7 Ways HR Communication Can Truly Connect With Your Deskless Employees

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Josh Plotnek December 16, 2021 10 min read

As the world of business is constantly changing, it’s crucial that HR managers stay on top of the latest employee engagement trends. With the right strategies and software solutions, deskless workers can feel more connected, recognized, and motivated than ever. Here are some key ways HR communication can improve deskless employee engagement.

HR communication with deskless employees

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    It’s safe to say that as an HR manager, you’ve been incredibly busy recently. Adjusting to the ever-changing parameters set by the global pandemic is difficult enough. 

    At the same time, there’s a chance your deskless employees are less engaged with their work than ever. 

    They get most of their work done in the field. This could be a warehouse, a sales floor, a construction site. It doesn’t matter. The point is that you’re not there. How do you communicate with these workers and make sure that they’re staying engaged and motivated?

    Ultimately, expecting deskless workers to stay on top of email updates and important information in real-time is a lot to ask in this day and age. Almost 60% of companies have next to no technology solutions for deskless workers to use.

    The solution? A combination of shrewd HR communication strategy and innovative software that your workers can easily access on their mobile phones. These two things can help them stay engaged, wherever they may be working from.

    With that said, research has shown that some of HR’s employee engagement strategies are just not working. There are new measures that you can take to connect better with your deskless workers. 

    The Benefits of Providing HR Communication for Deskless Workers

    No matter how happy-go-lucky an employee might be, that initial enthusiasm will eventually start to fade – especially if they’re mobile, work in shifts, or if there’s a lack of communication between coworkers. 

    Ironically, the pandemic has only shed more light on deskless workers, who have notoriously been overlooked in the past. After all, they do comprise 80% of the global workforce. With that in mind, it is imperative that you are clued up on the latest tools and tips to help improve employee engagement and improve working conditions, in general. 

    Improving HR communication brings these key benefits to deskless workforces:

    But it’s clear that the engagement methods that worked before the pandemic might not work as well now. While it may vary depending on the industry you work in, there are some steps that HR managers can take to build a quality engagement strategy for their deskless workforce.

    Transition to Real-Time, Modern Employee Communication

    It’s clear that long email threads, letters and phone calls are dated forms of communication that aren’t even keeping deskless teams engaged anymore. Here are some examples of HR communication channels that aren’t so effective these days for deskless employees:

    • While email has worked for many workers, one size simply doesn’t fit all. Amazingly, 83% of deskless employees don’t have a corporate email address.
    • A physical notification board isn’t exactly immediate and information isn’t necessarily going to reach every member of staff.
    • Daily standups get everyone on the same page, but they are only done once a day and are location dependent. While it’s important for managers to have a face-to-face relationship with workers, this simply isn’t always possible. 

    Sure, these HR communication channels potentially work. But there is a better, more efficient way to communicate with employees and keep them engaged. 

    Use the Ultimate HR Communication Software

    Connecteam allows HR managers to connect the dots easily between teams – both deskless and desk-bound. It is an easier, more effective way to keep employees across departments in the loop so that they always know what is expected of them. 

    Connecteam allows you to easily communicate with deskless employees to provide office-bound expertise and guidance. And on the flip side, your deskless workforce can supply you with first-hand knowledge from working in the field to improve workflows, adapt to changing conditions and anticipate future problems.

    Connecteam is a HR communication software solution that saves you time, alleviates needless back and forth and generally makes your collaborative duties easier.

    Here are some of the ways in which HR managers can use Connecteam to connect with employees quicker and easier:

    • You can use instant, direct HR communication to reach your employees where they actually spend their working hours.
    • You can make HR communication fun and engaging with photos, videos, GIFs, voice notes, etc.
    • You can communicate with your employees in real-time, which means that messages are sent/received instantly.
    • You can actually see who viewed your messages, which makes it easy to follow up and fill in communication gaps.
    • You can create structured channels for either 1-on-1 chat or group communication for work-related purposes. For example, you can create a channel specifically about shift updates, a channel about COVID queries or a channel to contact HR. 
    • You can easily search for coworkers through the employee directory, instead of spending hours looking for them in other devices or paper-based resources.
    • You can target information distribution, making it actually relevant for your audience.

    Improve Your Onboarding & Training Experience

    Seeing that deskless workers are literally on the frontline when it comes to customer service, health, safety and security, it is extremely important that they receive detailed, comprehensive training to ensure long-term success.

    Instead of dealing with large piles of paper in the form of checklists and progress reports, you can easily build company policies,procedures, and courses, all from your digital platform. 

    Whether it be employee conduct, company structures, workplace safety, privacy policy, compliance standards, or benefits and welfare (to name a few), you have the right tools to give employees a detailed, enriching training experience.

    Here are some training and onboarding features with HR communication tools that can help keep deskless employees informed and engaged:

    • You can launch a digital onboarding experience with forms that deskless employees can fill in with just a couple of clicks.
    • Quickly build interactive courses and quizzes to test employees’ knowledge.
    • Guarantee full compliance with understandable read-and-sign forms.
    • Get real-time visibility into the progress and performance of every employee.
    • Share up-to-date protocols and SOPs (standard operating procedures).

