Dress Code Policy Template


A section of your employee handbook must include a detailed dress code policy so that your employees know how they should dress while working their scheduled shift.

Regardless of the specific dress code policy enforced (formal, casual, etc.), the following must always be followed by all employees:

  • All employees are expected to be well-groomed and to have good hygiene. We will not restrict styles that are dictated by religion or ethnicity.
  • All attire must be appropriate for work, do not show up in workout or outdoor activity dresswear.
  • All employees are expected to dress professionally, anything that is revealing or inappropriate will not be tolerated.
  • All attire should be clean and in good shape, any attire with rips, tears or holes will not be tolerated.
  • All employees are required to avoid attire with offensive or inappropriate drawings or sayings.

Review the templates below and use the dress code policy that is most appropriate for your company.

Dress Code Policy Sample Template: Formal Dress

As we regularly meet with executives and most employees hold a high-level position, you are required to wear the highest level of dress when it comes to our dress code policy.  

What is formal dress for women?

  • Pantsuit or skirt suit that is in a conservative neutral color, like black, navy, or brown.

Note that skirts can never be more than two finger-widths above the knees.

  • Tights, preferably in a dark color.
  • White, collared button-ups.
  • Closed-toe heels that are in a neutral color like taupe, black, grey, or brown.
  • Conservative accessories, like diamond studs rather than chandelier earrings.
  • Well-groomed hair worn that is styled in a conservative cut, like a bob or soft layers.
  • Well-groomed, neutral nails which can be clear coated or beige-toned.


What is formal dress for men?

  • A tailored suit (with 1, 2 or 3 button) in solid, neutral colors such as black, gray, or navy.
  • Ties and other accessories need to be modest in color and style, such as solid, bright colors or patterned muted neutrals.

Note that novelty ties, like a sports team pattern, are not allowed. Additionally all ties and accessories should be of high-end quality.

  • White, collared button-up shirts.
  • Shoes need to be closed-toe oxfords in brown or black. Loafers are not allowed.
  • Hair should be well-groomed, preferably short.
  • Nails must be clipped short and clean.


Dress Code Policy Sample Template: Business Casual

A business casual dress code is when you dress formally, but not too casually. For instance, it is not formal dress and it isn’t casual – we outline exactly what a business casual dress code means for our company.

What is business casual for women?

Women should wear the following in the workplace, however if an item is not on the list, please consult with your direct manager. The manager and HR will make the decision if something should or should not be included in our dress code policy. See below what is and is not allowed:

  • Elegant sleeveless shirts and blouses, blazers, vests, turtle necks, dressy tops, sheath or casual dresses.

Note that all dresses should have a length that is below the knee.

  • Pencil-cut or knee-length skirts, dress pants (khaki, corduroy, twill, or cotton).

Note that all skirts should have a length that is below the knee.

  • Flats, pumps, stilettos, open-toed heels, and closed kitten heels.
  • Not allowed: sandals, denim, ripped pants or shirts, spaghetti straps, crop tops, sportswear, leggings, workout clothes, off-the-shoulder shirts or dresses, T-shirts, tennis shoes and hooded sweatshirts.

Note that no item of clothing is allowed inappropriate sayings or drawings.

What is business casual for men?

Men should wear the following items in the workplace. If you are not sure or feel that an item is missing, consult with your direct manager. Afterwards, the direct manager and HR will make a decision if changes to the dress code policy are appropriate. See below what is and is not allowed:

  • Short-sleeved button down shirts, button-up or collared shirt, sports coat, sweaters.

Note that the top clothing piece can have all colors and patterns.

  • Semi-formal pants, dress slacks, and dark jeans.
  • Tie-up shoes, dark leather shoes, and loafers.
  • Not allowed: printed shirts, ripped jeans or shirts, denim, sandals, boat shoes, sportswear, T-shirts, tennis shoes, shirts with inappropriate sayings or drawings and hooded sweatshirts.


Dress Code Policy Sample Template: Casual

A casual dress code is pretty lax, most start-ups follow this dress code policy and we do too. However, we outline more precisely what you can and cannot wear under the casual dress code policy.

What is casual dress for women?

  • Fitted tops and blouses, however nothing tight or revealing is allowed. Nor is anything with inappropriate images or writings.
  • Slacks or skirts in casual fabrics, like cotton.
  • Denim is allowed in a dark-wash, however should not tight or revealing. We don’t allow cutoffs, flare or ripped jeans.
  • Skirts should be knee-length.
  • Open-toed shoes are permitted. However, overly casual shoes, like sneakers or flip-flops, are not allowed.
  • Casual accessories of any quantity, like scarves, large rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.
  • Hair color, length or style is permitted of any fashion. However, nothing offensive is allowed, such as crude drawings within the hairline.
  • Nails in bright colors or patterns.

What is casual dress for men?

  • Casual pants and slacks. Additionally, jeans in a dark-wash, straight-cut are allowed.
  • Polos with a collar, crew-neck sweaters and pullovers. Colors and patterns are all allowed, however no novelty patterns, like a sports team logo.
  • Casual accessories, like brightly colored watches or scarves.
  • Shoes, sneakers, and loafers are acceptable and must be clean.
  • All hair styles are permitted, however nothing offensive can be cut into the hairline.


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