7 Must-Have Apps for Healthcare Professionals

Rea Regan November 19, 2020 8 min read
7 Must-Have Apps for Healthcare Professionals

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    Healthcare professionals face many challenges but COVID-19 has really brought these to the forefront. From low shortages of PPE (personal protective equipment) to heightened personal safety concerns, lack of effective internal communication, workforce shortages, salary discrepancies, continuous training, and perhaps the most troubling is an almost too slow adaptation to technology. 

    When we say technology, we aren’t talking about MRI machines or laboratory testing, we are instead focusing on information technology, like apps for healthcare professionals

    What is information technology? According to Rasmussen, in layman terms, it’s “the application of technology to solve business or organizational problems on a broad scale”. 

    For example, online reporting technology can revolutionize how healthcare professionals manage and track patient records in real-time and allow for direct access at any time (like a patient being treated at a new location). 

    Information technology like apps for healthcare professionals also allows healthcare professionals to remain in direct contact with their teams to allow for effective communication. Such as sharing company information, new protocols, safety regulations (like a COVID declaration form), celebrating new hires, and more. Gone are the days of pinning such announcements to bulletin boards or unopened emails. 

    We could continue to list many more benefits of apps for healthcare professionals but instead, we are going to list seven of the best apps for healthcare providers that can truly revolutionize their day-to-day processes in this technologically advanced ecosystem. 

    7 Must-Have Apps for Healthcare Professionals

    1. Connecteam

    The best healthcare employee management app

    Connecteam Caregiver Management Software

    As the leading all-in-one app for healthcare professionals, Connecteam offers a sleek design, easy to use interface with no training needed, and affordable pricing options for your on the go healthcare teams.

    Whether it’s a robust scheduling system, real-time communication tools, efficient time tracking, managing task management, field reporting, and more, Connecteam is the best app for healthcare professionals hands down. Below is a list of Connecteam’s top features for healthcare professionals: 

    • Simplify time tracking and payroll as team members can clock in and out from their phone with a tagged GPS location, send automatic reminders to make sure everyone clocks in and out on time, manage vacation requests, view timesheets, and more.
    • Job scheduling is more efficient when you can instantly assign caregivers for services that are based on many requirements, provide relevant information such as time, address, and special instructions. Employees can accept and reject shifts right from their phone to confirm their schedule ahead of time.
    • Keep employees accountable through compliance standards like digital ‘read-and-sign’ forms including medication policies, procedures, medication policy administration, controlled drug policy, etc. Plus, keep company protocols available at any time like how-to guides, employee handbook, etc.
    • Switch to automated workflows for checklists, reports, and forms to improve response time such as transition checklists, home safety assessments, client pre-screening forms, contact leads, etc. 
    • Create an efficient onboarding and training process through read-and-sign forms, quizzes, chapters, videos, PDF, and more. All progress is trackable so you can send reminders to employees who haven’t completed a required section.
    • Enhance internal communication with your teams through one-on-one or group chat, a searchable employee directory, updates segmented by departments or locations (like company news, safety protocols, new clients, etc.) 
    • Maintain employee engagement by sending surveys, company newsletters, share photos, implement a suggestion box, start a live poll, and more so you can keep everyone on the same page and create an open-door policy. 

    Price: Connecteam’s healthcare employee management app is easily the most affordable solution as it doesn’t charge for each user, instead it offers fixed monthly plans starting at just $39/month for up to 50 users. Start with the free 14-day trial or sign up for the free for life plan.

    #1 App for Healthcare Providers

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    Find out how one home care agency was able to save time on admin tasks and keep their team connected and engaged with Connecteam healthcare employee management app in this case study

    2. Medscape App

    The best reference and diagnosis assistance app

    Medscape App

    The WebMD creators built Medscape to help health professionals get immediate clinical answers. You have access to drug information, disease referencing, patient care tutorials, and clinical tools. Along with the latest healthcare news, CME & education, and even a Medscape consultant. 

    Medscape serves as a robust medical resource for medical students and professionals as it provides a real-time, modern tool while on the go. 

    Price: This app is free and you can download it both on Android and iOS.

    3. Doximity

    The leading medical network app


    Whether it’s calling your patients or your colleagues, Doximity allows for simple and secure access. While on the go, you can call your patients with your cell phone, while displaying your office number. There is a Universal Clinician Directory so that you can easily search, find, and reach any healthcare provider of your choice.

    You can either make a video or voice call, find experts, stay up to date with personalized news and earn CME, and finally, you can also send, sign, and date HIPAA-secure faxes right from your personal phone. 

    Price: Free to use with downloads on iOS, Apple Watch, and Android.

    4. Care.com

    The best app to connect families with caregivers and caring companies


    What Care.com can offer not only helps healthcare professionals but family and relatives as well. This app helps you easily find the right care professional for a loved one. A temporary, qualified professional is available within a few clicks of a button. And it allows remote healthcare professionals an efficient and safe way to find new customers and receive jobs.

    All a remote worker needs to do is upload their resume and recommendations, accept interviews, and receive payments right through the app so it’s that easy to provide service. For example:

    • Senior care
    • Professional support for people with disabilities and special needs 
    • Child care
    • School support
    • Pet care
    • Housekeeping

    Price: This app is available for free on iPhone or Android.

    5. QxMD

    The best research app


    QxMD offers three separate apps – Read, Calculate, and Learn. Read helps you stay up to date on the latest research. Their website states that Calculate offers “>400 point-of-care tools to educate around prognosis, diagnosis, and optimal patient management”. While Learn makes it easy for you to publish quality educational courses for like-minded healthcare professionals.

    Price: QxMD is free to download on any device and can be used online as well. 

    6. Kareo 

    An easy Electronic Health Records (EHR) software

    Kareo software

    With Kareo, you have a one-stop-shop for writing notes and prescriptions, utilizing code encounters, and managing patients in a cloud-based EHR. Kareo allows you to go paperless to manage every part of your office – from charting, scheduling, billing and more. Plus it allows you to become more productive and remain compliant. 

    A few features available on Kareo include:

    • Charting
    • Schedule and appointment reminders
    • Patient portal
    • e-Prescribing 
    • Patient and document management
    • Secure sharing of information 

    Price: Reach out to a representative of Kareo for an exact quote tailored to your organization.

    7. MEDsys

    MEDsys software

    A top Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) solution

    MEDsys Software Solutions offers a top suite of tools for franchise, private duty, medicaid, medicare, staffing, and consumer direct.

    As a totally web-based solution, it offers these features:

    • Data exchange and reporting in real-time
    • Billing
    • Electronic visit verification
    • Scheduling
    • Client and staff portals
    • Customizable forms 
    • Client and staff communication
    • Payroll 

    Price: Pricing starts at $100/month/user. While no free plan is available, a free trial is available to test out its features.

    Bottom Line On Healthcare Employee Management App

    Healthcare professionals will always continue to face challenges but while the work may be grueling, it’s also rewarding beyond measure. 

    One of the “easiest” challenges healthcare professionals can eliminate now is by implementing one of the apps for healthcare providers we listed above. These apps for healthcare providers can effectively transform healthcare providers’ daily grind. Whether it’s safety, compliance, scheduling, communication, and more, these apps for healthcare professionals can reduce many of the usual headaches.

    Leading All-In-One App for Healthcare Professionals

    Start for free and streamline your care service with intuitive scheduling, tracking employee work hours, enhancing communication, assigning shifts and getting signed checklists – all on your mobile phone!

    Leading All-In-One App for Healthcare Professionals
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