How to Improve Staff Productivity With an Employee Staff Management App

These days, it’s very common for all kinds of employees to be spread across cities, countries, and even continents. So how can do you communicate with and monitor a team like that?

One of the easiest ways that you can manage all the tasks and communication is by using a task management app. Before employee task tracking apps became a thing, delegating tasks to your employees was a time-consuming and complicated process. There was a lot of uncertainty and the lack of communication was evident – both of which caused an inefficient process.

Through a task management app, you can easily keep track of important tasks and can see which actions were completed, so you know what’s next in line and if you’re on track to meet your deadlines. Additionally, you can boost engagement, streamline communication, better the onboarding process, and more. As a manager, you can achieve a ton by using a task management app, especially as adopting task management applications can lead to better employee communication and increases productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

An employee staff management app gives you the ability to delegate tasks in an organization as you are able to assign tasks to specific users at any time from anywhere. It’s easy to create tasks, and more than that, you are able to rest assured that at any point in time, you have full transparency into seeing your team’s execution of tasks.

This is why so many companies are choosing Connecteam’s employee task tracking app as it helps drive efficiency and the need to wonder how to improve staff productivity is irrelevant. Delegating tasks to your employees is quick and easy with Connecteam, even on the go. Connecteam’s employee task tracking app eliminates the constant back and forth hassle.

  • Quickly create tasks: in a couple of clicks and your task is live and pending completion. No sophisticated planning is needed, just launch as you go! Include detailed task descriptions, group tasks, subtasks, attach images and files, set up due dates, and so much more. Relevant team members will be automatically notified and you’ll know who saw the delegated task and will be notified once it’s completed.
  • Real-time updates: it’s easy to stay on top of the things that matter and to oversee execution. Check-in with your team to request status updates, manage all task-related engagement and communication on dedicated boards, and leverage push-reminders to pursue execution.
  • Everything in one place: have visibility on all your ongoing tasks – don’t let anything fall between the cracks. Navigate and organize tasks with tags and advanced filtering capabilities, view tasks by completion status, due dates, team members, and more.
  • Efficient communication: your team may have questions and may need to send updates or to communicate with you and others to get their task done. It’s easy to have all task-specific communication and engagement on a single, dedicated channel. With comments, mentions, and more, we got you covered.

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Now you can organize, manage, and track tasks while on the go on Connecteam’s employee staff management app.

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Let’s take a deeper look into how a task management app can increase staff productivity. These are amazing benefits of using a task management app.


Easy Employee Communication

In addition to facilitating onboarding, task management apps also make staff communications smoother. It allows managers to send any type of message-  a push notification, text, or even video – to their employees’ smartphones. This way, managers with an important announcement or assignment can easily share information with the entire team. If messages don’t get lost in overflowing inboxes, but rather stay collected on a dedicated work app, employees will be able to better keep track of important announcements, assignments, and other work-related information. The application aggregates all work messages so that employees can stay organized and focused which ultimately improves staff productivity. If the whole team is on the same page, they will collaborate more effectively and employee productivity will soar.

Task-specific communication dedicated channel

CONNECTEAM TIP: On Connecteam’s employee staff management app, it’s quick and easy to communicate on a specific task itself. Open up the chat or dedicated channel to ask questions, give an update, or whatever else, and the manager receives an alert an employee messaged him about a specific task.


Easy Task Management & Tracking

With just a few clicks on your desktop or mobile device, your daily tasks are all set and published directly to your employees. Whether it be individual tasks, group tasks, or subtasks, employee task tracking apps make it easy so that all such tasks can be filled with all the relevant task information, including descriptions, images and files, due dates, and more. Once you have that setup, you can assign these tasks to the relevant employees, and even get notified once they have seen them and of course completed them.

CONNECTEAM TIP: To close the loop, you and your employees have a clear understanding of what needs to be done because on Connecteam’s employee task tracking app, now your employees can even add tasks in on the fly. That means that the era of your employees calling or texting you to let you know that something needs to be added to the list of tasks is over. With one click, your employees can add tasks that need to be completed on their own.


Easy Employee Feedback

It goes without saying, productive workers are happy workers. Because of this, it is important that managers constantly gauge employee satisfaction, looking to see how they can best improve working conditions and standards. What better way to assess employee satisfaction than to ask the employees themselves? In a task management application like Connecteam, team leaders can create and distribute surveys and polls to their employees, requesting that they rate certain company policies, share their thoughts about a particular event, what they’d like to see in the future and if they feel encourages and appreciated. In disseminating employee engagement surveys, management can easily build positive employee relations and a positive work environment as it gives them the knowledge and tools to understand how to best improve employee productivity and engagement.

Clearly, task management applications are key to increasing employee productivity and efficiency. It provides managers with the operative tools they need to help their employees succeed through communication, feedback, onboarding, monitoring, and more. Plus, an app like Connecteam is not only easy to use, but affordable as well- companies of any size can enjoy the benefits that come with increased employee productivity.

CONNECTEAM TIP: In a click, on a specific task, Connecteam’s employee staff management app allows you to start a chat regarding that particular task so that you and your team or individual worker can communicate in real-time and while on the go. All the hassle of back and forth phone calls or endless and messy text messages are gone. If that doesn’t scream how to improve staff productivity then we don’t know what will!


Easy Employee Time Management

When managing deskless employees, one of the main difficulties managers experience is accounting for the time spent on various tasks. Unlike desk-based employees, and on-the-go and mobile workforce mean that things can get very dynamic and hard to track. Mobile apps introduce a new world solution to an old-world problem. Features like geolocation, push notifications, and automated workflows can empower managers to keep better track of their employee activities and make their business processes more effective.

Task management app dashboards

CONNECTEAM TIP: Instantly see from the moment a task was created, when it was finished. This allows you direct oversight on where things stand so it’s easy to update a client on project status.


The Bottom Line On An Employee Staff Management App

An employee task tracking app is a perfect tool for both managers and employees to ensure everything is taken care of and nothing slips between the cracks. It’s a tool used on a daily basis that helps an employee take their work to the next level, ensures compliance and efficiency, and leads to better employee productivity. Each team can leverage task management differently for its day-to-day operations, from a restaurant manager, the marketing team of a retail store, a team manager of a moving company, the HR personnel of an Enterprise, and so on.

In summary, these are a few main benefits of an employee staff management app: 

  • Tasks can be created and distributed through both dashboard and mobile
  • Managers can allow users to create tasks
  • Tasks can be created for teams to complete together
  • Ability to create sub-tasks
  • Ability to see completion rates
  • Ability to set due dates to ensure tasks get completed
  • Attach images to tasks for clarity
  • Ability to create tags to better organize tasks by different teams, sites or projects and more
  • Ability to sort and filter tasks

Note that some of these benefits mentioned above are dependent on the employee task tracking app you sign up for.

As you can see, an employee task tracking app is a great tool for every team’s day to day operations, providing extensive value when it comes to time and effort saved on the back and forth communication, standardization, information flow, compliance, and more.

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