Top 7 Insurance Agency Management Software Solutions In 2021

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Beirit Harvey June 8, 2021 9 min read
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    As an insurance agent, your top priorities include bringing new clients and growing business. This can be difficult when you have a million other daily tasks that are taking up your time. In order for insurance agencies to run smoothly and efficiently, it’s important they use the right software to streamline daily operations and digitize nearly every part of their business.

    A Forbes article wisely mentions that “SMEs must understand the potential of new technologies in order to maximize client offerings and improve business performance internally. Adopting new technologies can give organizations additional tools to help scale, permitting more efficient and repeatable processes at lower costs, and allow entrepreneurs to improve the delivery time of any task while reducing the human error factor”. A powerful insurance agency management software will allow you to do all that and more!

    A robust insurance agency management software will benefit your company in the following ways:

    1. Simplify internal communication
    2. Increase employee productivity, engagement and morale
    3. Streamline daily processes and operations to keep your insurance agency running smoothly and efficiently
    4. Eliminate loss of important paperwork and information 
    5. Save you time and money so upper management can focus on creating leads and growing sales

    This list isn’t fully complete, there are actually countless more benefits of insurance agency management software. However, the five points above are most crucial for managers and owners of an insurance agency.

    Here is a list of 7 insurance agency management software systems that will effectively help you save time, money and more effectively manage your insurance agency!


    Top 7 Insurance Agency Management Software Solutions in 2021


    1. Connecteam

    employee management app

    With the Connecteam insurance agency management software you will be able to simplify all daily operations with just a click of a button while easily and efficiently managing all your agents and remote freelancers. 

    Some of the ways you can use the Connecteam’s employee app include: 

    1. Digitally record your agents and freelance workers hours with a digital employee time clock
    2. Train new agents and freelancers with mobile, fully customizable training courses and quizzes. 
    3. Make sure all your employees, even your remote workers, are all on the same page with digital events and newsletters on a fun and interactive social feed. Instead of having to disseminate this information to every single employee separately, you can reach your whole team with just a click of a button. 
    4. Create fully customizable digital task lists and workflows so employees can stay focused on what needs to be done without having to micromanage them. You will even receive a push notification when an employee has finished their daily tasks or workflow. 
    5. Digital forms and checklists allow you to access important forms and checklists even when your employees are on the go. Get rid of messy paperwork, confusing handwriting and loss of important documents– all forms and documents can be digitally stored and accessed at any time. 
    6. Send files, PDFs, videos, photos and share them to the relevant members of your team without having to send them to each individual person. You can even set automated reporting to save even more time!
    7. Automate and customize real time updates, reminders and notifications so that your whole team will be on the same page to reduce back and forth communication. 
    8. An in-app chat feature will allow you to easily and quickly reach all your employees with just a touch of a button. Create groups or send one-on-one messages with GIFs, videos, photos and even voice notes so that everyone is in the loop and communicating regularly. 
    9. Read & sign forms and reports

    Price: The Connecteam insurance agency management software is affordable for small and large businesses alike. There is a free plan to help you choose if Connecteam is right for you, but you also have 4 other plan options. The Basic plan starts at $39/month for up to 50 users. The Advanced plan is $79/month for up to 50 users. The Expert plan costs $159 for up to 50 users. The Enterprise plan requires you to call one of their customer success representatives. 

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    2. Applied Epic

    Applied logo

    Applied Epic allows insurance agents to gain better visibility across their entire business. They boast that through their integrated software, companies will be able to manage client relationships, grow sale opportunities, get insights into the market, simplify accounting, reporting, daily business processes, policies and benefit administration. Through their automated policy information transfer with insurers, you can get everything done all on one software platform instead of having to use several to complete a task. They also provide document management and organization, as well as text messaging to easily connect with clients. 

    Price: Unfortunately, no price is listed on their website. In order to acquire their software you must schedule a meeting with a sales representative. 


