15 Top Nonprofit Apps You Should be Using in 2022

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Denis Yankovsky August 31, 2021 11 min read

Review this list of nonprofit apps to better run your organization. From nonprofit management apps to marketing apps and even money-raising apps, we cover all the technology you need.

Nonprofit Volunteers

Quick Guide

    While nonprofits are designed to cater to a greater cause, at the end of the day, they’re still a business. While the motivation behind each nonprofit differs, you are still expected to run your organization like a “profit churning machine”. 

    As such, there are two key aspects you need to focus your efforts on – getting donations and managing your volunteers and employees.

    • Gaining donations: donations are the fuel of your organization, without them, you’re going a mile a minute but aren’t getting anywhere. To reach your fundraising goals, you must work creatively and effectively, and that’s exactly where apps for nonprofit organizations come in. The right app makes it easier for people to donate as it offers convenience so make sure you’re ahead of the curve with the right online tools to get you over the line. 
    • Managing volunteers and employees: like every business, you need to hire, operate, communicate with, train, and manage all your nonprofit employees and volunteers. As a nonprofit, it can be harder to keep everyone on the same page with updates and announcements, however, there are nonprofit apps that can ease this burden. 

    The above are the most critical, big picture tasks of running your nonprofit organization. And on top of it all, there are many tedious day-to-day tasks that you’re responsible for. For example, scheduling, time tracking, communication, and so on. We hinted at it, but a nonprofit app is the best way that you can balance all of these tasks – no matter how big or small in nature.

    After all, it’s the 21st century! Almost everything we do now is digital, so why would you still run your organization with outdated methods? Below we dive into the benefits of nonprofit apps to help your organization if you’re still not convinced that technology is the answer.

    How Nonprofit Apps Help Your Organization

    Help Volunteers Find You

    If you aren’t online where users can easily find you with a simple search, your nonprofit just won’t succeed. By having a website or app, your organization is more accessible, you can reach a larger audience, and you build trust with donors. 

    Usually, people know what they want, they just need to search for it, whether they want to be a volunteer or to donate. The new generation of digital users expects a digital experience so you need to get on their level if you want to succeed. 

    Nonprofit apps help you gain donations and manage volunteers and employees
    Photo by Anna Earl on Unsplash

    Help Donors Find You

    Think about yourself, how often do you buy something online and from your mobile phone? Probably quite frequently. Why? Because it’s so easy to click a button and you’re done – plus, most sites and apps securely save your credit card details so you don’t have to manually enter such information. 

    Help Run Your Employees & Volunteers

    With the right nonprofit apps, you can streamline communication and daily tasks with your volunteers and employees. Donations are the fuel that runs your organization and in order to get there (and keep you there), you have to efficiently manage your employees and volunteers. Most of the time nonprofit organizations are understaffed and overpressured, not having enough manpower or finances to run the organization most efficiently.

    That was definitely the case for the “Surf Life Saving” nonprofit organization before they switched to the Connecteam employee app.

    “I don’t think you understand the impact you’ve had on what my job is: I honestly don’t think I would have made it through this season without this app”, says Pia Harpour, the Community Education Manager of Surf Life Saving Northern Region.

    The Connecteam employee management app saves time and money for Pia and many other nonprofit project managers by just making their daily work process easier and faster. It helps to juggle all the tasks and keep everything running smoothly and efficiently. A management app also helps reduce employee turnover, easily train employees, teach quality customer service techniques, and finally stay up to date with all the latest changes. Most of your volunteers today might be quite young,  so a mobile app suits them best. 

    We separated the nonprofits apps into categories that are most relevant to building up your organization – from management to marketing to raising money and so on. The apps on this list will help you run your employees and volunteers like a pro and highlight tools to help you raise donations and spread the word. Here are the top 15 apps for nonprofit organizations that you need to download today. 

    Learn how nonprofit organizations utilize Connecteam for their daily operations

    15 Top Nonprofit Apps You Should be Using in 2022

    Nonprofit Management Apps

    The only all-in-one solution

    Connecteam has the total package to easily manage your employees and volunteers from one place. Nonprofit organizations often have hierarchical structures with many managers, departments, sometimes scattered across few locations, so there’s a lot of friction in the decision-making process and it is very easy for information to slip through the cracks. Connecteam helps nonprofit managers successfully bridge this gap with a simple, visual dashboard, that helps to collect and distribute the right information to the right people in a matter of minutes. 

    This all-in-one employee management app helps boost productivity, keep everyone in the loop, distribute tasks and schedules, collect reports and digital checklists, and have full visibility on what’s going on.

    Key Features

    Knowledge center for onboarding and continued training

    GPS time tracking, geofence, automated reminders, etc. for easy time tracking

    Social feed to keep everyone informed and up-to-date

    Easily manage single or team tasks in a click and while on the go

    Keep everyone aligned with 1:1 or group chat

    Paperless & automated work processes


    Starts at just $39/month for up to 50 users

    Free plan

    Free 14-day trial

    Best App to Manage Employees & Volunteers

    14-day free trial, no credit card required

    Board Director Software

    Board Director is built especially for board members and directors, it makes it easy to communicate with your board, schedule meetings, and collaborate. Plus, if you need to annotate board meeting documents, you can. doso in real-time.

    This is a great nonprofit app when you need to review quarterly donations and plan future fundraiser events.

    Key Features

    Schedule board meetings

    Document storage

    Public or private communication


    Small board is $299/month for up to 9 users

    Free 21-day trial

    Bitrix24 Nonprofit

    With Bitrix24, everything is at your fingertips such as donor management, volunteer management, tasks, projects, communication and collaboration, document management, HR, email, and telemarketing.

    Note that registered nonprofit entities can get 15% off on six and 12-month plans.

