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Eco-moving is a young, eco-friendly moving company specializing in small apartment relocations in busy cities, delivering an environmentally-conscious moving experience. The team uses electric vehicles, works with recycled moving boxes, and offers additional services like painting, sofa cleaning, and repairs. 

Main Challenges

Before using Connecteam, the main challenges ECO-MOVING faced included:

  • Managing complex, time-consuming day-to-day operations manually using multiple platforms. 
  • Having employees report their work hours via WhatsApp and inserting these into an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Sending reminders or calling employees who had forgotten to send in their work hours.
  • Struggling to manage the Excel spreadsheet, fixing mistakes, and processing payroll at the end of each month.
  • Using Google Calendar to create employee schedules, sending the team a screenshot of the calendar via WhatsApp with all the work order details (such as client name, address, and phone number).
  • Having to repeat the scheduling and schedule-sharing process in case of changes.

Main Solutions

After understanding the difficulties and tasks at hand, Connecteam provided ECO-MOVING with the following solutions:

  • A centralized platform that allows the owner to know exactly what’s going on in his business and take instant action when needed.
  • An efficient time tracking system to log accurate work hours and streamline payroll.
  • An intuitive job scheduling tool to quickly create, update, and share schedules and job details with employees. 
  • A mobile app that allows the team to access their latest job schedules and job details and record their work hours.

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The Outcome

With Connecteam, ECO-MOVING was able to: 

  • Handle every aspect of employee management and daily processes from one platform.
  • Improve operational clarity and transparency while drastically reducing phone calls, including getting notified when a task is completed, or the team is behind schedule.
  • Transform time tracking into an efficient process, reducing the time from 3 hours to 2-3 minutes weekly.
  • Manage the scheduling process smoothly, eliminating potential mix-ups, delays, and back-and-forth. 
  • Give employees direct access to their schedules and all the necessary details for each job. 
  • Save time on day-to-day operational tasks, achieve goals, and focus on business growth.

Connecteam propels my business forward, allowing me to save time on routine tasks and instead focus on growing my business.

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