New Hire Checklist Template

Prepare new employees on their first day at work, from key tasks to documents, this new hire checklist template gets you ready.

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When your new employee starts their first day at your company, you want to set the tone by providing a smooth, efficient and fun on-boarding process. This makes everything easy on both parties!

A new hire checklist helps both managers and HR ensure that they are covering all the necessary steps to prepare the on-boarding process for a new employee(s) and to welcome them to the team.

What should you include in the new hire checklist template?

When your new employee starts their first day at work, you need a number of forms and agreements prepared in order to properly begin the on-boarding process. Note that some of these documents are required by law, while some are optional.

Use this new hire checklist as your guide when begin the process of on-boarding new employees:

New Hire Checklist Template

  • Employee benefits documents
      • Life and health insurance
      • Mobile phone plan
      • Company car
      • Stock options
      • Retirement plan
      • Disability insurance
      • Paid time off/vacation policies (including paid holidays)
      • Sick leave
      • Employee wellness perks (like gym memberships)
  • Employment forms required by law
      • W-4 form (or W-9 for contractors)
      • I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification form
      • State Tax Withholding form
      • Direct Deposit form
  • Employee contract
      • Job information (job title, department)
      • Employee responsibilities
      • Work schedule
      • Employment length
      • Compensation and benefits
      • Termination conditions
  • IT department
      • Username and password
      • Programs needed installed on computer or on employee app
      • Photo ID
      • Magnetic card if needed to enter building
  • HR department
      • Employee handbook
      • Non-compete agreements
      • Non-disclosure agreements
      • Drug and/or alcohol test consent agreements
      • Job analysis forms (goals and performance evaluation criteria)
      • Employee equipment inventory lists
      • Confidentiality and security agreements
      • If there is parking for employees, set this up (code or card for entry, license plate and vehicle information, etc.)
  • Stationery
      • Notebook, pens, stickers, etc.
  • Obtain employees’ personal data for emergencies
    • Emergency contacts
    • Brief medical history
    • Food allergies or preferences (vegan or gluten-free)


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So when your new employee is going from department to department, they can follow through the checklist on their mobile device and can even have the relevant manager sign directly on the app when a step is completed (like when they finish in the IT department).

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