Employee Expense Reimbursement Policy Template


An employee expense reimbursement policy is the process an employee must follow in order to be paid back by their employer when incurring business-related expenses. Typically, a reimbursement policy is related to an employee traveling for work, engaging in business dinners, or purchasing work-related supplies or tools.

The employee expense reimbursement policy should be a section within your employee handbook that requires the signature of the employee to ensure they understand the employee expense reimbursement policy in its entirety.

Use our template for your employee expense reimbursement policy as a starting point and make changes where relevant, if possible, consult with legal counsel to ensure the employee expense reimbursement policy fits your company.

Employee Expense Reimbursement Policy Template

The following is the employee expense reimbursement policy for ABC Productions that all our employees need to follow when it comes money spent on work-related matters.

There are only two work related expense categories ABC Productions covers:

  • Expenses paid directly by ABC Productions on behalf of employees.
  • Expenses paid by ABC Productions employees and are reimbursable.

The employee may be entitled to full or part reimbursement after HR reviews the claims.

What is/are work-related expenses?

Work-related expenses are directly related to an ABC productions employee during a benefit (like a business phone) or a business related entertainment expenses (like a dinner with clients or co-workers).

Note that the work-related expenses could be capped and that the HR manager needs to approve them. If an employee spends more than the amount HR approved, the extra cost must be covered by the employee only.

The following will not be considered as a work expense therefore, ABC Productions will not cover it:

  • An unauthorized meeting with clients, partners or company candidates.
  • Fines or offenses while driving a company car.
  • A non-business subscription or training.
  • A personal trip.

Please note the above serves as a few examples, speak with HR to learn more in-depth regarding reimbursable expenses before you even submit a claim.

Travel Expenses

While attending an approved business trip for ABC Productions, the following expenses will be partly or fully reimbursed:

  • Transportation fares (plane, car, ship, etc.)
  • Accommodation
  • Legal document expenses (Visa)
  • Required/necessary medical expenses (vaccinations)
  • Local transportation during the trip (taxi fares, rental cars etc.)
  • Minor expenses that are pre-approved by the employee’s manager (meals, business material, etc.)

If any medical care fees occur after a travel-related incident or accident, the employee might be covered by workers compensation insurance. If it is not, ABC Productions may reimburse the employee for their medical expenses, if found appropriate.

Non-reimbursable expenses

The following is a more in-depth list of the expenses ABC Productions will not reimburse an employee for:

  • The loss or theft of an employee’s personal property, like luggage.
  • Unauthorized upgrades, like business class while flying or a hotel room upgrade.
  • Personal services, such as a massage, beauty treatments, etc.
  • Personal purchases, such as clothes, gifts, snacks for the office, etc.
  • The expenses that a spouse or other non-employee incurred while accompanying the ABC Productions employee while traveling.

The above is not a complete list, please speak with HR about all reimbursable expenses before taking off on a business trip.


When an ABC Productions employee goes on a work-related trip, HR will arrange your accommodation, transportation, and will document the expenses. However, you are required to do the following:

  • Document expenses ABC Productions hasn’t directly arranged for, like taxi fares. Please ask for receipts whenever possible, as you might be entitled to a per diem sum to cover additionally necessary travel expenses.
  • Submit an expense report to HR with all necessary documentation within two weeks of your trip.

HR is responsible for the approval of the employee reimbursement claims. Once approved, you will receive the reimbursement in your paycheck within two pay periods.

When employees incur work-related expenses, they are required to:

  • Ask for HR and their manager’s approval.
  • Submit a reimbursement claim to HR.
  • Submit all relevant receipts and bills for business dinners and transportation within two weeks.

Any excessive expenses will be investigated and if cases of falsified or exaggerated claims are found, ABC Productions will take disciplinary action.


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