8 Best Trucking Dispatch Software Solutions

Rea Regan July 14, 2021 6 min read

Quick Guide

    It’s not surprising that with so many different trucking dispatch software providers, it can be overwhelming to even search for the right solution. Everywhere you look, a trucking dispatch software solution guarantees to reduce costs and improve productivity, but how do you know what to look for? We don’t just list which solutions are the best (if you want the list, scroll on down), we take it a step further by dissecting what you really need from such software.

    You need to evaluate your needs before simply choosing a trucking dispatch software because the price isn’t the only factor you need to consider. Create a list of the “must-have” capabilities, like operational functions, reporting, performance management, and more.

    And then look at the “nice to have” features that your company needs, such as GPS timestamps when employees clock in and out, survey creations, a suggestion box, digital checklists, chat functions, and so on.

    Most likely, you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for your trucking dispatch software needs as your employees are on the go and you need to operate your business remotely. Plus, you aren’t in the business of wasting your driver’s time with office logistics, you want and need them out on the road, but you also want them engaged and to feel connected to the company.

    What to Look for in Trucking Dispatch Software

    Choosing the right trucking dispatch software should involve doing your homework as you look for the best solution. Like we said already, price isn’t the only driving factor in choosing the right trucking dispatch software.

    The trucking dispatch software should include

    • ease of use
    • robust featues – operational like scheduling/dispatching and time tracking, communication, task management, and more
    • should easy work with your company size, no matter how many trucks or employees you have
    • should work for your trucking business niche
    • see if it has positive customer reviews
    • and look at how approachable the customer service team is

    Each trucking dispatch software offers something different so you must understand what you want and what features you need before you purchase.

    It’s now time to go over the trucking dispatch software solutions that fit these parameters and your price range. Narrow your choices down to the top three and if there is a free trial or plan available, do it and see if it is the right fit for you and your company. These are the best trucking dispatch software solutions in the market.

    8 Best Trucking Dispatch Software Solutions

    real time visibility time clock

    Connecteam is the all-in-one, mobile-first trucking dispatch software you were looking for. Everything you need to effectively manage your employees and take your business to the next level is available under one roof. 

    Key Features

    Efficient Job Scheduling

    Assign routes based on different requirements, provide relevant information such as time, address, and special instructions. Set shifts, repeating shifts, or open shifts that are up for grabs. Send notifications and reminders, get notified when drivers acknowledge or reject a shift, check-in late, or when they complete their tasks.

    Mobile-First & GPS Empowered

    Accurate time tracking allows your employees to clock in and out directly from their smartphone. Whenever employee clocks in and out, a real-time timestamp and GPS location is tagged.

    Send & Receive Reports in Real-time From the Field

    Streamline reporting from field to office with the trucking dispatch software by allowing real-time reports to be submitted on the go, such as truck repair request, vehicle inspection, and more.

    Streamline Communication

    Logistical and operational communication, engaging updates, announcements, and more are easy with advanced communication features like chat groups and channels, real-time push notifications, private chat,  employee directory, and more.

    Easy Task Management

    Allocate one-time tasks, like license renewal and yearly vehicle inspection, to your truckers and include built-in reminders so they can perform the task. You’ll automatically receive updates in real-time as tasks are completed.

    Compliance Through ‘Read and Sign’ Forms

    Ensure all drivers are compliant through digital ‘read-and-sign’ forms, for example, employee handbook, uniform agreement, driving hours policy, rig procedures, etc.

    Better Workplace & Driving Safety

    Ensure your drivers have instant access to important safety information and resources, safety protocols, ongoing safety training, and real-time safety reporting.

    Onboard & Train New Hires & Existing Drivers

    Quickly and efficiently onboard your drivers and get them up to speed. Create a structured onboarding experience with read and sign forms, quizzes, videos, PDFs, and more.


    Basic plan costs $39/month for the first 50 users

    Advanced plan costs $79/month for the first 50 users

    Expert plan costs $159/month for the first 50 users

    Contact a representative for Enterprise plan details

    A free-for-life plan is available

    Onfleet trucking software

    Streamline operations, integrate Onfleet easily (website, mobile app, online ordering system, ERP or inventory management system), and when it comes to providing exceptional customer service, Onfleet makes it easy to send automatic SMS notifications, offers real-time driver tracking, proof-of-delivery, and feedback collection tools. If you’re a multi-national courier, retailer, and distributor to on-demand delivery startups, Onfleet is right for you.

    In addition, Onfleet leads the way for last-mile delivery for companies across various industries such as food and beverage, retail, e-commerce, pharmacy, and more.

    It’s never been easier to “consolidate routing and dispatch operations in one intuitive web dashboard.”

