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  1. In a Hurry? Our Top Roofing App Pick
  2. 10 Best Roofing Apps in 2022
  3. What You Need to Look For in a Roofing App
  4. The Bottom Line on the Best Roofing Apps

You know just how many details you have to manage, as a roofer: the job expenses you need, the square meterage of the shingles (and the size!), juggling clients and their roof replacement estimates, and more besides. 

With so many details needing to be remembered and juggled, you’re inevitably going to drop a few tiles (at best), and at worst, lose clients and not be able to scale. 

You know why you’re here, and so do we: you need technological backup, to help you get organized, and let your roofing app take care of the rest. 

Here’s our roundup of the best roofing apps for 2022. 

In a Hurry? Our Top Roofing App Pick

  1. Connecteam, the all-in-one employee and business management app that you can even use for free. 
  2. JobNimbus: CRN project management software, with a few roofing management app features
  3. iRoofing: AI-infused roofing management, but some other business management features lacking 

10 Best Roofing Apps in 2022

As the leading roofing app, Connecteam is used by hundreds of roofing and construction companies worldwide. It’s easy to use, doesn’t require any training, offers a whole range of innovative features, and is easy on your budget to boot. 

Connecteam’s roofing business management app is the best choice for seasonal companies: 

The perfect option for seasonal businesses

We know you have high seasons and low seasons, and we’re here to help: use only the features you need, use our custom, budget-friendly fixed-price plans for up to 30 users (or even check out our forever-free plan!). 

Updates and Communication

  • Deliver important, trackable updates to your team, and know who’s read them: heavy snow? A road is closed? A job’s been canceled? Make sure everyone has seen your message – and have the app send an automated reminder to those who didn’t. 
  • 1: 1 and group chat across the organization: check in with your roofers and team, and have them keep in touch with you, directly from the time clock, shift scheduler or chat feature. 

Scheduling and dispatching:

  • Easily schedule and dispatch jobs with an intuitive & easy-to-use drag and drop scheduling platform, and assign them to shifts at different locations. Add real-time information to the schedule to address customer requests, like tasks to do, attachments, & more

Time tracking & timesheets:

  • Save hours of your time: time-tracking features allows your crew to clock in and out right from their mobile device, complete with a real-time timestamp and GPS location tagged!
  • Managers and business owners can now track employees whereabouts with live geo-tracking using breadcrumbs technology

Digital checklists, reports & training:

  • Easily onboard and train new employees (even remotely!) using the app: keep all of your training documentation, including forms to submit, quizzes, video courses and more, and allow new hires to onboard, train or upskill themselves at their own pace. 
  • Employees can send reports (such as installation and maintenance checklists) straight to the office while out in the field

Safety and awareness:

  • Direct access to the knowledge base for safety policies, training materials, and an employee handbook with all the different processes available 
  • Ongoing safety training allows managers and safety officers to know how each employee is progressing, like with a course or quiz. 
  • Easily distribute and communicate safety-related updates and protocols in real-time


  • $39/month for up to 30 users

  • Free trial: Yes, 14-days

  • Free-forever plan: Yes

JobNimbus is a roof estimate app, by way of CRM and project management software that also offers a roofing solution so you can manage everything in one place. The software allows you to track jobs, manage production, maintain your worker’s schedules, have all contacts in one place, and much more.


  • Price available on request.

  • Free trial: 14-day trial.

  • Free plan: No

iroofing roofing app

With satellite and Clearoof images helping you to get accurate, AI-infused roofing measurements, iRoofing is a roofing app that helps you take less time actually recording measurements, and more time actually doing what you’re there to do. We like it for its technical ability; we just wish it had some more employee-communication-related features. It’s also pretty expensive. 


  • $129 for up to 3 devices/month

  • Free trial: No 

  • Free plan: No 

pitch gauge roofing app

One of the most popular roofing apps around, you’ll be able to determine the pitch of any roof without needing to manually measure it. Pitch Gauge is a solid roofing app, but in terms of other features to actually manage your business, we find it to be a little lacking in features, such as GPS time tracking for employees


  • Free download, in-app purchases

  • Free trial: no 

  • Free plan: No 

EagleView roofing app

As its name suggests, EagleView relies on using aerial imagery to help you calculate your roofing measurements and therefore, costs. It’s a great roofing app for roofers, as well as construction workers, but as with the other best roofing apps on our list, we feel it lacks those important extra features you need to run the administrative side of your business.  


  • Free download, with in-app purchases

  • Free trial: No 

  • Free plan: No 


AccuLynx is a roofing app that makes it easy to bring your business together in one platform. As roofing apps go, Acculynx allows all processes to be easier: simplifying your sales process, cuts out manual tasks, keeps everyone on the same page, and more.


  • Available on request

  • Free trial: No 

  • Free plan: No 


Jobber is an estimating and management roofing app for your roofing business. The most basic features they offer include payments, deposits, GPS waypoints, time tracking, scheduling, routing, and customer communication


  • From $139/month for up to 7 users

  • Free trial: Yes, 14-days

  • Free plan: No


Buildertrend is a popular choice as it doesn’t charge per user or location when it comes to a roof measuring app. However, based on the features you need to successfully manage your roofing business, the plan you choose will vary, meaning the price varies. Therefore, be sure you understand which must-haves features and tools you need to effectively run your organization


  • $99/month for 3 months. 

  • Free trial: No 

  • Free plan: No 


JobProgress is more of a “business productivity” solution than a roofing app that focuses on these key features: customer relations, business development, management, and field operations.


  • $60/month/user + one-time $750 setup fee. 

  • Free trial: No 

  • Free plan: No


The EDGE estimator is a roof estimate app that offers an automated solution for takeoff and estimating under one roof. It is also possible to measure tapered insulation and standing seam metal roofing on the EDGE. 


  • Available on request.

  • Free trial: No 

  • Free plan: No 

What You Need to Look For in a Roofing App

The roofing industry deals with many moving parts, from creating estimates to tracking job progress to communicating with workers and clients to creating an efficient schedule, and the list just goes on. 

And seeing as the industry is projected to grow by $2.67 billion by 2026, efficiency is the name of the game. 

But not all roofing business management apps are created equal. 

Here are some of the main features we think you should be looking at before committing to a solid roofing app: 

Most of the typical features available on a roofing business management app include scheduling, work order management, invoicing, CRM, taking photos of the job site for records and client management, and also quotes and estimates. 

We took a look at the best roofing app available based on the criteria listed above, and also considered price, ease of use, and more, to come up with the 10 best roofing app solutions in 2022. 

The Bottom Line on the Best Roofing Apps

The roofing industry is on a good projection for growth in 2022 and beyond, and as such, it requires advanced technologies like a roofing app to stay ahead of the competition and drive revenue. 

Based on the benefits that a roofing app offers and its most common features, roofing owners can expect a more streamlined and automated process in daily operations. 

Scale Your Roofing Business

Work smarter and grow your roofing business with Connecteam’s all-in-one roofing app. Whether it’s scheduling projects, tracking time, enhancing safety and awareness, and more, it’s all available under one roof.

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