How Nike Canada ‘Just Did It’ in Under 30 days (Case Study)

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Rea Regan May 6, 2019 8 min read

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    It’s no secret that the retail industry is a cost conscious industry so making the choice to subscribe to an online, mobile employee app isn’t an easy choice. That’s why we asked Tomer Czapnik, who heads Nike Canada partner stores, what was the trigger for using Connecteam, the all-in-one employee app?

    “In my former company we had a physical booklet at every store, and when we needed one of the protocols to be updated – it was a long and expensive process of printing, sending out and replacing the relevant protocols. With Connecteam, I can do it in a single click, and I have 100% certainty that it is up to date and accessible on everyone’s phones.”

    Making the switch to Connecteam, Nike Canada saw a positive rise in:

    • Time saver: Nike Canada saved so much time updating all their employees, no matter their location, as everyone with the app on their mobile phone immediately receives a push notification. Whether it’s to celebrate a birthday or a huge win or even to update everyone on a new policy, everyone gets the message instantly. Plus, the hustle around paperwork and day-to-day operations is dramatically lowered which means you have more time to focus on driving bottom line results.
    • Operational activity and checklist: Operational features were quick and easy to manage such as opening a store checklist, inspector checklist, VAT receipt, migrating expense reports to the app, etc.
    • Compliance: A lot of ‘read and sign’ forms can be quickly done on the app, like health and safety monthly training, disabilities level of service, company code, uniform code the  etc. As an admin, you can instantly see who read messages and who didn’t, who completed a quiz and who signed off on a form.

    Connecteam's employee engagement software

    • On-boarding across the organization for new hires: No matter the location or the time, Nike Canada optimized training across the board. Through the app, it was easy to get a new employee’s personal info, they can complete mandatory training at their own pace, engage quizzes after a course is completed, enable a survey at your own discretion or after a training level is complete, and so on. Many training aspects are all done in the app from start to finish using checklists, PDF, videos and are all accessible in one place.
    • Knowledge source for teams: Providing exceptional customer service is easier than ever, as all employees have access to all the information and procedures needed so they can always come back to their phone and review it whenever necessary at a click of a button.
    • Business scale readiness: What we mean is that operational excellence is a must. The retail industry is fast paced with little room for mistakes – which is why Connecteam’s employee app is crucial as it provides oversight and control on a big and complex operation, and more than that, it allows the company to scale quickly and efficiently.
    • Affordability: Connecteam is available at a fixed monthly price for up to 50 users, pricing includes $39 or $79 a month. And if you need more than 50 users, the Enterprise plan is also available at a fixed monthly price.

    Tomer said it best, “This is where we can really make a difference, by providing our employees and managers with the tools they need and our customers with the experience they expect.”

    We sat down for an in-depth Q&A with Leah, Nike Canada’s ‘lead coach’ who oversees training across the organization to find out how much of an impact Connecteam has made. Here’s what she had to say:

    What brought you to use Connecteam?

    It’s 2019 and everything is moving to digital. In our process of creating a training program for our staff, we wanted it all to be digitized. And as we have more of a millennial workforce, it’s just what they expect. When I heard Connecteam was an option that allowed for easy training and to reach all locations in a click, it just seemed like the right choice.

    Nike Canada uses Connecteam's training and on-boarding functions

    Retail as an industry is very ‘cost conscious’, why did you choose to invest in an employee app?

    The biggest thing we need to keep in mind is our employees. When our employees are properly trained, they are less stressed out and feel prepared on the floor. With sales procedures and tips on your mobile that you can access at any time, our employees are constantly bettering their skills and it does translate into sales because your employees are happier and better trained.

    What are the key things you are doing with the product today?

    For onboarding, as soon as someone gets hired, we get their personal info through the app, they undergo mandatory training straight on their phone so it’s convenient. And a lot of aspects of training, from start to finish, are all located in the app, thinking of more of operational training with checklists, PDF, videos, etc. They have easy access to all that information so they can always come back to their mobile phone and review it when needed.

    What was the process before you used Connecteam?

    Before the app it was all over the place, you had to go to multiple places, send a list, transfer through different people and so on. It was hard to organize, maintain and control. There was no real way to track who read what and if the new procedures were delivered. It was a big challenge.

    Now I can just use my Connecteam dashboard and sort it by stores of who’s done what, who used what – it’s so quick and so easy, and in retail you need that because we are so fast paced. Just the availability of Connecteam made my job a lot easier.

    What pain points did it solve for you? What is the value?

    1. I love how organized and accessible things are – I don’t waste time tracking down one report, instead it’s as simple as click, click, click.
    2. Feedback from the users on Connecteam is that they like how available it is, they want more, and they really love how easily accessible it is.
    3. From an oversight perspective, instead of having a cumbersome process of going to the store and looking at charts and checklists and files, what I need is literally available at the click of a button to really analyze my business and work more efficiently.
    4. The insights are amazing, it’s so easy to quickly understand where you stand and what’s going on and you can easily see where you should put more effort, and you are always aware of how things are progressing. Plus, the level of engagement is sky high.

    Going forward what would you like to achieve with the product?

    I think the next big thing for us would be to move communications to the app. We are currently using WhatsApp and we would like to migrate to using the chat via the app. I love how with the app it is all very structured, how you can easily have different groups and channels set up just based on an employee’s profile. It’s all organized, easy to use and finding the right contact has never been easier.

    What would be your recommendation for other retail executives in the industry?

    It made us a more efficient organization for onboarding which was very important for us. Using Connecteam added a cool factor as everything was done via mobile. I can easily recommend it for efficiency, how easy it is to use, and just that everything is instant so getting data is a simple process.

    I was surprised by this because I thought it would be so much more time consuming, it was surprisingly quick and easy to set up. Connecteam has definitely made my job so much quicker, more efficient, and it’s a lot easier to delegate more training materials.

    Nike Canada easily created checklists and forms with Connecteam

    Anything that surprised you?

    What I really want to do is the events – it’s not something I would have thought of, that would be awesome – for the staff to get a notification about an event and being able to register, I was surprised about it.

    We are in love with the release of the new version. Everything looks so nice and clean, the employees have also said they think the new design is really nice.

    Anything else you would like to add?

    I love the cool factor of Connecteam, I mean when I showed it to family and friends, they were all really impressed with how sleek it was. And when I explained how much I could do through the app, they thought it was pretty cool.

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