    Key Features

    Calendars for planning and scheduling

    Donor management

    Volunteer management


    Starts at $30/month for up to 5 users

    Free plan available

    Nonprofit Marketing Apps

    buffer software

    Buffer is the perfect tool to use when you want to schedule social media posts in advance. Seeing as how 55% of people engage with nonprofits on social media also take some sort of action afterward shows just how important maintaining a social media presence is – it’s a huge asset that you can’t afford to lose. However, it can be a difficult task to stay on top of when you have a million other things that require your attention.

    With Buffer, you just connect your social media accounts and create a queue of posts that are auto-scheduled, or you can set a specific time, so you save plenty of time from having to be online all the time. 


    Starts at $15/month

    Free plan available

    Ritetag software

    RiteTag helps you track how successful your campaign’s hashtags are. Via the dashboard, view how people use your hashtag on Twitter and Instagram, and you can also track trending hashtags so you can get an idea of what hashtags to include in your posts. 


    Starts at $9/month

    Free 7-day trial

    Canva nonprofits

    With Canva, it is so easy to create stunning, high-impact social media graphics and marketing materials. Just drag and drop, access a library of over 1 million images, and follow the template to create the perfect image for your nonprofit business. 

    Apply here for your free subscription. 


    Starts at $12.99/month for up to 5 people

    Free plan available


    Infographics can bring you a ton of reach on social media channels. Mainly because they are appealing to see, easy to understand, and can be shared quickly. Graphic designers can be highly expensive so with Piktochart, you can create your own sophisticated infographic at half the cost. 


    Individual PRO plan is $39.99/year

    Team PRO plan costs $199.99/year for five users


    The whole purpose of Fundly is to raise money for your nonprofit. Fundly makes it easy and painless to create a campaign page and get the word out about your fundraiser through video and photo galleries, fun email templates to help boost donations and promoting your cause on social media channels.

    The 2017 Global Trends in Giving Report revealed that a quarter of donors pointed to social media as the inspiration of what caused them to give donations and over a fifth (21%) of peer-to-peer fundraising is from direct click-throughs on social media. Your nonprofit needs to use social media to its advantage. 


    Platform fee of 4.9% plus a credit card processing fee of 2.9% and $.30 per transaction

    Nonprofit Money Raising Apps

    One Today by Google

    Google recently launched One Today and this nonprofit app is available for Android devices. One Today features a different nonprofit every single day and allows its users to donate $1 and match peer donations. It’s a very straightforward platform where giving a little can change a lot.

    Plus, One Today is highly intuitive so it can tailor charities to the preferences of the user so it shows projects to users that are similar to the causes they have donated to before. If you want to register for Google for Nonprofits, go here.



    Coin Up

    Coin Up helps you gain more donations every month. Basically, it is programmed to help users round up whatever debit or credit charge they make throughout the month, and then they donate all the spare change they have to the nonprofit they choose via Coin Up’s platform. You can register your nonprofit here if you’d like to join. 



    One Day’s Wages

    One Day’s Wages is a “grassroots movement that encourages users to donate one day’s wages to fight world poverty”. If you run a nonprofit whose cause is similar, then contact them to partner up because it’s amazing what teamwork can do when you want to change the world. 




    VolunteerMatch is a great way to find volunteers for your upcoming event or fundraiser. All volunteers need to do is search the site by skill, location, and interests so they can find the best place to volunteer their time. Almost all volunteers are donors too so it’s an easy way to receive donations as well – there are about 1.3 million visitors to the site every month. 

    A VolunteerMatch membership is free.


    Starts at $9.95/month

    Other Tools for Nonprofit Organizations


    DialMyCalls makes it super easy to send out automated phone calls or SMS text messages so you can update individuals of an upcoming fundraiser event or whatever else is necessary. Each message you send generates a detailed report so you know exactly how many of your contacts received the message. 


    Starts at $7.49/month

    Free account with one call with a 30-second message for up to 25 contacts per week

    Google Analytics

    Google Analytics makes it much easier for your nonprofit to track online conversions, both hard conversions (contributes directly to operations like online donations, volunteer registrations, form submissions) and soft conversions (activities leading to hard conversions like visiting the website over 10 times or downloading a report).

    Plus, one of the best and most relevant features of Analytics is tracking the biggest bounce rate or exit rate, as in which page(s) do visitors leave the most. If it’s the donation page, you know that’s a key area to focus on. 



    Cost: Free.

    Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack

    Salesforce created a Nonprofit Success Pack that begins with open data architecture and builds up pre-built constituent and donor management components. The entire CRM was created especially for nonprofit organizations so that it’s easier to cultivate donor relationships. The program grows with you as it enables your nonprofit to observe every single interaction with a funder or volunteer. Having a bulk of information that is systematically organized helps you establish and grow relationships – this kind of interaction engages the donors of today. 

    A crucial aspect of the Nonprofit Success Pack is that with very minimal programming, it is completely configured to your needs, goals, and daily operations. 


    Starts at $150/month

    Free 30-day trial

    The Bottom Line On Best Nonprofit Apps

    Running a nonprofit organization is challenging on its own: lots of people you should connect with each other; decentralized flows of information that are hard to control, but easy to lose; a lot of paperwork and updates on the go.

    All that is already a mouthful, but when it’s happening with a tight budget and lack of workforce — it might get really bad without modern, tech solutions that are supposed to lower the burden and increase your organizational efficiency.

    That was a list of 15 nonprofit apps that can help you deliver on the big picture, test them out to see how they can benefit your organization. 

    Efficiently Manage Your Nonprofit With One Tool

    Connecteam is the leading all-in-one solution to run your nonprofit organization. Whether it’s your volunteers or paid employees, or even the day-to-day functions, we have you covered.

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