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Recruitment Alley uses Connecteam to simplify high-volume shift scheduling

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Recruitment Alley is a national healthcare registry and staffing agency that specializes in the placement of nurses and allied healthcare professionals.

With the company quickly growing from 30 to 130+ employees, Recruitment Alley’s CEO Alley Her states that it needed a user-friendly technical solution to streamline its high-volume scheduling process and be customizable to suit its exact business needs.

Key Takeaways:

The Challenge:

Prior to using Connecteam, the main challenges Recruitment Alley faced included:

  • No real-time insight into employee availability for shifts
  • A complex, time-consuming, and error-prone manual scheduling process for hundreds of shifts each week using a physical calendar and email confirmations 
  • No efficient way to manage frequent schedule changes and to send and receive instant updates

The Solution:

Connecteam provides Recruitment Alley with the following solutions:

  • A single app that includes everything needed to enhance employee management
  • A simplified scheduling process based on employee availability and qualifications
  • Easy mobile access to schedules for both managers and employees 
  • Automated checklists and forms to quickly share safety announcements in real-time
  • An in-app work chat with filters and groups to replace untrackable text messages and phone calls

The Outcome:

With Connecteam, Recruitment Alley was able to significantly: 

  • Significantly enhance its entire scheduling process and save valuable time
  • Minimize costly scheduling errors
  • Grant easy access to schedules for both managers and employees 
  • Streamline its payroll process with GPS time tracking
  • Enhance internal communication

Connecteam is a user-friendly platform that makes managing multiple schedules so much easier!
Recruitment Alley