Top 6 Transportation Management Solutions in 2021

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Rea Regan March 16, 2021 6 min read
Top 6 Transportation Management Solutions in 2021

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    With the rise of e-commerce, transportation managers must find efficient ways to optimize supply chain management and incorporate environmentally friendly tactics in order to lower costs and have a greater impact. 

    No doubt this is a mammoth of a challenge.

    Not to mention, the typical challenges managers face on a daily basis. For example:

    And those are just some of the daily challenges, we have only scratched the surface here. 

    Now, the question you may be asking yourself is “How can I better manage these challenges so that my daily work process is far more efficient?” 

    The answer is simple, utilize transportation management solutions. It’s 2021 and technological advancements have come a long, long way. Everywhere you turn, companies and business managers are turning to an automated transport management system to better manage their day-to-day work grind. 

    What’s the benefit of transport management software? It allows you to better organize your fleet logistics (scheduling and dispatching), centralize business processes in one solution, collect real-time data, reduce costs, streamlined internal communication, and more depending on the transport management system (TMS system) you choose.

    We went ahead and collected a list of the top transport management system (TMS system) solutions in the market today. Write up what challenges you want to tackle, what features are key, what price you’re willing to pay, and then go from there. 

    Top 6 Transportation Management Solutions in 2021

    1. Connecteam 

    real time visibility time clock

    Connecteam is the leading all-in-one employee transport management system (TMS system) trusted by thousands of companies worldwide. The TMS system allows you to effectively run your company operations from the start and makes it easy to develop your business while effortlessly managing your team, and all under one roof. 

    What are the features that set Connecteam TMS software apart? 

    • Simple dispatching and scheduling that allows you to assign routes based on various employee requirements. Add additional information to each route and shift like time, address, and key instructions. Set shifts, repeating shifts, or open shifts that are up for grabs. Quickly send notifications and reminders, get notified when drivers accept or reject a route, check-in late, or when tasks are finished.
    • Accurate time tracking with mobile & GPS empowered time clock. Employees can clock in and out from their smartphone and when they do, a real-time timestamp and GPS location is logged. Employees can send time off requests on the go and are notified instantly when requests are accepted or rejected. 
    • Real-time reporting on the go streamlines submission and collection of reports, checklists and forms from field to office. Employees can send digital reports like truck repair requests, vehicle inspections, and more.
    • Enhance internal communication by sharing logistical updates, operational messaging, company announcements, and more with chat groups, one-on-one messaging, real-time notifications, an employee directory, surveys, live-polls, etc. 
    • Streamline task management by allocating one-time tasks (like license renewal, vehicle inspection, etc.) and set up automatic reminders so your drivers can finish tasks on time. Get real-time updates on task status, like completion. 
    • Boost safety company-wide through instant access via the TMS system to critical driver safety information and resources, protocols, ongoing training material, and real-time reporting.
    • Create a better onboarding and training process with quick and easy material stored on your TMS system. Include videos, chapters, read and sign forms, quizzes, PDFs, and more. Everything is available at a click and at the employee’s own pace.

    Price: Connecteam TMS software is the most affordable transportation management system on the list as it doesn’t charge per user! Instead, pay fixed monthly fees starting at $39/month. Or sign up for the free forever plan. 

    How Can You Better Manage a Transportation Business?

    With Connecteam’s app.

    2. Infoplus


    Infoplus is a web-based solution that strengthens warehouse management, it’s ideal for small to midsize 3PLs, retailers, and wholesalers. It’s that much easier to manage inventory, warehouse operations, and shipping.

    Below are a few helpful features for a transport management system:

    • Warehouse operations like inventory control, picking and packing, shipping and carriers, and barcoding 
    • Customizable reports 
    • Expert customer service
    • Customer portals
    • Order entry

    Price: Infoplus doesn’t offer pricing on its website but you can chat with a representative to learn more about the solution. 

    3. Logistically


    Logistically is a cloud-based management solution that was designed for 3PLs, brokers, and shippers. It makes it easier for transportation businesses to manage billing and invoicing, load management, scheduling, order management, and much more. 

    The software can integrate with many solutions, and below we dive into a few more helpful and noteworthy features: 

    • Rate quoting
    • Dispatch scheduling 
    • Auto-tracking 
    • Vendor portal
    • Carrier documents
    • Order cycle accounting
    • Customizable reporting 

    Price: Pricing starts at $300/month. 

    4. Samsara


    Founded in 2015, Samsara is a cloud-based software that offers wireless data, AI, and camera technology. It’s best suited for industries like transportation, food and beverage, K-12 transportation, field service fleets, oil and gas, and more. Samsara is also an FMCSA-approved ELD. 

    Its most beneficial features include: 

    • AI dash cams that capture and address safety risks 
    • Driver safety programs
    • Routing and dispatching
    • Onboarding new hires 
    • Documents and messaging 
    • Alert mechanism 

    Price: In order to receive pricing information, you will need to fill out information regarding your trucking business needs (like how many employees and which features are most important) then add your email address to receive a price quote. A free trial is available though. 

    5. Kuebix

    Kuebix is a Trimble Company

    Kuebix is a Trimble Company that combines transportation management and freight intelligence. The software integrations with key carriers for onboarding, data sharing, and more.

    A few key features we should mention include: 

    • Intuitive dashboard with real-time reports 
    • Manage yards easily 
    • Billing and invoicing
    • Fleet management
    • Order management
    • Job scheduling for all staff 
    • Routing 
    • Live driver tracking 

    Price: Pricing is not transparent on the Kuebix site but you can reach out to a representative to learn more, a free trial is also available. 

    6. Trimble


    Trimble offers helpful and robust features to help manage your transportation company. For example, driver location, safety management, compliance, driver performance assessments, messaging, and more. 

    Below we highlight a few key features: 

    • Analytics
    • Supply chain management and visibility
    • Vehicle maintenance
    • Video and safety materials 
    • Compliance 
    • Commercial maps

    Price: Trimble doesn’t offer pricing on the site but a free demo is available. 

    The Bottom Line On Transport Management Software

    We can’t stress enough the benefits of a transport management system (TMS system) and if the list above didn’t convince you then shoot us a message and tell us why!

    Considering that a TMS system can dramatically cut and lower costs, is run in real-time so you never miss a beat, can be built per your customizations to better service your customers, allows for organizational control, and can scale as you grow – it’s a no-brainer that you need a transport management software solution! 

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