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Good Communication is the Foundation for Success

Facilitate direct communication to increase accountability, productivity, and job satisfaction.

  • Check icon Keep teams informed in real-time on one unified platform
  • Check icon Connect your workforce with relevant company updates
  • Check icon Let employees share insights & best practices from the field
  • Check icon Encourage open communication, within your company, to identify and solve potential issues
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Give Recognition to Increase Retention

Make remote teams feel more appreciated by celebrating their hard work.

  • Check icon Showcase achievements of exceptional team members
  • Check icon Motivate staff and incentivize work with digital rewards
  • Check icon Celebrate special occasions and personal milestones
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Benefits of Highly Engaged Workplaces


Increase in productivity


Better engagement rates


Lower turnover rates

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Educate & Train to Effectively Retain

Support professional growth from onboarding to ongoing skill development.

  • Check icon Digitally train and connect new employees efficiently
  • Check icon Enable personal improvement with mobile-first learning
  • Check icon Keep teams engaged with a customized information hub
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Simple Actions to Boost Job Productivity

Improve employee commitment and attendance with our business operations platform.

  • Check icon Quickly assign shifts according to employee availability
  • Check icon Manage tasks easily - wherever your teams may be
  • Check icon Submit requests and deliver information from the field
  • Check icon Easily promote activities & events to raise morale
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What started as an operational improvement endeavor, turned out to be a new way of communicating with the Sodastream family.

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