The Top 11 Ways to Get People Into Your Retail Store in 2021

The Top 11 Ways to Get People Into Your Retail Store in 2021

Reports show that online sales will reach $645 billion in 2021 which means that retail stores that solely rely on foot traffic will lose out on major sales. As a manager or owner, you know that having more customers in your store will lead to many more opportunities to drive sales, which leads to a bigger bottom line and a healthier business.

But how can it be done? That’s exactly what this blog answers. 


The Top 11 Ways to Get People Into Your Retail Store in 2021

1. Your storefront should be fun and well-maintained 

Take a step outside your store. Really look at it from the outside. Now answer these questions, are the windows dirty? Is the paint peeling? Is the door damaged and needs repair? Here’s the thing, a well-maintained storefront is crucial for drawing in customers. 

Stay on top of your maintenance tasks – cleaning windows and sweeping should be done daily. Whereas other tasks should be done every few months or years, like getting a new paint job. 

Store Appearance is Critical to Retail Sales

The above infographic speaks for itself – a buyer is heavily influenced about shopping at a particular location because of its physical presence. 

“With 95% of consumers reporting that exterior appearance is important in selecting a store to shop, the survey results suggest that retailers across the board, from restaurants to big-box outlets, should focus on the external presentation of their location to ensure there are satisfied customers inside.”


2. Bond with customers

When customers are in your store, talk to them! Engage with them. Create a more personal and interactive shopping experience so customers can gain a clear sense as to why it’s so beneficial to shop in-store rather than online. 

Here are a few ideas of how you can create a better, more personal shopping experience:

  • Collect their information
  • Offer some extras or freebies
  • Offer them one-on-one service
  • Join local community events

When customers see the benefits of shopping in-store instead of online, they are far more likely to return to your store numerous times because of their positive experience. In fact, research shows that 40% of consumers are more likely to buy from retailers that go the extra mile and personalize their shopping experience.


3. Offer the best customer service, day in and day out

Going off the last point, getting customers into your store means giving them a worthy experience therefore customer service has to be high on your list. From the second a customer steps foot into your retail store, they need to have superb customer service to have a superb in-store experience. It all starts and ends with customer service. 

Managers have to make sure their team knows exactly how to greet customers, how to interact, how to efficiently offer products and how to close a sale. 

And the numbers don’t lie: 

  • A single happy customer will approximately tell nine friends about a brand.
  • 47% of consumers will go to a competitor if they experience poor customer service. 

Managers have to take all necessary steps to ensure their team delivers exceptional customer service each and every day; when you do, you entice customers to shop in-store instead of online.



4. Curbside extras should be added

Use the space outside your store and create an above-average window display! Use a sandwich board to write witty and fun messages – you can highlight sales or a new product. 

fun chalk signs to bring retail customers into your store

Not only do these fun signs increase your curb appeal but it’s great to post on social media. 


5. Promotional events must be planned 

Shoppers love lotteries, drawings, and contests so you should definitely take advantage of these promotional events to boost awareness or what’s available in your store or new products. You can promote these events online, via email or social media, but in order to enter and win, you must come into the store.


6. In-store specials can bring the crowds in

Tip six on how to get people into your store is a continuation of the point above. Offer a huge discount or loyalty rewards to bring customers into your shop, but note that these in-store specials don’t always have to be money based. For example, you can offer hands-on demos to showcase your product. 

You can spread the word by sending emails with a coupon attached. Or you can announce a flash sale ( a limited-time, surprise sale) via social media or text messages. 


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7. In-store social media should get set up

A fun idea on getting customers into your store can include a “selfie wall” with a fun backdrop that customers can take photos in front of. Change the backdrop now and again and be sure to add your store hashtag. Offer discounts to customers who post their selfies on social media and tag your store.


8. Work with nearby businesses 

The next tip on how to increase foot traffic in a retail store is to work with local businesses. That level of cross-cooperation can bring customers to both your stores. Hang flyers or coupons in the locations of nearby businesses’, and vice versa. The deal is that shoppers receive a discount at Store A if they can show a recent receipt from Store B. Chat with restaurants, bars, local shops and so on near your retail store to create a working deal that works in both your favors. 


9. Keep your staff busy 

If your retail store has a large window that passing shoppers can look into then make sure all your staff know that their behavior can directly affect a customer’s decision to walk in. See, bored-looking employees are a turnoff to potential foot traffic. As managers, make sure your team are mindful of how they look and act even if there are no shoppers inside the retail store. Keep your team looking busy and welcoming so potential shoppers are more keen on walking into your store

As Win the Customer points out, it all starts with A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E:


A – Always greet your customers


T – Treat your customers with respect


T – Talk and chat with your customers


I – Interact with your customers in a relaxed, personal way


T – Turn up to work with a positive attitude


U – Understand your customer needs


D – Discover the impact you have around your customers


E – Excite your customers about your products


By training your staff to have a positive attitude at all times, you help them create exceptional customer service at all times.


10. Use “Click and Collect” offers

If you sell your products online then you can offer “Click and Collect” at your store as it helps get people to your physical location and can help you gain more sales.

Research shows that “about a third of shoppers would prefer to have an item delivered to a location other than their home… and many of those are choosing to pick up their orders in stores.”

Additionally, around 50% of survey respondents would rather use an in-store pickup and of those fifty percent, 45% buy something else while they’re in your store.

in-store pickup trends infographic


11. Host in-store retail events

In-store retail events are becoming a great way to build a community within your company, engage with customers, and generate revenue. These events are becoming a big part of a retail store’s marketing efforts because they help build customer relationships while also increasing sales. 

The Event Marketing Institute also found that 87% of consumers purchase your store’s products after attending an in-store event. 

The most common and popular in-store retail events include launch parties, meetup groups, classes and workshops.


To summarize…

We hope this blog answered how to get people into your store. By implementing a number of these tips, you are guaranteed to bring in more foot traffic, especially as the holidays are right around the corner. 

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