    Key Features

    Automated Dispatch

    Real-time Fleet Tracking

    Automatic SMS Notifications

    Multiple Integrations with other Tools


    Starter – $149/month

    Basic – $349/month

    Premium – $799/month

    Professional – $1,999/month

    14-day free trial

    ProTransport trucking dispatch software

    ProTransport allows you to combine your fleet’s operations into just one easy-to-use system so that you can save time, quickly measure performance, and can make strategic decisions more easily. Plus, ProTransport integrates every single aspect of your trucking business into a single system – everything is readily available, like safety, dispatch, accounting, reporting, driver communications, and GPS tracking. 

    Additionally, with over a decade’s worth of experience, ProTransport is user-friendly, versatile, and made for any fleet size.

    Key Features

    Full Accounting Capabilites

    Dispatch with GPS Data

    Safety and Maintenance


    Chat with a representative to learn more

    Axon Trucking Software

    Customers who are truckload/LTL carriers, oilfield, auto, livestock, and heavy-load haulers can benefit from Axon Trucking Software. Since 1982, Axon has made accounting, dispatch, maintenance, transportation management, fleet maintenance, ticket software, and IFTA reporting a smooth transaction. Even its integration process is smooth. Stay connected with all your employees through a mobile app as well. 

    As information is captured in real-time, everything is entered into the platform automatically and receives an instant update about your dispatch, billing, driver pay, fuel management, fleet maintenance, and accounting.

    Key Features

    Transportation Management

    Accounting and Invoicing

    IFTA and Tax Fuel

    Fleet Maintenance


    Start a customized demo and learn more about pricing from a representative

    TruckingOffice trucking dispatch software

    When you need to handle accounting, dispatch, maintenance, document management, and IFTA reporting, TruckingOffice is for you. TruckingOffice was made especially for small truckload and LTL fleets, owner-operators, and freight brokers.

    In addition, receive reports on what a driver loads, stay on top of maintenance and expenses, premium routing information makes it easy to send information to drivers, assign two drivers to a route, and more. Depending on which plan you sign up for, the features included will differ so make sure you choose the one your business and employees would most benefit from.

    Key Features

    Invoice Management

    Run Expense Reports and Profits Per Mile (IFTA Reporting)

    Full Dispatch Capabilities


    Pricing is broken into two categories – basic and pro – and pricing is determined for each is determined by how many trucks you have. Pricing below shows Pro pricing and if the mileage feature needs to be added on, that’s extra as well.

    1-2 trucks – $30/month

    3-7 trucks – $65/month

    8+ trucks – $110/month

    30-day free trial

    McLeod trucking software dispatching

    Since 1985, McLeod Software has made it easier than ever to manage trucking dispatch operations management, freight brokerage management, fleet management, document imaging, workflow, EDI, and business process automation solutions. Who was the software made for? Industries like trucking, freight brokerage, third-party logistics, and shipper companies.

    With McLeod, you can improve customer service and operating ratios, attract and retain top drivers, and automate crucial business processes so you can focus on the big picture.

    Key Features

    Driver App

    Back Office Capabilities

    Business Intelligence


    Sign up for a free demo and learn more about pricing from a representative

    ITS Dispatch software

    ITS Dispatch is a web-based software affiliate under the popular load board, TruckStop.com. This trucking dispatch software integrates with QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Online. Customers can easily add software modules, including file storage, IFTA reporting, and more.

    What capabilities does it boast of? Dispatch, accounting, IFTA reporting, fleet maintenance, and load bidding. Who was it made for? Small-to-mid-sized carriers, freight brokers, and owner-operators.

    Key Features

    IFTA Reporting

    Accounting and Invoicing

    Multiple Integrations


    Sign up for a free demo and learn more about pricing from a representative

    TMW Systems dispatch trucking software

    TMW Systems is perfect for truckload/LTL carriers, freight brokers, private fleets, oilfield services, waste management, ready-mix, and construction. Founded in 1983, TMW offers transportation management software or products made especially for dispatch, fleet maintenance, or accounting.

    Key Features


    Safety and Compliance

    Routing and Optimization

    Transportation Management


    Chat with a representative about pricing

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    Bottom Line On Trucking Dispatch Software

    With the right trucking dispatch software, you are able to view, track, and manage dispatch activities from one single app. Whether it’s scheduling, compliance, communication, task management, and more, trucking dispatch software streamlines all processes for your business and your employees.

    Carefully examine the trucking dispatch solutions we listed above to make the right choice. As shown, the right trucking dispatch software won’t just save you money, it will streamline how you run your business.

    #1 Trucking Dispatch App

    Connecteam is the leading solution for trucking dispatch companies and is an all-in-one app equipped with everything your business needs to run day to day operations smoothly.

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