    3. TLD CRM

    TLD CRM logo

    Total Lead Domination (TLD) allows insurance agencies and call centers to run several aspects of their business. Their software allows insurance agencies and call centers to take leads and turn them into sales with a robust workflow feature. The workflow feature allows you to know when and what an employee did. You can also control what information and data your agents see. If there is sensitive information, you can choose who has access to that information. A calendar feature helps insurance agents and call centers to better manage their daily tasks and clients with call back reminders, appointment setting and events. Their automated reporting assists in detailed data analysis while allowing you to control expenses. 

    Price: TLDCRM is not inexpensive, in fact it’s pretty pricey. They require a one time setup fee that costs $500. Their Agency plan costs $75/month per seat. To use their predictive dialer for call centers it costs $25/month per seat and calls cost 2 cents per minute. To use extra phone numbers (DID’s) it costs $3/month per number. To determine if TLDCRM is right for your company, you can request a free demo with them. They do not have a free version or offer a free trial.


    4. Vertafore AMS 360

    Vertafore logo

    AMS 360 stores all information in their digital cloud and is an insurance management solution that allows freelance agents, brokers, small and large businesses to manage their workflows, customer retention and renewals. In essence, they provide document management, task management and workflows. In addition, you can also manage risk factors and regulatory transactions. 

    Price: In order to find out pricing you must contact a Vertafore representative.


    5. BriteCore

    BriteCore logo

    BriteCore offers services that help with employee management as well as client retention. Some of the services they offer include policy management, billing, claims management, regulatory and financial reporting. In addition, there is also a portal for your agents, for policyholders and insurers– with permission based access, so only those with permission can view sensitive information. Lastly, they provide a BI and analytics dashboard to help insurance companies make more informed data driven decisions

    Price: In order to find out how much BriteCore costs you need to request a demo with a  representative. 


    6. Newton By Agency System

    Newton By Agency Systems logo

    Newton By Agency System also provides agency management with several features that help streamline daily operations. Some of the features they provide include document management, accounting, account management, automated marketing features, renewal management. They also provide different portals for agents, clients and producers– that way no one can access sensitive information they don’t have permission to view. Furthermore, insurance companies can even analyze data and track sales. There is also a client mobile app so clients have access to their information anytime and anywhere. 

    Price: Newton By Agency System is pretty pricey and they don’t offer a free trial. Pricing starts at $185/month per user, which can obviously add up if you have a large agency. In order to determine if Newton By Agency Systems is right for you, it may be better to get in touch with a sales representative to fully understand if it will fit your needs.


    7. Jenesis Software

    Jenesis logo

    Jenesis offers insurance agency management software that assists agents in better managing clients and simplifying daily operations. Some of the features included with Jenesis Software are form creation, images and scanning to eliminate unnecessary paperwork, send digital files, automated reminders and notes, reporting, receipts and payment, a built in insurance comparison rater, electronic signatures, email integrations and marketing management. Their main focus is on automated marketing and improved client communication. 

    Price: In order to find out pricing you must speak to a sales representative. They do not offer a free trial or a free version. 


    Now To Choose Which Insurance Agency Management Software Is Right For You…

    In order to best decide which insurance agency management software is right for you, it’s crucial to determine what features you will be needing to better manage your team, agents and clients. Some of the aforementioned insurance agency management softwares differ in terms of client management and employee management, while others focus their features on marketing, client retention or scaling businesses. 

    The Connecteam insurance agency management software allows insurance agencies to better manage their remote or freelance agents all in one place. You can also easily and efficiently manage all your daily operations, internal communication, policies and reporting, training and events. The Connecteam insurance agency management software provides insurance agencies with an all-in-one solution to run their business more efficiently and smoothly.  

    Applied Epic provides insurance agencies with features that promote client retention and marketing. TLD CRM is mainly used by insurance agencies and call centers to increase sales. The Vertafore AMS 360 software helps insurance agencies better manage their remote employees as well as client renewals and retention. BriteCore essentially focuses their features to assist in employee management and client retention. With Newton By Agency Systems insurance agencies can simplify daily operations and workflows. Newton By Agency Systems also helps insurance agencies find more clients, improve client retention and increase policy sales. 

    Lastly, Jenesis Software offers features that assist in client management and daily operations. Determine what features your insurance agency needs most to run more efficiently and make your decision based on that information.

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