8 Best Trucking Dispatch Software Solutions

It’s not surprising that with so many different trucking dispatch software providers, it can be overwhelming to even search for the right solution. Everywhere you look, a trucking dispatch software solution guarantees to reduce costs and improve productivity, but how do you know what to look for? We don’t just list which solutions are the best (if you want the list, scroll on down), we take it a step further by dissecting what you really need from such a software.

You need to evaluate your needs before simply choosing a trucking dispatch software, because price isn’t the only factor you need to consider. Create a list of the “must have” capabilities, like operational functions, reporting, performance management, and more.

And then look at the “nice to have” features that your company needs, such as GPS timestamps when employees clock in and out, survey creations, a suggestion box, and so on.

Most likely, you’re looking for an all-in-one solution as your employees are on the go and you need to operate your business remotely. Plus, you aren’t in the business of wasting your driver’s time with office logistics, you want and need them out on the road, but you also want them engaged and to feel connected to the company.

What should you look for in trucking dispatch software?

  1. Easy to use
  2. Feature set
  3. Affordable
  4. Made for your company size
  5. Made for your business niche
  6. Positive customer reviews

So now that you know the features you want, it’s time to go over the solutions that fit these parameters and your price range. Narrow your choices down to the top three and if there is a free trial or plan available, do it and see if it is the right fit for you and your company.  

8 Best Trucking Dispatch Software Solutions:

1. Onfleet

Onfleet trucking software

Streamline operations, integrate Onfleet easily (website, mobile app, online ordering system, ERP or inventory management system), and when it comes to providing exceptional customer service, Onfleet makes it easy to send automatic SMS notifications, offers real-time driver tracking, proof-of-delivery and feedback collection tools. If you’re a multi-national courier, retailer and distributor to on-demand delivery startups, Onfleet is right for you.

It’s never been easier to “consolidate routing and dispatch operations in one intuitive web dashboard.”

Price: Start with a 14-day free trial and then choose from four pricing plans: Starter – $149/month, Basic – $349/month, Premium – $799/month, or Professional – $1,999/month.


2. Connecteam

Connecteam, all in one mobile solution

Connecteam is the all-in-one employee management solution you were looking for. Looking for a time clock to track and manage your employees, along with a real-time GPS timestamp? Check. Need multiple ways to communicate with your employees, from private or team chat, surveys, a suggestion box, and an employee directory? Check. Want to schedule shifts and dispatch jobs? Check. Are you looking for customized reports, checklists and forms? Check. What about a professional knowledge hub and a smooth onboarding experience? Check!

Connecteam easily offers the full package of tools so that you can efficiently manage your employees from one place. From the first day to the last and everything in-between, you and your employees are covered. From onboarding to internal communication, time tracking, job scheduling, work dispatch and operational procedures, Connecteam boosts productivity, offers full visibility on what’s happening with your employees, and keeps everyone in the loop. As far as we’re concerned, Connecteam is the only software you need to take your company to the next level.

Connecteam Employee Communications App

Price: Connecteam does NOT charge per user! Instead, you pay a fixed monthly price of $29 a month for up to 200 users. If you need more than 200 users, look into the Enterprise plan. Check out how Connecteam can work for you and start your free plan today.

Connecteam's trucking app is made for you

You have the full package of tools available on Connecteam to manage your employees with communication tools, time tracking, job scheduling and more. We’ve listed a dozen, and more, ways Connecteam is right for your trucking business so start your free plan now and see what we mean!

Start for free


3. ProTransport

ProTransport trucking dispatch software

ProTransport allows you to combine your fleet’s operations into just one easy-to-use system, so that you can save time, quickly measure performance and can make strategic decisions more easily. Plus, ProTransport integrates every single aspect of your trucking business into a single system – everything is readily available, like safety, dispatch, accounting, reporting, driver communications and GPS tracking.

Additionally, with over a decade’s worth of experience, ProTransport is user-friendly, versatile and made for any fleet size.

Price: Chat with a representative or start a live demo to learn more about your pricing options.


4.  Axon Trucking Software

Axon Trucking Software

Customers who are truckload/LTL carriers, oilfield, auto, livestock and heavy-load haulers can benefit from Axon Trucking Software. Since 1982, Axon has made accounting, dispatch, maintenance, and IFTA reporting a smooth transaction. Even its integration process is smooth. Stay connected with all your employees through a mobile app as well.

Price: Start a customized demo and learn more about pricing from a representative.


5.  TruckingOffice

TruckingOffice trucking dispatch software

When you need to handle accounting, dispatch, maintenance, document management, and IFTA reporting, TruckingOffice is for you. The trucking dispatch software was made especially for small truckload and LTL fleets, owner-operators and freight brokers.

Price: TruckingOffice offers two pricing plans, Basic and Pro. Each plan then varies per month based on how many trucks you need. Start your free 30 day trial today.


6.  McLeod Software

McLeod trucking software dispatching

Since 1985, McLeod Software has made it easier than ever to manage trucking dispatch operations management, freight brokerage management, fleet management, document imaging, workflow, EDI, and business process automation solutions. Who was the software made for? Industries like trucking, freight brokerage, third party logistics, and shipper companies.

Price: Sign up for a free demo and learn more about pricing from a representative.


7.  ITS Dispatch

ITS Dispatch software

ITS Dispatch is a web-based software affiliate under the popular load board, TruckStop.com. This trucking dispatch software integrates with QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks online. Customers can easily add software modules, including file storage, IFTA reporting and more. What capabilities does it boast of? Dispatch, accounting, IFTA reporting, fleet maintenance, and load bidding. Who was it made for? Small-to mid-sized carriers, freight brokers and owner-operators.

Price: There is a mobile app and a free demo! Sign up for a free demo and learn more about pricing from a representative.

8. TMW Systems

TMW Systems dispatch trucking software

TMW Systems is perfect for truckload/LTL carriers, freight brokers, private fleets, oilfield services, waste management, ready mix and construction. Founded in 1983, TMW offers transportation management software or products made especially for dispatch, fleet maintenance or accounting.

Price: There is a free demo and a mobile app, TMW Go!. Chat with a representative about pricing.

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Choose Connecteam's trucking app

With Connecteam, it’s much easier to manage all of your employees with communication tools, time tracking, job scheduling, dispatch and operational procedures and so much more. Connecteam is is the perfect solution for your trucking business so sign up for your free plan now to see what we mean!

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