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Denis Yankovsky December 20, 2021 12 min read
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    2020 has been a challenging year for most workers. All departments were directly impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, but HR probably faced the biggest hit right at the beginning of the COVID lockdown series.

    Those who helped their companies adapt the fastest to the fundamental changes caused by these events were the ones that ultimately thrived. 

    But even after the whole pandemic situation is “finally gone”, HR challenges will not go anywhere: from mental health issues to remote work practices, the workplace has set new boundaries and learning opportunities that are here to stay. HR managers will need to keep holding their organizations accountable to greater diversity and inclusion efforts, offer exceptional management of employees from afar, and ensure remote training and onboarding capabilities for new hires. At the same time, many challenges remain in keeping employees engaged and their well-being high in both remote and hybrid workplaces.

    Best Free All-In-One HR App

    2021 HR Trends & Challenges

    HR teams played active roles in 2020 as companies reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic and engaged in workplace equity and diversity conversations. 

    But experts are united in saying that the trends and challenges we faced in 2020 will most likely stay in one or another form, because what happened is rather a transition into the new era of employment and workforce management, than just a temporary deviation.

    2021 HR trends
    Courtesy of FinancesOnline

    Top HR trends & challenges of 2020-2021:

    All that considered, it seems pretty clear that modern HR leaders have to have affordable or free HR software tools at their fingertips, in order to follow the massive shift and have more time to actually focus on strategic initiatives, instead of dealing with administrative burdens. With the best HR software, including the free solutions,  HR leaders can do more with less and make a more significant impact company-wide.

    Why Do You Need An HR Software?

    All those HR trends indicate that HR experts will have to rethink their strategies and apply new technologies to cope with the new era of post-pandemic working. 

    Making the shift to digital and modernizing your toolkit will set your business up for success in 2021. In a short time, digital solutions will leave you better equipped to face whatever challenges may come next. And that’s where HR software comes into play.

    According to Capterra’s HR software guide, there are 6 major types of HR software:

    • Benefits-focused HR software
    • Recruiting-focused HR software
    • Performance-focused HR software
    • Training-focused HR software
    • Talent-focused HR software
    • Workforce-focused HR software

    As you can see from the types titles, there are different HR software solutions, both free and paid, that are designed to cover different aspects of employee management, but sometimes employee management tools can combine a number of those functions under a single roof.

    What Is HR software?

    The march of technology seems unstoppable, which will be key to navigating a challenging job market that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought upon virtually all industries. So it’s not a question of whether you need to utilize some kind of HR software or an internal employee app for your daily work. The question is which one(s) you should choose! Read on for the list of top 10 FREE HR software solutions you should consider in 2021. 

    Best 10 Free HR Software Solutions in 2021

    1. Connecteam

    The only all-in-one solution

    Connecteam is the best free HR software, available both on mobile and desktop, designed for HR managers dealing with deskless or remote employees. Trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide, and rated by the users at 4,8 out of 5 stars on Capterra, this free HR app is a great example of a universal all-in-one toolkit under one roof. 

    This all-in-one free HR app can help you to promote transparency, give feedback to engage employees, and bring all workplace conversations, paperwork, collaboration, tasks, and tools in one place, in real-time.

    Key Features:

    • Easy To Use Interface: even for your less tech-savvy employees: anyone can get started in seconds. It was designed particularly with deskless employees in mind, so non-desk companies don’t even need to train anyone on how to use the team chat app — just sign up in 2 minutes and start using the app.
    • Employee Recognition and Acknowledgment: celebrate new hires or recognize the proven leaders, share personal milestones like anniversaries, create an employee spotlight, and allow employees to nominate their peers for awards.
    • Employee Engagement with Announcements, Newsletters, and Updates: engage your employees by sharing frequent updates on business milestones like bringing new customers, a new location, smashing the goal or KPI set, etc. And also celebrate success stories from customers with letters, pictures, videos, a story, and more.
    • Surveys, Suggestion Box, and Live Polls: make decisions based on in-organizational surveys, launch a suggestion box to gain feedback and insights, and introduce an open-door policy so employees can directly approach HR or senior management.
    • Wellness & Benefits: provide all necessary information under one roof that employees can access whenever they need it and allow your team to register for company events right from their mobile phone.
    • Work Chat or Fun Communication: use nice GIFs for interactive content, allow people to like and comment to be part of the discussion, or use a structured safe organizational environment with one-way announcements or content administration.
    • Easy Training And Onboarding For Employees: In just a click, share images, videos, files, and even, GPS location. All of this can be done in real-time, right from your free HR app! Create media libraries and courses to train existing employees on new policies or rules, or onboard new employees remotely, by creating custom training programs, with your own media or PDF files.
    • Accurate timesheets and payroll: know who your star employees are with timesheets recorded to the second and also make payroll a fair and fast process through Connecteam’s seamless integration with Quickbooks Payroll.
    • Paperless Digital Document Flow with mobile read and sign forms, workflows, employee handbooks, onboarding checklists, attendance policies,  or any other HR forms.
    • A Personal Touch: from senior leadership all the way down, you can share videos from the CEO to every last employee. This is an easy way for front-line employees to approach senior management in a structured and control environment.
    • Employee Directory: A simple to use, and fully searchable work contacts directory for all the needed information about colleagues or pierces. This allows employees to search for any work contact via pre-determined profile attributes so they can easily make a phone call, send an email, or start a private chat conversation, without the need to save contacts on their personal mobile device.
    • Streamlined Internal Communication: Seamless and transparent communication on every company level, from private or group updates, to company-wide updates, with an option to comment, like, and send attachments. 
    • Secure Company Data Within the App: you don’t have to manually add and remove work contacts, instead, everything is available on the free HR app. Quickly search for the relevant employee by name, department, location, and job role.
    • Quick & Simple Task Management: assign one-off or recurring tasks, with media attachments, subtasks to check off, and track your team’s progress.

