American Transportation Enhanced Scheduling & Dispatching By 60% With Connecteam - Case Study
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American Transportation enhanced scheduling & dispatching by 60% with Connecteam

60 +
60 %
of time saved on scheduling
~ 5
Hours saved on
payroll processing per week
94 %
App adoption rate

American Transportation is a transportation service provider that aims to serve as a one-stop shop for all their clients’ transportation needs.

CEO of American Transportation Dan Wilson explains that since his ownership group took over the company in 2015, it has fully been revamped. Whereas the company only had 20 fleet vehicles and one location at the time, it has expanded to a fleet of 70 vehicles and 5 locations in just five years. Wilson further states that their workforce is expected to grow from 50-80 employees to over 100 after the COVID era.

According to Wilson, American Transportation went looking for a digital solution like Connecteam because assigning drivers manually is time-consuming, strenuous, and leaves room for errors.

Key Takeaways:

The Challenge:

Before using Connecteam, the main challenges American Transportation faced included:

  • Managing scattered processes across multiple platforms
  • A lack of real-time insight into employee availability
  • Endless phone calls and texts to understand availability, share company information, and stay connected
  • Having to handle inconvenient printouts of shift information for each driver for each shift 
  • A complex, time-consuming, and error-prone payroll process

The Solution:

Connecteam provides American Transportation with the following solutions:

  • An accessible app that centralizes everything needed to enhance workforce management 
  • An real-time job scheduling tool that is easy to use and allows you to quickly share schedules with employees
  • Automated scheduling and GPS time tracking
  • Direct access to company knowledge, such as health & safety protocols and tutorials
  • The ability to quickly share safety announcements in real-time
  • An in-app work chat with filters and groups to replace untrackable text messages and phone calls
  • Digital checklists and forms

The Outcome:

With Connecteam, American Transportation was able to significantly: 

  • Enhance their scheduling process based on driver availability 
  • Reduce paperwork and streamline processes with digital shift information, forms, and checklists
  • Simplify and streamline accurate time tracking and payroll processing
  • Make company knowledge fully accessible
  • Enhance internal communication 
  • Increase employee accountability

Connecteam eliminates the surprise element of errors and miscommunication.
American Transportation case study