Trucking dispatchers need a simple digital solution to help them manage responsibilities like scheduling, maintaining compliance, and route tracking. Here are some of the best trucking dispatch software solutions available today and what to look for in a software solution.

The manual dispatch process can be a headache for fleet managers, often leading to missed deadlines, driver delays, and unsatisfied customers.

Efficient fleet management is crucial, and trucking dispatch software can help trucking companies manage all of their dispatch operations effectively and remain competitive in the industry. 

In this article, I’ve researched and compiled a list of the 8 best trucking dispatch software solutions that can help you streamline your dispatch operations, reduce manual errors, and ultimately increase your fleet’s productivity.

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  1. Best all-in-one trucking dispatch software

  2. Good for multi-national couriers

  3. Good for driver communication.

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How I Chose the Best Trucking Dispatch Software

To give you a more specific look into how I narrowed down my list, these are the key functions and features I looked for when reviewing employee roster apps:

Important core features:

  • Scheduling capabilities: A customizable, drag-and-drop scheduler with preexisting templates simplifies and speeds up the scheduling process so managers can spend less time on administrative tasks. Other important features include custom shifts to optimize shifts and reduce overtime costs, the ability for drivers to accept, reject, or trade shifts, and time-off request features. 
  • Time and attendance tracking: An employee time clock is essential for accurately tracking drivers’ hours on the road and reducing time theft and buddy punching. 
  • Centralized communication features: Employees should be able to communicate with each and their managers directly from the trucking dispatching software and discuss shift-related matters or scheduling conflicts.

I looked for usability features, such as:

  • User-friendly and simple to navigate: It should have a user-friendly interface with intuitive navigation. Workers shouldn’t need excessive training and should be able to get the software up and running quickly.
  • A mobile app: The software should be accessible via mobile devices, allowing truck drivers to view their schedules, request changes, and request time off on the go. This allows for flexibility and convenience and helps keep workers on the same page.

I then checked for other key functions and features, like:

  • GPS-tracking: GPS tracking enables real-time monitoring of truck location, speed, and direction. It allows dispatchers to optimize routes, estimate delivery times accurately, and provide customers with real-time updates.
  • On-the-go onboarding and training: Drivers should be able to access onboarding and training materials from their phones and complete both processes on the go. This eliminates the need for in-person training, saving businesses time and money and getting workers up to speed faster. 
  • Load management: Features such as load assignment, tracking, and reporting help dispatchers monitor the status of each load in real time and assign them to the most appropriate truck and driver. This not only ensures that loads are delivered on time but also maximizes the use of available resources.
  • Payroll integrations: Integrations with popular payroll systems allow you to automate and streamline payroll. Timesheets can also be exported as PDF or Excel files for easier payroll processing.

The 8 Best Trucking Dispatch Softwares of 2024

  1. Connecteam — Best all-in-one trucking dispatch software

    Connecteam is the best trucking dispatch software designed to effectively manage your employees and trucking dispatch services.

    Why I chose Connecteam: Connecteam offers an easy, customizable interface, which means you don’t need much training to use it. It’s also affordable and has great customer service.

    Let’s take a closer look at how Connecteam can help your trucking business thrive: 

    Efficient employee scheduling tools

    Connecteam’s robust employee scheduling app is one of the best on the market. With Connecteam, managers can view time-off requests and scheduling preferences directly on the platform, preventing scheduling conflicts.

    They can also assign specific routes and include important notes and documents with each shift, so employees have all the relevant information they need to do their jobs, no matter where they are.

    Connecteam also comes with employee scheduling templates to simplify the process even further and immediate notifications as soon as the schedule is published.

    You might also want to read our in-depth review and decide who is the best employee scheduling app.

    🧠 Did You Know?

    Connecteam integrates with Google Calendar so your employees can transfer their shifts right from the app into their personal calendars on their phones.

    Time clock with GPS-tracking ability

    With Connecteam’s time clock app allows your drivers can clock in and out with just one tap. Get a full overview of who is clocked in at any given time and directly chat with staff that hasn’t started to their shift yet.

    Connecteam’s Time Clock is also GPS-enabled, so you can see exactly where your drivers are while they are on the clock. With this geofence time clock, you can set a geofence around a specific site to ​​restrict your staff to only be able to clock in and out when on-premise and prevent time theft. Of course, workers’ locations are kept completely private when they’re off the clock.

    At the end of the pay period, Connecteam’s timesheets app automatically creates timesheets and sends them for manager approval, saving time on payroll and reducing the likelihood of errors.

    an illustration of a phone showing the geolocation of 2 clients

    Send and receive reports in real-time from the road

    Streamline reporting from the road by enabling drivers to submit reports on the go, such as updates, truck repair requests, vehicle inspections, and more. Drivers can fill out digital forms and checklists directly from their phones and submit them with a tap of a button. 

