Top 10 Retail Apps to Manage Your Employees in January 2022

Rea Regan December 29, 2021 7 min read
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    As a retail manager, you must be fed up juggling so many responsibilities. Keeping the store clean, recruiting, handling payroll, creating organized schedules – the list goes on and on.

    But it doesn’t need to be this way. A quality retail app that you can easily access on your mobile device can help alleviate these issues. 

    It can reduce employee turnover, quickly train and teach employees with quality selling techniques, and communicate with them in a language that they can relate to. 

    But with so many retail apps on the market, where do you even begin? Through extensive research, we know exactly which retail apps are going to save your business time and money in the long run. 

    In a Hurry? Our Pick for The Best Retail App for 2022

    Without a doubt, we think Connecteam is the best retail app for your every need. 

    That’s because it’s both a retail employee app and business management app in one, with a whole range of awesome features, including: 

    • Easy training and onboarding for new and seasonal employees
    • Smooth communications, via 1:1, group chats and all-staff (trackable) updates
    • Easy, efficient scheduling across all employees 
    • A digital knowledge base (with unlimited uploads and file storage) for every policy, training manual and guideline you need your employees to consult. 

    We’ve done the heavy lifting and narrowed compiled a list of the 10 best retail apps and software solutions. Check them out below!

    Top 10 Retail Apps To Manage Your Employees

    Connecteam is an award-winning retail management app that helps businesses of all sizes streamline all aspects of their daily operations.

    Super easy to use and already loved by 20,000+ businesses like yours (even for the least tech-savvy of employees), Connecteam is famous for its dynamic features, exceptional customer support, and so much more. It leads the list as the best retail app on the market today.

    Handling payroll, maintaining schedules, training employees and maintaining healthy internal communication will no longer be tedious tasks. Also, there’s no more need for dated tools like pen, paper and spreadsheets.

    This all-in-one app’s retail-friendly features will benefit you and your employees in various ways. 

    Automate Daily Operational Activities 

    Reduce friction and gain better oversight with digital reports, forms and checklists. For example, open and close retail store checklist, refunds report, stock order request form, etc.

    Streamline Internal Communication

    Put everyone on the same page with efficient employee communication. This will benefit everyone, from headquarters and store managers to HR, shift managers, and employees. Start private or individual chat, share company announcements, refer to the in-app employee directory, share formal or informal communications, etc.

    Build Your Team Up For Success

    Establish a healthy company culture with the following employee engagement features: 

    • Shadowing practice during training
    • Manager observation reports
    • Better compliance practices
    • Share positive customer reviews to boost engagement
    • Highlighting the employee of the month for better morale, etc.

    Enhance Onboarding for New Hires

    Lower the turnover rate and continue to build skills for your staff with employee training. by moving everything to a single retailer app that employees can access whenever. Include read and sign to acknowledge materials, videos, quizzes, content to read, FAQs, and more including point of sale training, a guide on reading customer body language, etc.

    Efficient And Easy Shift Scheduling

    Use templates, drag and drop, recurring shifts and so many more employee scheduling capabilities. Add key shift information and tasks, send automatic reminders, open shifts for grabs, and much more.

    Better Time Tracking 

    Use the Time Clock feature to clock in and out from your employee’s own mobile phone. Or use a single Kiosk station like a tablet, export timesheets to Connecteam’s Quickbooks Online integration for accurate payroll, and send automatic reminders to make sure everyone clocks in and out on time.

    Manage Every Aspect of Human Resources

    Better manage your team with vacation requests, company policy updates, keeping contact information up to date, emergency contact lists, and everything in-between.


    Connecteam is the only retailer app that offers a fixed low price, starting at $39/month for the first 50 users, with extra seats available.

    Free trial? 14-day

    Free-for-life plan? Yes

    The #1 Retail App For Your Business

    Save time and effort on daily retail operations with the Connecteam retail app!

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    Prisync retail app user interface

    Prisync is a price tracking and dynamic pricing software for all business sizes (including small businesses and large enterprises). Some of its relevant features for retail stores include: regular price updates, integrations with any e-commerce software, daily reports on stock availability, and much more. What’s most impressive about Prisync is that it gives managers data so that they can adjust prices for a greater profit margin.

    Key Features

    Brand performance analytics

    Email reporting

    Price change notifications

    Price suggestions

    Repricing rules

    Price violation detection


    Prisync’s “Professional” plan is available for up to 100 products and costs $59/month. “Premium” is up to 1,000 products and is $129/month. Their “Platinum” plan is up to 5,000 products and is $229/month.

    Free trial? 14-day

    Free plan? No

    omnia dynamic pricing retail app user interface

    Managers who are in need of pricing optimization software can use Omnia Dynamic Pricing to take control of all pricing, saving time and boosting profits in the process. This retail app has an algorithm that enhances internal data with external data to find optimal pricing.

