New Employee Welcome Email Template


Set the tone for your new employee with a special new employee welcome email. The new hire should feel comfortable and prepared when starting their first day! You want them to be able to go home and brag to friends and family that he/she had an amazing first day – that’s the goal. Have the HR team or hiring manager create the new employee welcome email before beginning their first day.

What to include in the new hire welcome email?

If you really want to go above and beyond, be sure to include the following bits of information about the new employee in the new hire welcome email:

  • The new employee’s name
  • Their job title and what their role will be
  • What date they are starting and at what location (city, floor number, etc.)
  • Include who the new employee’s mentor is
  • Background information such as their college degree, where they worked before, what their experience is, etc.
  • Add a few sentences about their personal life, like if they’re married or in a relationship, what city they live in, if they have kids or a pet, their favorite food and pastimes, etc.
  • A photo of the new employee

Encourage the rest of your employees to reply to the new hire welcome email welcoming the new hire!

New Employee Welcome Email Template

Dear Staff,

We are really excited to welcome our newest recruit, Jane Doe! Jane is joining ABC Tech to fill our open position in the sales department. Her first day is April 1, 2019.

Jane has worked for five years in the sales field for two different employers so far. She is excited about our new approach that involves her early involvement in product development, something she believes will take us to the next level.

We are so excited to welcome her to the ABC Tech family. If you see Jane in the building, be sure to welcome her; I’ve attached her picture so you can recognize and greet her!

For the first few weeks, Jane will be participating in the company’s onboarding process. Her new employee mentor is Sam Smith, so if you have questions or need to meet with Jane, make sure to speak with Sam first.

She has a lot to share with her new coworkers as she loves going to the beach, trying new recipes and watching Game of Thrones. Chat with her about any of these fun topics during lunch!

Thanks for joining me in welcoming Jane to the ABC Tech family!


Rory Gilmore

Department Manager

By sending out a new hire welcome email before your new employees arrives on their first day helps them feel special and important – and that’s exactly what you want before your new hire dives right in.

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