Top 14 Online Rostering Software Solutions in 2022

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Rea Regan July 28, 2021 8 min read
Top 14 Online Rostering Software Solutions in 2021

Quick Guide

    If you’re anything like me you would rather scrub permanent marker off your wall, sit in stand-still traffic for four hours, and even swim with wild sharks instead of creating a roster for your team!

    Seriously. Play a game of “Would You Rather” with any manager and they will pick anything and everything over rostering.

    Why? Well, not only is rostering time-consuming and just plain hard but manual rostering is costing your company. And we aren’t just talking about the Benjamins. 

    • Manual rostering leads to low ROI
    • 14 hours a week are wasted creating a manual roster
    • Employees don’t have real-time visibility into their roster which leads to low productivity and a disengaged workforce 
    • Overstaffing and understaffing are common which leads to inflated payroll
    • Without access to real data, managers cannot find a suitable and cost-efficient employee to cover the roster
    • The risk of not complying with labor laws is high

    All right. We have painted a pretty clear picture here. Manual rostering is causing you and your business far more damage than good. 

    So what’s the solution, you may be wondering! Ah, that’s easy. An online roster app.

    What Is A Rostering App?

    A staff roster app helps small businesses and managers to organize and manage staff work rosters. In one quick look, you can see who’s on the roster for the day, week, or month, which employees are and are not available, manage time-off requests, cover last-minute changes, manage everything on the go, allows for direct access (for you and your team right from your mobile phone), and so much more. 

    And let us spell this out for you for a moment, if we may, rostering software gives you real-time access to creating a faster roster, a more accurate roster.  No more errors or time lost. No more last-minute changes without finding a suitable replacement in a speedy manner. No more penalties for not complying with labor laws. No more disgruntled and annoyed employees. 

    Now, I know what you’re thinking! Sign me up! Gladly. 

    However, there are many options for rostering software and we know you can’t afford to lose any more of your valuable time. This is why we created our detailed list of the best rostering software solutions in the market today. Take a look for yourself! 

    Top 14 Online Rostering Software Solutions in 2022

    With Connecteam’s online roster app, it’s easy to save time and effort on your roster planning with an easy-to-use roster app and to oversee execution. Connecteam’s robust staff roster app allows you to reduce labor costs, improve staff satisfaction, and avoid the headache of creating rosters and ensuring a shift is covered.

    And if you’re worried your employees won’t love the Connecteam online roster app. Don’t be! For one, Connecteam is a mobile-friendly and easy-to-use app with no training needed. Two, everything is in one place, from the roster and shift information, including images and files, notes, maps, and shift tasks, and can be accessed on the go. Three, employees automated notifications and reminders when a shift is published, edited, or canceled. And also, they always have direct and immediate access to the roster at any time, from anywhere.

    For whom?

    Whether you’re a small business owner or an Enterprise company, whatever industry you’re in, and if you have less than 10 employees or hundreds, Connecteam is your best online roster app. 

    Key Features for Managers

    Manage rosters by locations, departments or job title

    Create rosters by week or month in the click of a button

    Duplicate shifts, drag & drop shifts, use templates, use bulk actions, etc.

    Communicate with your team with shift status, comments, & automatic notifications

    Planning table highlights unavailabity or if shifts exceed predefined limitations

    Add detailed shift information like time, place, tasks, notes, attachments, etc.


    Starts at just $39/month for up to 50 users

    Free 14-day trial

    Free plan!

    Employee rostering is easy with Connecteam.

    Start your 14-day free trial, no credit card required!

    Start for free
    homebase scheduling software

    Small businesses use Homebase to easily create rosters and share with staff, track hours, manage breaks, keep an eye on overtime, keep everyone aligned, and take care of labor costs. 

    For whom?

