Top 10 Retailer Apps to Manage Your Retail Employees

Working in retail means you are responsible for building traffic and sales to your business. And you need to oversee daily operations and to hire and train employees. On top of all of that, you’re now faced with the competition that online stores present, meaning you need to give the best customer service and be very efficient with employee management and the total cost of operations. But there just aren’t enough hours in the day to streamline your day-to-day business needs.

Now that you know what you’re up against, we have to look into the statistics of profit. Why? Because the challenges you’re facing may be hefty, but do you know what the margin for profit is if you can overcome your biggest challenges? You have to look at the big picture.

Okay, let’s get to it. Online retail has actually grown 300% between 2000 and 2018, according to the U.S. Commerce Department. In that same time period, department store sales unfortunately dropped almost 50%. From these numbers, we understand two things: most consumers are focused on online shopping and the other is understanding consumer behavior – if you can understand and overcome of these shifts, then your retail store will thrive. And remember that around 20% of annual retail sales all happen during the holiday season.

By understanding where your profit is coming from, you stand a much better chance of tackling the common, everyday problems your retail store(s) is up against.

Top 10 Retailer Apps to Manage Your Retail Employees

What you need is an easy solution that will help you reduce employee turnover, quickly train employees, teach quality selling techniques, be up to date with all the latest changes, and maybe most of your employees are young, so you need to be on their level. Turning to mobile apps and software solutions can help alleviate all of the above, but with so many retailer apps on the market, where do you even begin? That’s where we come in! We’ve done the heavy lifting and have narrowed it down to the 10 best retailer apps and software solutions.  

These are the top 10 retailer apps to manage your retail store:


professional checklist app for employees

Connecteam is all-in-one employee app that allows you to streamline training, tasks, communication, and more. Connecteam has all the tools you need in order to manage your employees – time clock, chat, employee engagement, employee directory, suggestion box, surveys, scheduling, checklists & forms, and training.

With Connecteam, you’ll need less hours to manage your employees, easily keep everyone on the same page, automate onboarding, streamline communication, create a digital checklist (100% compliance), and so much more. Connecteam is a true all-in-one solution that can drive your business forward, so what are you waiting for?

Price: Connecteam is the only mobile app where  you can to add up to 200 users for a fixed low price, starting at $39/month. Need more than 200 users? There’s an Enterprise plan which also features fixed prices. Enjoy a free plan to evaluate the solution.



Prisync display of product

Prisync is a competitor price tracking and dynamic pricing software for all business sizes. Just some of their features that are relevant for your retail store include: stop tracking manually, update prices 4x a day, easily integrates with any e-commerce software, get daily reports on stock availability, and much more. What’s most impressive about Prisync is that is gives you data so that you can adjust prices for a greater profit margin!

Price: Their “Professional” plan is available for up to 100 products and costs $59/month. “Premium” is up to 1,000 products and is $129/month. Finally, their “Platinum” plan is up to 5,000 products and is $229/month.


Omnia Dynamic Pricing

Omnia Dynamic Pricing display of product

In need of pricing optimization software? Omnia Dynamic Pricing will help you take control of all your pricing, while saving time and boosting profits. How do they do this? Well this retail app has an algorithm that enhances internal data with external data to find optimal pricing.

Price: You’ll need to request a trial before receiving your pricing plan.


Visual Retail Plus

Visual Retail Plus soultion

Founded in 1991, Visual Retail Plus is a software solution that is a modular application with CRM, POS, reporting, and inventory management. Activate a loyalty program, returns management, commission management, and more with this easy to use retailer app.

Price: $1,750.00/one-time for one computer and unlimited users.


NCR Counterpoint

What does NCR Counterpoint feature as a software solution? Mobile POS, built-in customer loyalty, configurable reporting, mobile marketing, inventory management, and automated purchasing. Receive custom made alerts and NCR Counterpoint integrates with e-commerce as well.

Price: Contact NCR directly for a demo and price quote for your retail business.



CommentSold display of product

Comment selling on Facebook is a new, growing trend that retail stores are quickly taking notice of – post photos of your products and a user comments “sold”, the rest CommentSold takes care of. Now you can reach an even larger audience on Facebook with Facebook groups, Facebook Live, and Facebook Messenger.

Additionally, CommentSold allows for inventory management, automated invoicing, and an omni-channel experience.

Price: This retailer app will cost $44/month or $134/month depending on which features you need for your business.


Retail Pro

Retail Pro display

As a retailer app, Retail Pro will save time and money by seamlessly providing a complete retail management solution for inventory, POS, inventory management, customer experience, and more.

Price: With over 9,000 customers, you’ll still need to contact Retail Pro for a price quote.


LS Nav

LS Nav display of product

LS Nav is a retailer app that is a brilliant unified commerce solution. Meaning you can easily and in real-time track stock levels, track sales, and productivity; whether it’s at a physical location, e-commerce platform, or a mobile app. Additionally, you can monitor your KPIs (key performance indicators) and also manage inventory.

Price: Contact LS Nav directly for a price quote.


Snappii Mobile Apps

Snappii Mobile Apps display of product

Mobile apps as a retail business is a convenient and easy-to-use solution that can increase productivity as Snappi organizes product information, allows for total control, tracks the status of all items and enables mobile payment. Simply choose from Snappii’s 400+ ready-made app templates or they can create an app just for you, as far as retailer apps go, this is perfect.

Price: The price of this retailer app depends solely on how many users you need. If you just need one user, it’s $20/month. 5 users is $90/month and 10 users is $180. If you need more than 10 users, you’ll need to contact this retailer app for a price quote.


GoFrugal POS Software

GoFrugal POS Software display of product

In need of fast billing, inventory, cloud POS, easy integration, CRM, customer loyalty, and multi-store management? GoFrugal POS Software is for you.

Price: Contact GoFrugal POS Software for a price quote.

Knowing the challenges your retail store is facing and by researching tools can help you overcome these issues, you can focus on the big picture – earning more profit to keep your doors open.

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Connecteam: one retail app to manage employees & grow your business

Connecteam’s retail employee app is the perfect solution to have everyone on the same page. Schedule shifts, automate processes, enhance communication and provide the best work experience for your employees. All from one place and highly customizable. It’s really that easy to save time, increase employee engagement, enhance daily operation and so much more.

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