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Recruitment Alley Utilized Connecteam For High-Volume Shift Scheduling

130 +
100 +
Shifts per week
60 %
Less human errors
~ 5
Hours saved per week

We sat down with Alley Her, CEO of Recruitment Alley, to discuss her experience using the Connecteam employee app for staff scheduling and communication. Here’s what she had to say.

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Key Takeaways:

The Challenge:

As a national healthcare registry and staffing agency, Recruitment Alley specializes in the placement of nurses and ally healthcare professionals and is up against the following challenges:

  • No real-time insight on employee availability for shifts
  • Rapid scale from 30 to 130+ employees with multiple shifts
  • A clunky, time-consuming manual scheduling process that was open to errors
  • Very difficult to schedule hundreds of shifts every week using a physical calendar & email confirmations
  • Frequent changes in schedules and the need to send and receive instant updates


The Solution:

  • One user-friendly app with access to everything in a single place to better manage the entire company
  • Streamlined high-volume digital scheduling with notifications through the app, instead of wall calendar + email confirmations
  • Internal & external access to the schedule from mobile to everyone in the team, both employees and staff managers
  • Automated checklists and forms to quickly share safety announcements in real-time
  • In-app work chat with filters and groups, instead of untrackable text messages, Whatsapp, or phone calls


The Outcome:

  • Facilitated high-volume scheduling for 130+ employees with 5 – 7 shifts per week for each
  • A streamlined payroll process with GPS time tracking and one system
  • Improved internal communication under one roof instead of jumping on phone calls or countless text messages
  • Easier access to the schedules, both for the workforce and staff managers
  • Minimized human errors & saved a lot of time for payroll

Recruitment Alley
A user-friendly platform makes managing multiple schedules so much easier!

#1 Healthcare Staffing Management App

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