    Keep all important documents in one easily accessible place

    Connecteam’s team documents management system allows your truckers to access important documents such as trip sheets, invoices, and receipts from anywhere at any time, using their mobile devices or tablets. Additionally, they can easily share these documents with their colleagues or supervisors, which can improve communication and collaboration among your entire staff.

    Connecteam can also help truckers stay compliant with various regulations such as hours-of-service rules, vehicle inspection requirements, insurance documentation, or quarterly IFTA reporting. All uploaded documents are securely stored and easily shared with the right people, which can help protect sensitive information and reduce errors. 

    Streamline employee communication

    Communicating with your office staff and drivers on the road is incredibly simple with Connecteam’s online team chat.

    Instantly communicate with your truckers and share updates using the in-app chat, and provide easy access to everyone’s contact information with the employee directory app. The app also gives users direct access to important information, such as guides, procedures, and emergency contacts.

    A composite image showing a field service worker receiving updates about his assignment in his Connecteam app

    Easy task and project management

    Allocate one-time and recurring tasks, like license renewals and yearly vehicle inspections, in just a few clicks with Connecteam’s task management app. Then, include built-in reminders to make sure your truckers perform their tasks on time.

    Easily add detailed descriptions and subtasks, or attach images, files, and due dates. You’ll automatically receive progress updates in real time as tasks are completed.

    You might be also interested in reading our in-depth review of the best free task management software 

    Simplified compliance with ‘Read and Sign’ forms

    Ensure all drivers are compliant with company protocol and industry regulations through digital ‘read-and-sign’ digital forms. This could include making sure they’ve read the employee handbook, uniform agreement, driving hours policy, rig procedures, etc.

    Enhanced workplace safety

    With Connecteam’s company knowledge base, you can ensure that your drivers have instant access to important safety information and protocols, ongoing safety training, and real-time safety reporting.

    This digital filing cabinet is where you can upload and store all important documents your team needs to maintain workplace safety. 

    Onboard and train new hires and existing drivers

    Quickly and efficiently onboard new drivers or train existing drivers on new procedures straight from the field. Connecteam’s employee training app allows you to create customized and structured employee training experiences with training documents, read-and-sign forms, quizzes, videos, and PDFs.

    Drivers can complete training directly from their smartphones, and managers can track their progress and results.

    And so much more…

    In addition, Connecteam offers excellent customer service, a user-friendly interface, robust workforce management tools, and complete customizability. 

    Connecteam’s paid plan starts at just $29 per month for up to 30 users, and small businesses with fewer than 10 users can access the app completely free.


    • All-in-one software solution

    • Excellent customer service

    • Affordable and scalable

    • Extremely attractive and simple user interface

    • 100% free plan for up to 10 users


    • Needs internet or wifi access to work


    Free-for-life plan availablePremium plans start at $29/month for 30 users

    14-day free trial, no credit card required

    Start your free trial
  2. Onfleet — Good for multi-national couriers

    Screenshot of the Onfleet webpage

    Streamline operations, integrate Onfleet easily (website, mobile app, online ordering system, ERP or inventory management system).

    Why I chose Onfleet: When it comes to providing exceptional customer service, Onfleet makes it easy to send automatic SMS notifications, offers real-time driver tracking, proof-of-delivery, and feedback collection tools. If you’re a multi-national courier, retailer, and distributor to on-demand delivery startups, Onfleet is right for you.

    In addition, Onfleet leads the way for last-mile delivery for companies across various industries such as food and beverage, retail, e-commerce, pharmacy, and more.

    It’s never been easier to “consolidate routing and dispatch operations in one intuitive web dashboard.

    Learn more about Onfleet

    Key Features

    • Automated Dispatch
    • Real-time Fleet Tracking
    • Automatic SMS Notifications
    • Multiple Integrations with other Tools


    • Easy to train users
    • Wide range of trucking dispatch features


    • Expensive solution
    • Unattractive user interface


    Starts at $500/month Trial: Yes Free Plan: No

  3. ProTransport — Good for driver communication

    Screenshot of the ProTransport webpage

    ProTransport allows you to combine your fleet’s operations into just one easy-to-use system so that you can save time, quickly measure performance, and can make strategic decisions more easily.

    Why I chose ProTransport: ProTransport integrates every single aspect of your trucking business into a single system – everything is readily available, like safety, dispatch, accounting, incident reporting, driver communications, and GPS time clock tracking.

    Additionally, with over a decade’s worth of experience, ProTransport is user-friendly, versatile, and made for any fleet size.

