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NAE Cleaning Solutions

50 %
Savings on operational software expenses
98 %
Fewer missed-clean complaints
10 X
Return on Investment

Connecteam helps Texas-based cleaning company revolutionize everyday processes, ensure consistent top service quality, and drastically cut operational costs using just one app


Before using Connecteam, NAE Cleaning Services had multiple apps cluttering up daily tasks, from scheduling and time tracking to logistics and communication. Managing payroll alone was a full-day affair. This scattered approach slowed down operations and consumed resources that could have been used to enhance customer service and expand business operations.

Implementing Connecteam was easy and immediately beneficial. “We made the transition because we wanted one central place to operate from,” says Jason Behn, President of NAE. “I use Connecteam to communicate with management and get a pulse of all the aspects of the business with just a few clicks.” Connecteam significantly reduced the amount of time and resources needed for payroll by eliminating all the errors and issues they had with their previous system. Now, management can shift their time to address critical tasks, and the entire staff can focus on what they do best.

Quality control is a top priority, and having the detailed feedback Connecteam provides is priceless.

How NAE took their business forward with Connecteam

Faster scheduling for multiple sites:

  • Create work schedules your teams can access anywhere
  • Add vital shift information to ensure the job is done right
  • Easily handle absences, shift swaps, and sudden changes
  • Quickly assign tasks and track their progress in real-time

Improved service quality:

  • Prevent missed cleans and have proof to show it
  • Create mobile checklists tailored to client requirements
  • Have all your checklists stored and documented
  • Export reports to clients with images, time, and location

Precise time management:

  • Monitor employee work hours and location with live GPS
  • Instantly spot and address employee no-shows
  • Track hours on digital timesheets ready for payroll/billing
  • See exactly how much time was spent on each client

Increased productivity:

  • Shorten onboarding time for new hires with mobile courses
  • Easily train employees without gathering them in person
  • Align staff with new client requirements and procedures
  • View trainee progress and performance in real-time