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Connecteam Helped Cage Free Voices To Scale And Run Their Educational Company Through The Pandemic

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We reached out to Bathsheba Smithen – CEO & Founder of Cage Free Voices to hear about her company’s experience with the Connecteam employee app. Here’s what she told us.

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Key Takeaways:

The Challenge:

Cage Free Voices is an international multi-service educational entertainment company that educates youth and adults who struggle with self-image and identity and creates powerful learning experiences for them.

The demand for tutoring services has increased substantially due to the pandemic, so they had to scale up quickly and had to look for a more robust way to onboard and manage all the new people.

  • A few separate departments, so it’s easy for teams to disconnect
  • Rapid scale from a few to dozens of employees with multiple shifts & different schedules
  • No way of effectively training & onboarding new hires in bulk
  • A combination of multiple software solutions to manage different parts of the organization as they couldn’t find one software to suffice


The Solution:

  • A budget solution with a fixed rate to accommodate a small private company
  • One user-friendly app with access to everything under one roof to better manage the entire company
  • In-app work chat and social network feed-like updates, instead of daunting emails, lost messages, or phone calls
  • Internal & external access to the schedule from mobile to everyone involved: tutors, entertaining teams, even students and parents
  • Built-in friendly tutorials make the app quick and easy to use without training
  • Automated checklists and forms to quickly share safety announcements in real-time


The Outcome:

  • Time-saving and the ability to roll things out far quicker than doing it with a mix of different pieces of software
  • Being able to do all the training and onboarding “in-house” – digitally, and quickly oversee the team learning progress
  • Smooth and engaging team communication under one roof instead of jumping on phone calls or countless text messages
  • Instant updates for all employees and volunteers in one place
  • Improved internal communication under one roof instead of countless phone calls, emails, and text messages



We have been more than ecstatic about using Connecteam and being able to schedule and communicate!

#1 All-In-One Staff Management App

Manage all parts of your organization under one roof

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