    Key Features

    Flexible pricing rule system

    End-to-end automation

    Competitor data collection

    Price elasticity insights

    Detailed data analysis

    Pricing policy builder


    Customers need to request a trial before receiving your pricing plan.

    Free trial? 14-day

    Free plan? No

    visual retail plus retail app user interface

    Founded in 1991, Visual Retail Plus is a software solution that is a modular application with CRM, POS, reporting, and inventory management. Activate a loyalty program, manage returns and commission and generally become a better retail manager with this easy-to-use retailer app.

    Key Features

    Item consolidation

    Tax exempts

    Quantity discounts

    Point of sale returns

    Suspend/resume transactions

    Price lookup


    $1,750/one-time payment for one computer and unlimited users.

    Free trial? No

    Free plan? No

    ncr counterpoint retail employee app user interface

    As a software solution, NCR Counterpoint offers a wide variety of features relevant to retail companies such as Mobile POS, built-in customer loyalty, configurable reporting, mobile marketing, inventory management, and automated purchasing. Receive custom made alerts and use e-commerce integrations as well.

    Key Features

    Retail analytics

    Store virtualization


    Point of sale

    Inventory management

    Payment system


    Customers can contact NCR directly for a demo and price quote for their retail business.

    Free trial? No

    Free plan? No

    commentsold retail employee app user interface

    Comment selling on Facebook is a new, growing trend that retail stores are quickly taking notice of. With CommentSold, users can post photos of products and write a “sold” comment easily. Now, users can reach an even larger audience on Facebook with Facebook groups, Facebook Live, and Facebook Messenger.

    Additionally, CommentSold allows for inventory management, automated invoicing, and an omni-channel experience.

    Key Features

    Invoicing and payments

    Inventory management

    Shipping and fulfillment

    Simplified communication

    Marketing automation



    Basic plan costs $49 per month (+$5 of sales)

    Free trial? 30-day

    Free plan? No

    retail pro retail employee app user interface

    As a retailer app, Retail Pro saves time and money by seamlessly providing a complete retail management solution for inventory, POS, inventory management, customer experience, and more.

    Key Features

    Point of sale

    Visual analytics


    Personalized marketing


    Customer management


    Retail Pro costs $119 per month for the first user and $99 per month for each additional user per location.

    Free trial? No

    Free plan? No

    ls nav retail employee app user interface

    LS Nav is a retailer app that is a brilliant unified commerce solution. This means that users can easily track stock levels in real time, track sales and productivity; whether it’s at a physical location, e-commerce platform, or a mobile app. Additionally, users can monitor KPIs (key performance indicators) and also manage inventory.

    Key Features

    Store dashboard

    POS management

    Sales history

    Gift registration


    Stock requests


    Contact LS Nav directly for a price quote.

    Free trial? No

    Free plan? No

    snappii retail app user interface

    Mobile apps as a retail business is a convenient and easy-to-use solution that can increase productivity as Snappii organizes product information, allows for total control, tracks the status of all items and enables mobile payment. Simply choose from Snappii’s 400+ ready-made app templates or they can create a free must-have app for the specific user.

    Key Features

    Drag and drop feature

    Job estimates/invoices

    Work order assigner

    Daily activity/time reporting

    Mobile payment

    Status tracking


    The price of this retailer app depends solely on how many users are needed. If one user is required, it’s $20/month. 5 users is $90/month and 10 users is $180. If a customer needs more than 10 users, then they need to contact this retailer app for a price quote.

    Free trial? 30-day

    Free plan? Yes

    gofrugal POS software retail app user interface

    In need of fast billing, inventory, cloud POS, easy integration, CRM, customer loyalty, and multi-store management? GoFrugal POS Software is a useful solution.

    Key Features

    POS billing

    Integrated accounting

    CRM and loyalty

    Supply chain management

    Retail software utilities

    Inventory tracking


    Contact GoFrugal POS Software for a price quote.

    Free trial? 30-day

    Free plan? Yes

    The Bottom Line On The Top 10 Retail Apps

    Knowing the challenges your retail store is facing is one thing. But by researching tools that can help you overcome these issues, you can focus on the big picture – earning more profit to keep your doors open.

    With the rise of online shopping and the desire for quick delivery, the customer base, as we know it, is evolving. Retail stores must do everything in their power to stay ahead of the competition. Doing the following two things is a good place to start:

    1. Ensure that your employees are well trained and ready for anything. 
    2. Make sure that operations are running as smoothly as possible.

    These two responsibilities are at the forefront of every retail manager’s mind and for good reason, without the two running like a well-oiled machine, nothing would succeed.

    Many retail managers and business owners of retail shops are turning to retail apps so that the mundane tasks and effectiveness of all employee management needs are met with exceptional precision. Have a good look through the retail apps we listed above and make the best choice for yourself, your employees, and your retail store.

    Manage Your Retail Employees From One Place

    Use Connecteam’s retail app to save your store and employees time and effort!

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