    Small businesses

    Key Features

    Employees can access the roster from their smartphone, text messages, and email

    Send automatic reminders 

    Simply track staff availability, including vacation requests 

    Overtime is instantly tracked and breaks are configured in

    Get alerts on roster conflicts

    Integrates with Clover, Toast, and many more


    Essentials – $19.99/month/location

    Free basic plan for one location

    Free 14-day trial

    mHelpDesk software

    If you’re in the field service industry then you’ll love using mHelpDesk. It’s very similar to Google Calendar and Outlook as it allows you to easily see your team’s availability, simply roster field technicians, automated assignment notifications, view jobs, and customer details, and eliminate overbooking and underbooking.

    For whom?

    Field service industries

    Key Features

    Roster recurring jobs and contracts

    The “assignment view” shows all open jobs and employee availability

    Color-coded view

    mHelpDesk can integrate with Google Calendar


    Contact a mHelpDesk representative to receive a pricing quote

    Free 14-day trial

    7shifts rostering restaurant

    If you aren’t in the restaurant industry then 7shifts is not the solution for you. 7shifts is a cloud-based solution as it allows you to simplify all your labor management needs. In addition, it also offers a time clock, reports, chat, and more.

    For whom?

    Restaurant owners and managers

    Key Features

    Drag and drop roster


    Rosters automatically include the availability of your team

    Get notified immediately on overtime or labor compliance problems

    Approve or reject requests for time off or trading rosters

    Get instant calculation of labor spending 


    Appetizer – $19.99/month/location (up to 20 employees)

    Free plan – 1 location – up to 10 employees

    Free 14-day trial

    when i work schedule software

    WhenIWork is a well-known rostering solution. Although it also offers time tracking and communication – however, both are add-ons if you need them. The solution is available on desktop and a mobile app.

    Its scheduling capabilities focus on one-click scheduling, shift confirmations, push notifications, labor forecasts, and so on.

    For whom?

    Small businesses and some Entreprises

    Key Features

    Handle request for time off and shift trades

    Create team tasks

    Integrate the roster with the time clock

    Auto-scheduling and templates


    $2/month/user – rostering only

    $4/month/user – rostering and time tracking

    Check out how WhenIWork stacks up against Connecteam’s rostering app in this comparison table.


    HotSchedules is now Fourth writes on their site that you can easily roster the right staff member at the right time and can help reduce labor costs by almost two percent. It offers a clean interface and managers have total visibility and control over what employees are doing (shift trades, time off, etc.).

    For whom?

    Most ideal for restaurants and the hospitality industry. 

    Key Features

    Drag and drop

    Manage time-off, PTO, and availability

    Labor compliance and management



    Speak to a rep about pricing

    Free trial

    Sling schedule

    Whatever your company size, Sling can be an asset to your rostering needs. You can direct visibility into where things stand like overtime or late arrivals. Plus, you don’t have to worry about double-booking because you receive a real-time alert if that happens, and even if shifts overlap, so that way you’re always on top of things.

    For whom?

    Small and large businesses

    Key Features

    Current availability and requests of your team is always visible 

    Let your staff choose a roster they prefer working 

    Choose from templates

    Find replacements easily and quickly




    Free basic plan

    google calendar schedule

    Small businesses and freelancers often use Google Calendar, which is a cloud creation of Google itself. It’s easy to view everything in the format that works best for you, like daily, monthly, or yearly. You can simply add reminders and notifications to ensure a roster is never short-staffed. 

    For whom?

    Small businesses and freelancers

    Key Features

    Shift calendars

    Share with each staff member so they can view from their personal calendar

    Events from Gmail are added to your Calendar

    Assists with smart suggestions to quickly fill a roster

    All safely stored



    Paycor scheduling

    Paycor makes it easy to manage labor costs and boost team productivity by creating a better roster that works for everyone. Via Paycor Scheduling and Scheduling Pro, you can optimize rosters, communicate, and work while on the move. 

    The Scheduling Pro plan offers more robust scheduling features like being able to set daily or weekly rules, minimum rest times, employees can set their own availability, accept or drop a roster, cover shifts based on job, department or location, budget planning, and more.

    For whom?