    Keep Your Employees Informed & Up To Date

    It’s not enough to simply provide your deskless workers with all of the information they need. It also needs to be easily accessible, and all under one roof. They should be able to access all vital information easily and with minimal effort. This includes:

    • Keeping employees aware of their benefits and wellness information
    • Health and safety information
    • Relevant guidelines and protocols
    • Casual information like cafeteria menus
    • Gateway to third party services

    With HR communication software, you can easily upload existing resources to get started. It’s super easy to update information and make changes.

    deskless employee who needs HR communication software
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    Unify Your Team With Employee Recognition & Rewards

    There’s nothing quite like bringing your whole team together. HR apps allow all workers to use the same digital hub which can bridge the gap between departments and ensure everyone, with or without desks, speaks the same business language. 

    It’s crucial to make your workforce feel appreciated and build a strong sense of community and belonging. Here are some ideas that will take your deskless employee engagement to the next level:

    • Branding is a great way to present the company’s culture and values to the outer world. It can make outsiders actually care and put your business ahead of competitors. In turn, it will lead to both loyal customers and employees.
    • Recognize exceptional employees and reward work achievements (employee of the month, for example).
    • Give employees the spotlight they deserve and highlight milestones such as start-day anniversaries. 
    • Ignite employee participation with creative/visual tools to make messages more engaging (images, videos, GIFs, polls).
    • Blend informative HR communication with personal, fun messages.
    • Measure and optimize employee engagement metrics.
    • Reward employee achievements with tokens they can use to purchase themselves gifts from major retailers. 

    Digitize HR Forms & Documents

    Filling out paper-based forms can be extremely tedious, especially for deskless workers. With digitized forms, this process becomes much more efficient and also reduces admin costs

    You, the HR manager, don’t need to drown in all that paperwork. There’s a better way to gain control over work-related issues. Digitized forms and documents alleviate human errors, and no information gets lost this way. 

    Also, it makes it super easier to communicate employee benefits, promote recruitment and job development.

    Many companies that suffer from high employee turnover can use HR management software to bring new employees up-to-speed quickly with easy access onboarding programs. 

    General forms that HR managers can provide employees include:

    • Digital forms (health and safety training, confidentiality agreements and NDAs, personal information, etc.)
    • Checklists and to-do lists to improve organization and efficiency.
    • Read and sign documents
    • Referrals make it easy for employees to recommend others for positions, increasing recruitment reach.
    • Employees can fill in in-app job applications for in-house career advancement.
    • PTO/Vacation/sick leave request management: employees receive updates when requests are approved or denied.

    With HR communication software, you can add images and other media to forms and all information can be easily exported.

    Receive Feedback & Make Sure Your Team Is Heard

    Keeping deskless employees engaged doesn’t just mean providing them with information. Ideally, the best HR communication goes two ways. So apps like Connecteam should empower employees to supply feedback and put them front and center. Here are some ways you can make sure that every voice in the company is heard:

    • Introduce structured channels, allowing employees to specifically contact HR and management to supply useful feedback and suggestions for areas of improvement.
    • Get employees to regularly take part in surveys and live polls to improve decisions across the board.
    • Launch a digital suggestion box to easily receive feedback from all team members and act upon it.

    Be Prepared With Crisis Communication Tools

    Industries of all types are stepping up their efforts to implement crisis communication tools into their daily operations. 

    According to the Business Continuity Institute, more than two thirds (67%) of companies are now using specialist tools and software to execute emergency communication plans.

    Especially since the start of the global pandemic, it makes sense that more and more businesses would ensure that some kind of crisis communication is available.

    As an HR manager, you need to make sure that your business “joins” these statistics, if you haven’t already. 

    With crisis HR communication, you can achieve the following:

    • You can reach relevant employees directly and instantly in times of crisis.
    • You can send out notifications, alerts and reminders in real-time.
    • Employees have one central place where they can access and find all guidelines, protocols, policies and up-to-date information. 
    • You can easily send and collect confirmations and read-and-sign forms. 
    • Receiving HR communication at any time and any place can potentially make emergency situations less stressful for your team.

    The Bottom Line on HR Communication for Deskless Workers

    It is clear that HR managers will always benefit from communicating with deskless workers about more than just the bare minimum. Although it has been historically difficult to reach this contingent of the global workforce, it no longer needs to be this way. This is especially true seeing that deskless workers contribute so much to businesses around the world.

    With an HR communication tool like Connecteam, you can seamlessly bridge the knowledge and communication gap between the deskless and deskbound workers. It’s easy to use and makes historically tedious work processes a walk in the park. 

    With this kind of dynamic, all-in-one app, HR can improve onboarding and training for their employees, keeping them informed and up to date, and giving them the recognition and connection they need to thrive.

    Deskless workers will also have more of a say in daily business operations. They can supply feedback with just a few clicks, and easily read and sign digitized forms and documents. And, it will quickly prepare them for any eventuality, from small inconveniences to large-scale crises.

    Before you know it, your workforce’s loyalty and productivity will shoot through the roof.


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