Why Non-desk Companies Must Have A Chat App

President Obama called small businesses the backbone of America. And, he’s not wrong. But we want to take it a step further and say that the deskless employee is actually the backbone of America. They work out on the floor and construction sites, in restaurants and hotels, and drive trucks. They make up 75% of the workforce and are instrumental to a company’s success and a customer’s satisfaction. They are irreplaceable.

If you were waiting for the other shoe to drop, then here we go. A large majority of these deskless employees feel under-appreciated, forgotten, and receive only a sliver of communication from management and higher-ups. And that’s exactly what you don’t want. If you have deskless employees who feel like they aren’t being recognized, your company is faced with failing profitability and productivity.

Why is it so hard for companies to communicate and involve every employee? When it comes to the deskless employee, they’re just not as connected as the rest of the staff. In fact, 85% of deskless employees say that the communication they receive on the job isn’t enough. Why is that?

  • They’re away from the office and are usually on the road.
  • They rarely visit the company office, if at all.
  • Have limited or no access to a computer.
  • No corporate email.
  • Very difficult to connect or communicate with peers.
  • Company news and updates aren’t easily accessible.
  • They aren’t as engaged as everyone else.
  • Cannot access vital documents or information on-the-go.

construction worker out on the floor with a forklift

Here’s the thing, if you’re sending out emails, making phone calls, and adding information to bulletin boards – you’re using outdated methods to reach your deskless employees.

So what’s the answer? It’s simple, really. Everyone has a mobile phone so use it! Get a team chat app and you can easily reach your non-desk employees in a snap. Today, more and more companies have already made the switch and are seeing incredible results. The market is already there and it’s time you caught up!

How a team chat app can help your business:

  1. The amount of phone calls goes down which keeps everyone productive and on track to get the job done.
  2. History. No need to write anything down, all data is stored and you can access it any time.
  3. Real-time updates. Employees don’t need to wait until the next email or meeting to get vital company news, instead they’ll get updates straight to their phone. (You can also enable comment and like capabilities to save valuable time if you don’t want everyone to be floored with a million notifications).
  4. Share files, pictures, and videos. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Or maybe your staff is more visual? Send information the way that best engages your employees.
  5. Connect with millennial employees. If your staff is younger or you’re looking to bring in more young adults, using a team chat app is perfect – after all, they do check their phone 150 times a day!

But what should you look for in a team chat app?

employee checking her phone

  1. Make sure it’s easy to use! If it’s too complicated, your deskless employees won’t even bother.
  2. Do you need to train employees or is it just that simple? You don’t want to waste days, weeks or even months teaching your staff on how to use the chat app, you want to hit the ground running.
  3. This is a biggie, is it affordable? Or is it just going to eat through your pocket?
  4. Do you need an email to register? Or can you just download and go?

With all the options out there, how do you really know which team chat app is the right one for you? Which one can help you do all of the above and more? Our answer is simple – Connecteam is a true all-in-one solution that was especially built for the deskless workforce. So when it comes to reaching your most valued employees, look no further.

Why is Connecteam the best solution for connecting with your deskless employees?

connecteam employee app

  • Easy to use! Connecteam is so simple to use that even your less tech savvy employees can get started in seconds. You don’t even need to train anyone on how to use the team chat app, simply download and share the company number, that’s it.
  • Communication is simplified. Send private or group chats on all company news and updates. Plus, setting up a group chat doesn’t mean you need to manually add, edit and delete all contacts. Instead, a user’s profile has certain rules so they’re automatically added or removed from groups. Keep track of who read messages too!
  • Sharing is so easy. In just a click, share images, videos, files and even, GPS location. All of this can be done in real-time!
  • Work contacts aren’t stored on personal devices. Finally, you don’t have to manually add and remove work contacts, instead everything is available on the app. Quickly search for the relevant employee by name, department, location, and job role.
  • Get feedback instantly. Send surveys after a meeting or event – you don’t need to wait until an annual review, surveys can be issued daily, weekly or monthly to increase engagement. And you can enable a suggestion box that’s always accessible so your employees can always share their ideas with you.
  • Safety and control. Connecteam makes it so media is never saved on an employee’s device and also conversations cannot be shared outside the app. As an admin, you are empowered with highly advanced conversation setting options.


Lastly, we gotta talk about cost. It’s so good, we’ve made this its own paragraph! Connecteam is the only team chat app that offers fixed monthly plans so you can focus on the big picture. For up to 200 users, pricing ranges from $29 to $72 monthly. And if you need more than 200 users , there’s a fixed Enterprise plan as well. Start your free 14 day trial now!

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