are the key to a company’s health and success.

    However, Dynamic Signal’s 2019 Annual State of Employee Communication and Engagement Study, found that a startling 80% of the workforce in the United States feel stressed because of ineffective company communication. In addition, the report found that 63% of respondents actually consider quitting because ineffective communication hindered their ability to execute their job duties.  ­

    This is where employee engagement software swoops in.

    Employee Engagement Software Makes Its Mark

    Gartner may refer to employee engagement software as worker engagement platforms but it explains the purpose of this software quite perfectly, the purpose is to “increase engagement and performance through such elements as recommendations, mindfulness, and connecting workers to others and to common purposes.”

    Here are a few examples of just how employee engagement software can help your company:

    • Gain daily feedback from their employees to truly understand their concerns and satisfaction levels.
    • Keep everyone on the same page on what is happening with the company – such as, company or procedural updates, announcements from management, and so on.
    • It creates a community within the business, instead of everyone just clocking in and out. Employees will feel valued and heard when kept in the loop and know their feedback is being appreciated.
    • Shine the spotlight on your employees– share birthday wishes, an employee of the month, work anniversary celebrations, fun team outings, and so on. Allows for “cross-communication” so employees can share their feedback on any matter through private or group chat, photo sharing, accessible suggestion box on all matters, and so on.
    • All data is actionable, instead of relying on your gut feeling, you can see from the software where certain pain points are so you can tackle issues straight away.

    However, it is important to understand that employee engagement software isn’t the solution, but rather, is the tool used to engage and monitor employees, the true heartbeat of the company.

    Boost Engagement With The Right Employee Engagement Software
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    Be sure to ask yourself the following when turning to an employee engagement software, as the answers will help you determine which solution is best for you. “What do you want to accomplish? What kind of employees do you have? How much money are you willing to invest? How much time and ability do you have to deal with implementation?” Once you know the answers to these questions, only then can you choose the best employee engagement software for your company and your employees. 

    We rolled up our sleeves to present you with the 10 best employee engagement software solutions in the market today. Based on all of the criteria we dove into above, the following are the best employee engagement software solutions. If we missed one, let us know! 

    Top 10 Employee Engagement Software Solutions

    1. Connecteam

    Connecteam's employee engagement software

    Reach each team member with engaging, targeted, and measurable communication. In a tap, you can reflect your company’s culture and solidify your employer branding with Connecteam’s employee engagement software.

    • Surveys, Suggestion Box, and Live Polls: ensure every employee’s voice is heard and make decisions based on organizational surveys and live-polls, launch a suggestion box to gather feedback, and send structured channels to query or approach HR and senior management.
    • Announcements, Newsletters, and Updates:  communicate with an individual, a group, or the entire organization, Connecteam makes it easy to distribute visual, rich, and engaging content and to measure its reach and impact in a click. Advanced features include pre-scheduled updates, social engagement support for likes, comments, etc. and automated follow-up capabilities.
    • Employee Recognition and Acknowledgment: recognize star employees, share employee ‘spotlights’, and allow team members to nominate peers for awards. Celebrate with your team by sharing birthday wishes, anniversaries, personal milestones, and organizational achievements. Let your team take part by engaging with every recognition and appreciation celebration, and improve the sense of belonging.

    Listen to how a field service company with 200+ employees utilizes Connecteam for daily internal communication & engagement!

    Price: Connecteam is incredibly affordable as it is the only employee engagement software that offers a fixed monthly price for up to 50 users, plans start at just $39. And we’ll repeat, you don’t pay per user! You pay a fixed monthly plan which is easy on the back pocket. Plus, you can sign up for the free for life plan to test its robust features. 

    Increase Productivity, Retention and Performance

    Connecteam helps you drive measurable improvements in employee engagement through employee surveys, live polls, a suggestion box, work chat, targeted announcements, real-time insights, and collaboration.

    Start for free

    2. Officevibe

    officevibe employee engagement solution

    Officevibe says it best on their website, “Officevibe allows you to follow key trends and patterns across your company through current, honest employee feedback. Know exactly where and when you’ll have the greatest impact, and which managers and teams need your support.” Essentially, Officevibe sends a weekly survey to all your employees with questions based on their 10 Key Metrics and 26 Sub-metrics, they offer a bank of 120 scientifically-validated questions so you can gauge the pulse of your company.

    Price: Sign up for free or pay $4/per user/month. Get a Custom plan for Enterprise if needed.