    Learn more about ProTransport

    Key Features

    • Full Accounting Capabilites
    • Dispatch with GPS Data
    • Safety and Maintenance


    • Easily track large amounts of statements
    • Very easy to use


    • Can’t upload bank statements
    • No 24/7 customer support


    Contact vendor for price Trial: No Free Plan: No

  4. Axon Trucking Software — Good for truckload carriers

    Screenshot of the Axon Trucking Software webpage

    Customers who are truckload/LTL carriers, oilfield, auto, livestock, and heavy-load haulers can benefit from Axon Trucking Software.

    Why I chose Axon Trucking Software: Since 1982, Axon has made accounting, dispatch, maintenance, transportation management, fleet maintenance, ticket software, and IFTA reporting a smooth transaction. Even its integration process is smooth. Stay connected with all your employees through a mobile app as well.
    As information is captured in real-time, everything is entered into the platform automatically and receives an instant update about your logistics dispatching, billing, driver pay, fuel management, fleet maintenance, and accounting.

    Learn more about Axon Trucking Software

    Key Features

    • Transportation Management
    • Accounting and Invoicing
    • IFTA and Tax Fuel
    • Fleet Maintenance


    • Highly customizable
    • All essential truck dispatching software features included


    • Difficult to train others how to use
    • Expensive solution and lack of pricing transparency


    Contact vendor for price Trial: No Free Plan: No

  5. TruckingOffice — Good for IFTA reporting

    Screenshot of the TruckingOffice webpage

    When you need to handle accounting, dispatch, maintenance, document management, and IFTA reporting, TruckingOffice is for you.

    Why I chose TruckingOffice: TruckingOffice was made especially for small truckload and LTL fleets, owner-operators, and freight brokers.

    In addition, receive reports on what a driver loads, stay on top of maintenance and expenses, premium routing information makes it easy to send information to drivers, assign two drivers to a route, and more. Depending on which plan you sign up for, the features included will differ so make sure you choose the one your business and employees would most benefit from.

    Learn more about TruckingOffice

    Key Features

    • Invoice Management
    • Run Expense Reports and Profits Per Mile (IFTA Reporting)
    • Full Dispatch Capabilities


    • Easy to use and understand
    • Relatively cheap solution


    • Lacks a mobile version
    • Lacks important truck dispatching features


    Starts at $20/month, for 1-2 trucks Trial: Yes Free Plan: No

  6. McLeod — Good for fleet management

    McLeod Software

    Since 1985, McLeod Software has made it easier than ever to manage trucking dispatch operations management, freight brokerage management, fleet management, document imaging, workflow automation, EDI, and business process automation solutions.

    Why I chose McLeod Software: This software is ideal for industries like trucking, freight brokerage, third-party logistics, and shipper companies.

    With McLeod, you can improve customer service and operating ratios, attract and retain top drivers, and automate crucial business processes so you can focus on the big picture.

    Learn more about McLeod

    Key Features

    • Driver App
    • Back Office Capabilities
    • Business Intelligence


    • Wide range of features included
    • Easy to search for posted transactions


    • Not the most attractive or easiest software to use
    • Poor customer support


    Pricing is not publicly available Trial: No Free Plan: No

  7. ITS Dispatch by Truckstop — Good for freight brokers

    Screenshot of the ITS Dispatch by Truckstop webpage

    ITS Dispatch is a web-based software affiliate under the popular load board,

    Why I chose ITS Dispatch: This trucking dispatch software integrates with QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Online. Customers can easily add software modules, including file storage, IFTA reporting, and more.

    What capabilities does it boast of? Dispatch, accounting, IFTA reporting, fleet maintenance, and load bidding. Who was it made for? Small-to-mid-sized carriers, freight brokers, and owner-operators.

    Learn more about ITS Dispatch by Truckstop

    Key Features

    • IFTA Reporting
    • Accounting and Invoicing
    • Multiple Integrations


    • Easy to use, even for non-tech-savvy employees
    • Good for making shipment confirmations


    • Poor customer support
    • Filtering and organizing can be complicated


    Contact vendor for price Trial: No Free Plan: No

  8. Trimble — Good for oilfield services

    Screenshot of the Trimble webpage

    Oilfield services will benefit from Trimble.

    Why I chose Trimble: MW Systems is perfect for truckload/LTL carriers, freight brokers, private fleets, oilfield services, waste management, ready-mix, and construction. Founded in 1983, TMW offers transportation management software or products made especially for dispatch, fleet maintenance, or accounting.

    Learn more about Trimble

    Key Features

    • Maintenance
    • Safety and Compliance
    • Routing and Optimization
    • Transportation Management


    • Strong reportability features
    • Very simple and user friendly


    • Prone to being slow and glitchy
    • Can be too simple for users


    Pricing is not publicly available Trial: No Free Plan: No

Compare the Best Trucking Dispatch Softwares

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Contact vendor for price
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Good for oilfield services
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What is Trucking Dispatch Software?

