Top 5 Apps for Oil & Gas Industry Managers in 2022

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Denis Yankovsky October 19, 2020 7 min read
Oil & Gas Industry Apps

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    Large virtually-structured field organizations like oil and gas industry businesses often face challenges with efficient management, high turnover, long hours, insufficient safety training, and so on. 

    In addition to that, right now, petroleum, oil, and gas industries are undergoing a significant shift, with new trends and new challenges.

    Oil and gas business management software and digital solutions are something that can help adjust operations and reduce errors by switching from manual to automated processes and digital communication. That’s why we created a list of the top 5 oil and gas software solutions in the market for you to consider. 

    Best All-In-One Software For Field Employee Management

    Why Oil & Gas Business Software Is A Must in 2022

    Even in normal times, oil and gas industry managers have to deal with complex operations with a lot of people, different teams and locations, tons of safety and compliance paperwork, and lots of employee management.

    But 2020 brought more new challenges to the industry. On top of that, numbers show that at least two-thirds of all employees are currently working remotely and many of them are going to stay remote and decentralized from now on. They often work in large teams and disconnected departments. In those conditions, keeping everyone in the loop gets especially hard.

    That’s why COVID-19 has brought workers online and taught employees across the globe a new digital way to maintain balance and productivity in the company and maintain effective communication between employees even from afar. And employees in the energy and materials industry are not an exception.

    Oil and Gas companies, very traditional before, face immediate communication challenges when switching to remote working for the first time. It mostly is caused by extensive manual paperwork, prone to many errors, outdated technology infrastructure, and reduced organizational efficiency.

    That’s why today, quick and simple software solutions are the only way for oil and gas business management to keep everyone in the loop, create and distribute schedules, track hours, and calculate payroll

    That’s why we created this list of top apps for oil and gas industry managers to use in their everyday work. 

    Top 5 Apps for Oil & Gas Industry Managers in 2022

    An oil and gas software to support exploratory geological study and geological modeling.


    Designed for oil and gas industries, it is a cloud-based platform that helps with features such as automated workflows, uncertainty analysis, and reservoir engineering.

    Petrel E&P is a viable option if you work with datasets extending across multiple UTM zones, but has quite a steep learning curve for occasional users who just want to manipulate surfaces.

    Price: Contact Petrel representatives for custom pricing quotes. Petrel E&P Software Platform does not have a free version and does not offer a free trial. 

    The best oil and gas industry all-in-one solution to gather real-time reports from the field, to uplift safety standards, and build internal employee communication.

    Oil & Gas Business Software

    Connecteam is an all-in-one business management solution. From digitizing reports and workflows to empowering direct communication with front teams, time tracking,  field employee scheduling, and more.

    Connecteam is also trusted by oil & gas industry companies for safety control, compliance, safety reporting, and overall operational employee management.

    Oil and gas industry employee managers benefit the most from digital workflows that allow automation and standardization of processes, such as reporting failures in gas station machines, near miss and incident reports in real-time, safety policies, and other read-and-sign reports with images straight from the field to your online dashboard.

    Connecteam offers a complete toolset to communicate effectively, manage compliance, schedule shifts, track time, and organize your business with a smartphone tap:

    • Keep employees posted & accountable through ‘read and sign’ forms: keep all your employees compliant through digital ‘read-and-sign’ forms, such as workplace policies and procedures, technical tolerance certificates for the equipment, controlled drug policy, sexual harassment policy, and more.
    • Automate safety checklists and protocols: reduce friction and improve response time by automating reporting processes, such as fall risk assessment, failure reports, equipment visual check, supervisor inspection summary report, and more.
    • Instantly receive & deliver important updates: collect incident reports from field personnel in real-time with photographs, signatures, notes, or shift opening/closing forms.
    • Onboard new hires and training: quickly and efficiently onboard new employees and get them up to speed. With read and sign forms and training, your team has a structured onboarding experience that is simple yet effective.
    • Make company protocols and policies easily accessible: from the employee handbook to important company protocols, how-to guides, making all the information available and searchable for the entire team.
    • Efficient job scheduling: Connecteam’s scheduling app allows you to assign workers for different jobs, based on the job requirements, qualifications, tolerances. Provide relevant information including time, address, and special instructions, allow employees to claim, accept, and reject shifts.
    • Simplified time tracking and payroll: Easily track work hours, send automatic reminders to ensure employees are clocking in and out in and out, approve vacation and sick day requests on the go, view and export timesheets to Connecteam’s Quickbooks Online integration, and more.

    Price: Connecteam’s oil and gas business software is easily the most affordable solution: no paying for each user, but a flat monthly fee starting at just $39/month for up to 50 users. Or you can start with the free plan after your free 14-day trial is up. Enterprise pricing for more than 200 people will be quoted upon request.

    See How Your Oil & Gas Business Can Benefit From Connecteam

    An all-in-one business software to to uplift safety standards, gather real-time reports from the field, to uplift safety standards, and manage employees remotely and on the go.

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    OGpro — the leading cloud-based oil and gas accounting software.

    OGys OGpro

    OGpro is a cloud-based oil and gas accounting software. This software combines accounting, document management, and payment processing, so you can make the best business decisions. The software can be customized to meet your business needs whether you’re a startup or large enterprise.

    You can manage accounts payable and accounts receivable, track joint billing between investors and owners. Manage taxes based on the product and sales location. Track Depreciation, Depletion, and Amortization (DD&A).

    Price: Contact OGsys representatives for custom pricing quotes. OGsys OGpro software does not have a free version and does not offer a free trial. 

    The best oilfield ticketing system & paperwork alternative.

    FieldCap App

    This oil and gas dedicated business management software allows managers to work from any location or device, and even has an offline mode, to use without an internet connection. This operational management app helps you keep your layouts, lingo, data fields, labels, calculations safe and secure.

    FieldCap provides features to manage jobs, tickets, approvals, timesheets, and other forms. Streamline your operations, reporting, and billing in one place with the help of caring experts.

    Price: Contact FieldCap representatives for custom pricing quotes. FieldCap software does not have a free version and does not offer a free trial. 

    The best cloud-based operations management solution for oil and gas business dispatch and invoicing.

    Aimsio App

    Aimsio provides a cloud-based operations management solution for field centric companies, including oil and gas business. The intuitive interface and powerful web and mobile capabilities of this app can help field employee managers to maximize efficiency and profits by improving operational productivity. 

    This tool ensures the efficient execution of complex day-to-day workflows.  It allows employee managers to dispatch crew and equipment, capture time and material, create and send invoices, and integrate with software such as OpenInvoice, Cortex, or your ERP. 

    Price: Contact Aimsio representatives for custom pricing quotes. Aimsio software does not have a free version and does not offer a free trial. 

    Bottom Line on Top Apps for Oil & Gas Industry

    The main role of oil and gas business software is to automate employee management in the oil and gas industry and guarantee effective operations across the entire workforce chain from exploration to distribution.

    Employee management apps help oil and gas businesses to save time and money by:

    • Making all the paperwork digital
    • Tracking & storing all the initial data
    •  Decreasing mistakes
    • Automating typical and recurring workflows

    Make sure you go through each of the listed best oil and gas business software to choose the best fit for your business.

    Best All-In-One Employee Management App

    A complete toolset to communicate effectively, manage compliance, schedule shifts, track time, and organize your business in the click of a button or a smartphone tap. Free to start with no commitment!

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