7 Best Electrical Contracting Business Software Solutions

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Rea Regan September 14, 2020 6 min read
7 Best Electrical Contracting Business Software Solutions

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    When you’re running an electrical contracting business, you are managing a dozen moving parts. From handling customer service, creating estimates, looking for new clients, creating efficient schedules, handling payments, issuing invoices, and balancing your books, it can get a little overwhelming.

    And if you’re handling all of these processes through traditional, manual methods then you’re losing valuable time and are open to countless errors. 

    This is why many in the business turn to electrical business management software.

    What is electrical contracting business software? Electrical contractor software is specially designed for electrical contractors and businesses, from field to office, to easily manage daily business operations. For example payments, referrals, schedules for technicians, advanced reporting, efficient communication, real-time time tracking, and more. 

    Now, there are a few electrical business management software solutions in the market but you can’t lose even more time finding the right fit. Especially when you need to consider price, mobile accessibility, feature set, ease of use, and more. 

    We created a helpful guide so you can make an informed decision when looking to buy electrical business management software.

    7 Best Electrical Contracting Business Software Solutions

    1. Connecteam 

    connecteam time tracking

    Connecteam is the leading electrical business management software as it’s the only solution to offer an all-in-one platform for managing your business and employees while on the go. 

    The following are the main benefits electrical contractors see on a daily business: 

    • Mobile-first & GPS empowered: time tracking allows employees to clock in and out directly from their cell phones. Whenever an employee clocks in and out, a real-time timestamp and GPS location is tagged.
    • Efficient scheduling: save time scheduling & dispatching when you assign jobs to employees on a built-in calendar based on their availability and skillsets; create duplicate, drag & drop, use templates, bulk actions, and more.
    • Safety first: ensure employees can access key safety information and resources, safety protocols, ongoing safety training, and real-time safety reporting.
    • Send and receive reports in real-time from the field: streamline reporting from field to office with real-time reports submitted while on the go, such as repairs, maintenance, COVID-19 daily health declaration report, and more.
    • Streamlined communication on the go: issue logistical and operational communication, engaging updates, critical announcements, and more with advanced communication features like chat groups, real-time push notifications, private chat, updates directly to your employee’s mobile phone, employee directory, and more.
    • Compliance through ‘read and sign’ forms: ensure your team is compliant through digital ‘read-and-sign’ forms, for example, employee handbook, uniform agreement, sexual harassment policy, and more. 
    • Onboarding new hires and training: quickly and efficiently onboard your crew with read and sign forms, quizzes, videos, PDFs, and more. 

    Price: Pricing starts at just $39/month for up to 50 users so your back pocket doesn’t take a massive hit when it comes to streamlining your business. Plus, there is a free 14-day trial and even a free-for-life plan to get you started.

    Sign up for your free plan with Connecteam today to better manage your electrical business and your employees!

    2. Housecall Pro

    Housecall Pro software

    Housecall Pro is a field services software but offers electrical contractor software as well. It offers five core features: dispatch, invoicing, scheduling, QuickBooks integration, and estimating. 

    These are some more detailed features that they offer:

    • One-click dispatch
    • All job details available
    • Automatic text message alert to customer that tech is on the way
    • Generate invoices on the go
    • Drag and drop calendar scheduling
    • Create jobs, edit jobs, and add job details when scheduling
    • Turn estimates into jobs
    • Customers can approve estimate online

    Price: The most popular plan, “Grow”, is available for 1-5 users and costs $149/month and any additional user will cost $30/month/user. There is a free 14-day trial available.

    3. ServiceTitan

    ServiceTitan electrical contractor software

    Home and commercial professions turn to ServiceTitan to grow their electrical contracting business, beat the competition, and boost efficiency for both their daily operations and employees. 

    A whole host of features is available on ServiceTitan, for example: 

    • Call center features lead to more bookings
    • Mobile alerts
    • Custom forms
    • Automated reports
    • Close more sales deals
    • Dispatching and scheduling
    • Digital invoicing 
    • Monitor marketing ROI

    Price: Speak to a sales representative to learn more about pricing. 

    4. FieldEdge


    For 35 years, FieldEdge has been working with electrical contractors and offers many features to streamline one’s business. Whether it’s from desktop or mobile devices, FieldEdge has your business covered. 

    The following are some features you can look forward to:

    • Work orders
    • The dashboard shows where your company stands in real-time
    • CSR takes and converts calls
    • Review work and equipment history
    • Customer information pops up when calls come in
    • QuickBooks integration
    • Pricebook shows customers options with price information
    • Dispatch board

    Price: Speak to a sales representative to learn more about pricing. 

    5. Knowify

    Knowify software

    Commercial and residential electricians use Knowify to better manage service ticket work and contract work all on a single solution. The solution is deemed easy to use and offers a free demo to take you through its platform.

    The following are some features you’ll find on Knowify:

    • Create work orders and schedule service appointments as clients call in
    • Staff receive notifications when they’re assigned to a ticket
    • Staff can view the work order, exchange pictures or notes, add materials, and more
    • Track budget in real-time
    • Contract and bid management tools
    • Invoicing
    • GPS-verified clock in and out 
    • A foreman can enter time for everyone from the job site
    • Purchase order and job costing
    • QuickBooks integration

    Price: The most popular plan is $186/month and includes one full user and up to 150 active jobs. If you need additional users, it costs $15/month for full access, $5/month for mobile access, and $1/month for no access. 

    6. Jonas Construction Software

    Jonas Construction Software

    Whether you specialize in commercial, industrial, engineering, design, voice, data, video, fire alarms, or anything else in electrical contracting, Jonas Construction Software is for you. If offers full-service management, a mobile app, equipment management, and inventory management.

    These are some of their features:

    • Construction accounting
    • Document management
    • Job costing
    • Contract and change
    • Reporting

    Price: Speak to a sales representative to learn more about pricing. 

    7. Jobber

    Jobber electrical contractor software

    Jobber allows you to avoid the administrative headaches that come with managing your electrical contracting business. Especially as everything can be done via desktop and mobile. 

    The following are Jobber’s top features:

    • Scheduling and dispatch
    • Get alerts for rescheduled, canceled, or completed jobs
    • Track time with GPS timestamps
    • Quotes and estimates
    • Job forms
    • Client communication
    • Invoicing and payment
    • Sync with QuickBooks Online

    Price: The most popular plan costs $139/month for up to 7 users. There is a free 14-day trial as well. 

    The Bottom Line On Electrical Business Software

    Two of the biggest benefits of using electrical business management software and even electrical contractor scheduling software is that it reduces manual errors and empowers you as a decision-maker as the electrical business management software includes detailed, real-time reports and analytics. 

    Carefully examine the electrical contracting business software solutions we included in the list above. Then sign on for the electrical business software that fits your business needs. 

    Streamline Your Business

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