    3. ContactMonkey

    ContactMonkey software

    ContactMonkey allows businesses to create, send, and track their internal communications all from within Outlook. Design responsive employee newsletters using the drag-and-drop email template builder. Engage employees with emoji reactions, comments, eNPS surveys, and more. Track engagement metrics like Open Rate, Click-through Rate, and Read Time from your Campaign Analytics Dashboard. ContactMonkey makes it easier than ever to track and improve your organization’s employee engagement.  

    Price: Speak to a representative about receiving a quote for your company.

    4. Lattice Performance Management

    Lattice Performance Management

    Choose individual performance reviews, share feedback, hold 1-on-1’s, set goals, send praise, and share updates – these are the features you get with Lattice Performance Management. All of this will help to boost engagement and Lattice integrates with other software, like Slack or Google Suite.

    Price: There are three plans to choose from: Performance – $9/user/month, Performance and Engagement – $12/user/month, or Enterprise with custom pricing.

    5. Peakon

    Peakon employee engagement software

    If you have more than 100 employees, Peakon is for you. In real-time, Peakon collects employee feedback, analyzes it and sends you insights. Employees can submit their feedback via the web, mobile, SMS, kiosk or app. Peakon also features Cultural Alignment, Employee Alignment, Employee Awards, Feedback Management, Performance Management, and Surveys.

    Price: Choose from three pricing plans: Essential – $3.5 /user/mo, Business – $7 /user/mo, or Premier – $12 /user/mo. Book a free demo with a sales representative.

    6. BambooHR

    Bamboo HR employee engagement software

    BambooHR Employee Satisfaction with eNPS allows for easy onboarding tools and tracking. When it comes to employee engagement, recruiting, hiring, and new-hire transitioning, you’re covered. BambooHR features E-signature, time-off tracking, performance management, and reporting – all from desktop or mobile.

    Price:  Get a price quote from a representative about a designed package for your company.

    7. Gtmhub

    Gtmhub's employee engagement app

    Gtmhub’s People module allows for collaborative, team-centric work so that you can learn, align goals, manage performance, and support employee success – integrate the software with Slack, Jira, Facebook Workplace, and more. Use features to further your employee engagement: recognition badges, 1-on-1, 360-degree feedback and conversations. All users can request or give feedback on an existing topic, or a topic they choose.

    Price: Start a free trial or chat with a representative to learn more about pricing.

    8. Impraise

    Impraise work engagement software

    If you’re an Enterprise or have a young workforce, Impraise is the choice for you. Impraise, The People Enablement Platform, helps boost performance and professional growth through reviews, goal management, real-time feedback, and check-ins. Use engagement surveys to discover how connected, valued, and involved your employees feel at every level.

    Price: Get a price quote from a representative.

    9. Engagedly

    Engagedly employee engagement software

    Engagedly is perfect for services organizations with an employee size of 50-1000+. Their Employee Engagement platform has built-in gamification for employee social collaboration, a pulse survey, idea generation, and employee rewards. Add features like 360 feedback, goal setting, performance management, and eLearning.

    Price: There is a free trial, otherwise it costs $5.00/month/user.

    10. Staffbase

    Staffbase employee app

    Straight off their website, Staffbase explains it best, “From onboarding surveys to company-wide engagement, the Staffbase interaction plugins make it easy to collect, understand, and act on employee feedback.” Staffbase makes it easy to reach all your employees as they are an internal communications app for small and large-sized companies.

    Price: Get a price quote from a representative.

    The Bottom Line on Employee Engagement Software

    By now, you know that employee engagement has a direct impact on employee motivation, satisfaction, a healthy working environment, and productivity levels. And it should be crystal clear that engagement doesn’t have an off switch, you don’t just do it once and that’s it, all issues surrounding engagement have magically disappeared. Nurturing the engagement levels at your company is a daily task that you must pay attention to and effectively execute if you don’t, the consequences are catastrophic. By using employee engagement software, this task becomes much more manageable and isn’t a chore you’ll dread to do. Choose the best choice for you, your employees, and your company with one of the options we outlined above. 

    If your business has more than 200 employees and you’re interested in learning more about employee engagement and engagement software, click here to schedule a demo with one of our experts.

    Reinvent Engagement with Connecteam

    Reinvent communication and engagement in your organization with Connecteam’s complete set of communication tools. Whether it’s live polls, work chat, an employee directory, targeted surveys, group announcements, and more advanced features, Connecteam has you covered. Book a 20-minute demo with our experts to learn more before launching your app, and to explore up close what Connecteam has to offer.

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