Trucking dispatch software is a digital solution designed to help managers track and schedule their truck drivers’ shifts, plan their routes, and track their journeys while collecting valuable data to optimize future routes. This kind of software helps to reduce trucking operation costs, while also reducing safety risks that often come with running trucking and logistics companies.

🧠 Did you know?

Trucker turnover is high, with 70% of drivers leaving their jobs within the first year. Fortunately, dispatch software can improve retention rates by providing tools that make drivers’ jobs easier. Scheduling management features, in-app communication, mobile training and onboarding, and recognition and rewards tools all help boost employee satisfaction and engagement.

How Does Trucking Dispatch Software Work?

Usually, trucking dispatch software includes functionalities such as the automation of routing and staff scheduling. Dispatchers can monitor truck capacity, track driver availability, help run operations efficiently, and keep a close eye on shipping orders from one centralized, digital location.

Some solutions are solely designed as a freight dispatching tool, while others qualify as an all-in-one solution that provides a more holistic overview of truck dispatching.

Whatever the case is, managers will often operate trucking dispatch software via a desktop dashboard, while drivers and employees are provided a mobile app.

The Benefits of Trucking Dispatch Software 

Some of the key benefits of dispatch software for trucking include:

Better communication from the road

Dispatch software with in-app chat and an employee phone directly drastically improves communication between truckers on the road and their managers. Employees can also easily trade, reject or accept shifts, ask questions, and provide feedback from the road. 

Digitally collect forms and certificates

Drivers can sign forms from their phones and submit certificates and regulatory documents. 

Easier scheduling

Creating schedules digitally means the process is faster and more efficient. Managers can create schedules based on availability and employee preference in a fraction of the time it would take to do manually. This cuts down on their administrative workload and ensures that all fleets are fully staffed. 

Improved task management

Task management tools allow managers to assign one-time and recurring tasks, track due dates, and make sure truck drivers are managing their entire workload. 

On-the-go onboarding and training

Provide onboarding and training straight from the field. Trucking dispatch software allows you to create customized employee training programs with documents, read-and-sign forms, quizzes, videos, and PDFs. Drivers can complete training directly from their smartphones, and managers can track their progress and results.

Easily track drivers with GPS technology

Most truck dispatching software includes GPS tracking so managers can easily track where their drivers are on their journeys.

Accurate estimates and real-time invoicing

Truck dispatch software solutions can provide financial management tools to help businesses generate estimates, handle receipts, and process invoices.

Streamlined payroll processes

Speed up the payroll process by utilizing trucking dispatch software. Employees clock in and out directly from the app, and the software automatically records their hours onto timesheets. Then, the software integrates with common online payroll systems and ensures employees are paid correctly.

How Much Does Trucking Dispatch Software Cost?

Many truck dispatch software solutions on our list don’t disclose pricing information online. To find out pricing information, contact a sales representative from the respective company.

Out of the companies that share their pricing information, some of the pricier options include Onfleet, which starts at $500 per month for unlimited users. Then, there are cheaper options like TruckingOffice, which starts at $20 per month for 1-2 trucks.

Generally, we recommended choosing a truck dispatch software solution that provides the widest range of features at the most affordable price.

Connecteam offers great value for money and is the best truck dispatch software. Small businesses can sign up for Connecteam’s Small Business Plan. It’s free forever for teams of up to 10 people. For larger teams, premium plans start at just $29 per month for up to 30 users.


What are the main trucking dispatch software trends right now?

Many trucking dispatch software solutions now provide analytical tools that collect data from trips to maximize cost savings. Mobile apps are also popular to provide drivers with instant communication to their dispatchers, as well as the ability to verify deliveries in real time. And with the enforcement of stricter trucking regulations, many solutions provide companies with features that help them maintain trucking compliance.

Does trucking dispatch software integrate with payroll software?

Not all truck dispatcher software includes payroll capabilities or integrates with payroll and accounting software. However, solutions like Connecteam allow trucking companies to integrate with popular payroll software solutions such as QuickBooks Online and Gusto. This means that managers can export bills, invoices, and payroll directly in a couple of clicks.

Do I need truck dispatching software for my business?

Yes. This software helps trucking companies run more efficiently, reduces labor costs, and creates a centralized solution for everything related to their businesses. 

The Bottom Line On Trucking Dispatch Software

With the right dispatch trucking software, you can view, track, and manage dispatch activities from one single app. Whether it’s scheduling, compliance, communication, or task management, truck dispatching software streamlines all processes for your business and your employees.

Carefully look over the trucking dispatch solutions we listed above to make the right choice. The right dispatch software for trucking won’t just save you money, it will streamline your business operations. 

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