    Various industries (healthcare, retail, non-profits, etc.) and any company size

    Key Features

    Template creation

    Automated breaks




    (1-39 employees): $99/month, $149/month, and $199/month

    40+ employees – speak to a rep, pricing based on features

    deputy scheduling software

    Our staff roster list includes Deputy, a well-known rostering solution that requires more of a tech-savvy audience. When you sign up, a Deputy representative asks for all your manual timesheets and rostering needs so they can customize the solution based on your organizational needs. 

    For whom?

    Small and medium businesses, remote workers

    Key Features

    Build a roster based on different roles or locations

    Easily fill a roster based on employee availability, training, and cost

    Share the roster via desktop or mobile

    Find qualified replacements immediately or employees can do it themselves

    Control costs based on data regarding wages and sales

    Create AI optimized rosters 



    Free plan – 100 shifts/month

    Free 31-day trial

    shiftboard scheduling app

    Shiftboard offers a ScheduleFlex feature that works best for businesses with fluctuating demand and someone looking for creating a flexible roster.

    For whom?

    Manufacturing, health care, call centers, staffing agencies, and more are a few examples of the industries Shiftboard targets and services.

    Key Features

    Create a roster based on each department, location, etc. 

    Use flex pools for last-minute changes

    Include custom information for each user like certifications, proficiencies, etc.

    Include custom information for each team member


    Contact a rep for pricing options

    Read More: The Top Employee Scheduling Apps in 2022

    TSheets scheduling

    TSheets is now QuickBooks Time is a great solution for service companies as it allows you to create a roster depending on your needs, like per shift or job. You can use different rostering features like drag and drop or copying a previous week’s roster so that creating such a roster doesn’t take much time. And if you’re worried about overtime or anyone not showing up on time, you can send out automatic notifications to keep everything aligned.

    For whom?

    Ideal for construction, landscaping, small and large businesses, and more

    Key Features

    Schedule by shift or job

    Drag and drop shifts

    Schedule integrates with time clock

    Add, edit or change shifts on mobile app


    Premium plan – $20/month + $8 per user per month

    Elite plan – $40/month + $10 per user per month

    Free 30-day trial

    Click here to learn more about how TSheets, QuickBooks Time, stacks up against Connecteam rostering app.

    google sheets schedule

    Google Sheets is most ideal for small businesses or freelancers, kind of like Google Calendar. Google offers a free cloud spreadsheet solution so that rostering can be more efficient. There are pre-fixed rows and columns so that you have access to organized options to easily set each employee in their own column within a single spreadsheet. Or you can choose to have one spreadsheet per team member and then just distribute the columns by weekdays.

    For whom?

    Small businesses and freelancers

    Key Features

    Share via email

    Automatically saves everything so you won’t lose data

    Built-in formulas, pivot tables, and conditional formatting options

    Pe-made templates for quick rostering

    Access, create, and edit from anywhere

    Chat and comment directly on the sheet



    Humanity software

    If you’re a small company or have hourly employees then Humanity might be the one. From one place, you can create, edit, and check rosters and you can even review employee availability.

    For whom?

    Deskless industries like healthcare, retail, food and beverage, etc.

    Key Features

    Automated and forecasted rostering

    Create templates and specific rules

    Control labor costs

    Overtime limits

    Factor in state and local regulations

    Integrates with HCM platforms like BambooHR, Oracle, Workday, and more




    Free trial

    The Bottom Line On an Online Work Roster

    All of the rostering software solutions we listed above meet the basic requirements when discussing rostering. Calendar management, a worker database with availability, shift swapping, a record showing when your employee clocks in and out, and tracking vacation time. 

    However, we also looked at rostering apps that provide you with real-time and detailed reports, have mobile access so you can stay on top of everything while on the move, and allow for real-time communication. 

    With that being said, carefully read through the work roster apps we listed above and choose the best fit for you and your team.  

    Simplify Rostering From Planning to Distribution!

    Save time and effort on creating rosters with the Connecteam employee scheduling app.

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