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Discover how Tottenham Hotspur Global Football Development department uses Connecteam to simplify daily operations & stay on top of their game

We sat down with their Senior Business Development Manager and Operations Coordinator to discuss their experience using Connecteam to manage their coaching schedule.


The Global Football Development (GFD) team are renowned across the globe for developing talented young players for both Club and country. The Football Development Programmes are designed with the aim to improve and support the individual progression of all players through the development levels and through player pathways that are inspired by the Club’s player development framework.

With 60 coaches spread across 40 facilities and locations, the GFD team sought a digital tool to simplify and efficiently manage time-consuming, manual daily operations – from scheduling and communication to risk assessment and record keeping – all from one place.

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Main Challenges

Before using Connecteam, the main challenges Tottenham Hotspur Global Football Development department faced included:

  • Managing complex, time-consuming daily processes manually.
  • Spending two hours per day creating and updating schedules for full-time, part-time, and casual staff on spreadsheets and sharing shift information with each employee via email. 
  • Having to make countless phone calls to manage schedules, issues, reports, and risk assessments.
  • Not being able to quickly see who is on shift and ensure staff has all the information needed to perform their job. 
  • Sought an effective way to share information or procedural and regulatory updates with coaches.
  • Looking to improve the management of reports, documentation, and their expiry dates or missing data necessary for compliance.
  • Living up to the expectations of a new generation of coaches preferring a digital experience rather than making phone calls.
  • Needing a system that would streamline processes, enabling the organization to keep growing.

Main Solutions

After understanding the difficulties and tasks at hand, Connecteam provided Tottenham Hotspur Global Football Development department with the following solutions:

  • An intuitive job scheduling tool that is easy to use and allows management to quickly share schedules with employees.
  • An accessible mobile app that centralizes everything needed to enhance workforce management: “It helps avoid a lot of the operational problems we had previously and enables us to have a more effective system in place to help us manage our staff.” 
  • Digital forms that enable coaches to fill out and submit required reports and risk assessments in real-time.
  • A complete and clear overview of daily operations in one location. 
  • An effective record-keeping system that allows managers to digitally organize, store, and track reports, documentation, and certifications necessary for compliance management.
  • The ability to publish regular updates and instantly share information with all relevant users: “We use the platform to keep the team constantly up-to-date with FA guidelines and regulations.”

The Outcome

With Connecteam, Tottenham Hotspur Global Football Development department was able to:

  • Handle every aspect of employee management and daily processes from one platform.
  • Transform scheduling into an efficient and fast process, reducing time spent on it from 2 hours a day to 2 hours per week.
  • Give coaches direct access to their schedules and all the necessary details on each session: “It’s easy to use and makes our life easier knowing where we should be, when, and who we are working with, all from one place.” 
  • Allow coaches to work in a more organized fashion and provide them with the desired digital experience rather than having to pick up the phone.
  • Go paperless and save a significant amount of time and effort on the entire reporting process: ”You don’t need to print it out, write it all down; it’s just there on your phone.“
  • Digitally organize, store, and track expiration dates on employee documentation, qualifications, and certifications.
  • Create an effective reporting and record-keeping system that enables the organization to comply with FA regulations.
  • Easily keep everyone up to date with new guidelines and regulations by sending information to all relevant users with a click and monitoring who read these critical updates.
  • Maintain operational clarity and transparency, including knowing where everyone stands and reaching out to them quickly.
  • Efficiently onboard new staff members and provide them with all the information and guidance they need to get started even before their first day and without having to physically gather them.

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