    Best All-In-One Free HR App

    Boost the workplace culture to a new level, streamline team communication, celebrate employees and manage your daily operations, all from a mobile, and for FREE!

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    2. Bamboo HR

    bamboo free hr software

    BambooHR is a cloud-based HR management software solution for small and midsize businesses. BambooHR offers small and growing companies a human resource information system (HRIS) that includes an applicant tracking system (ATS), time tracking, payroll processing, benefits administration, employee engagement and employee satisfaction tools, automated reminders, and workforce data analytics to manage all aspects of the employee lifecycle.

    Key Features:

    • Assessments
    •  Background Checks
    •  Candidate Tracking
    •  Internal HR
    •  Interview Scheduling
    •  Job Posting
    •  Onboarding
    •  Self Service Portal
    •  Workflow Management

    3. Bitrix24

    Bitrix-24 free hr software

    Bitrix24 is an HR software solution with a free version that works for businesses of all sizes. It includes apps for customer relationship management (CRM), contact center management, website management, and human resource management, but you can use the HR app separately. 

    The free HR app lets you add up to 12 users charge free and includes an employee directory, time tracking, leave management, calendars, recruiting features, and document management features. Bitrix24 is available in the cloud and on-premise with open source code access.

    Key Features:

    • Cataloging/Categorization
    • Collaboration
    • Decision Tree
    • Discussion Boards
    • Full-Text Search
    • Knowledge Base Management
    • Self Service Portal

    4. OrangeHRM

    Orange HR free hr software

    OrangeHRM is an HR solution that has a free version, works well for small and midsize businesses, and is available in two versions: cloud-based and open source.

    The open-source version is available for free and includes employee records, leave management, time and attendance management, recruiting, performance management, expense tracking, compliance management, and document management functionalities.

    This HR software solution is offered in three packages, including free software for very small businesses, and two premium paid plans for bigger companies.

    Key Features:

    • 360 Degree Feedback
    • Applicant Tracking
    • Benefits Management
    • Employee Database
    • Onboarding
    • Performance Management
    • Recruitment Management
    • Self Service Portal
    • Time & Attendance Management
    • Time Off Management

    5. WebHR

    WebHr free software

    WebHR is a cloud-based free HR software that is designed to deal with “everything from hire to retire”. Its free version supports up to five users and includes time and attendance tracking, employee records, onboarding, leave tracking, file management, employee self-service, and dashboard functionalities.

    Key Features:

    • Document Management
    • E-Verify/I-9 Forms
    • Electronic Forms
    • Electronic Signature
    • Employee Handbook
    • Job Description Management
    • Orientation Workflow Management
    • Self Service Portal
    • Task Management
    • Training Management

    6. Zoho People

    Zoho hr free software

    Zoho People is a cloud-based free HR software solution that’s suited for businesses of all sizes. Its free version lets you add up to five employees and includes an employee database, self-service features, onboarding, and leave management, however, more features will need to upgrade for a paid plan. This HR software lets you manage all your HR and benefits programs from a central location, making it easier than ever to attract, retain and reward top talent.

    Key Features:

    •  360 Degree Feedback
    •  Applicant Tracking
    •  Benefits Management
    •  Compensation Management
    •  Employee Database
    •  Employee Profiles
    •  Onboarding
    •  Payroll Management
    •  Performance Management
    •  Recruitment Management
    •  Self Service Portal
    •  Time & Attendance Management
    •  Time Off Management

    7. Humi

    Humi free hr software

    Humi is a Canadian HR, payroll, and benefits software solution that offers a free version. Humi is software for the HR needs of small to medium-sized businesses, such as employee onboarding, time off, and payroll management. Humi also allows benefit and flexible plans management capabilities.

    A performance appraisal module of this HR app allows managers to assess employees’ performance over a specific period of time and empowers organizations to build their own appraisal process.

    Key Features:

    • 360 Degree Feedback
    • Applicant Tracking
    • Benefits Management
    • Compensation Management
    • Employee Database
    • Employee Profiles
    • Onboarding
    • Payroll Management
    • Performance Management
    • Recruitment Management
    • Self Service Portal

    8. Apptivo

    Aaptivo free hr software

    Apptivo is a CRM software that comes with a free version and offers a variety of HR apps included.  The HR solutions of this software include employee data management, vacation tracking, recruitment, and team communication. These and more allows this flexible piece of software to provide a basic HR software solution that can meet most businesses’ needs for free.

    Besides, there are modules for reports and steady standard support for the free plan.

    Key Features:

    • Employee data management
    • Vacation tracking
    • Recruitment flows
    • Team communication
    • Analytics

    9. Sentrifugo

    Sentrifugo free hr software

    Sentrifugo is an open-source HR software and powerful Human Resource Management System that can be easily configured to meet your organizational needs. 

    Assign agencies to perform background checks, and track their progress.

    This HRMS is more clearly aimed at small-to-medium-sized businesses. It’s completely free, except for the fact that, since it’s open-source, you have to maintain your own servers. 

    Key Features:

    • Performance Appraisals
    • Analytics
    • Time-Off
    • Employee Prerequisites
    • Employee Self-Service
    • Background Check Tool
    • Leave Management
    • Service Requests
    • Talent Acquisition & Interview Scheduling
    • Time & Expense Management
    • Asset Management
    • Disciplinary Incident Management

    10. Teamdeck

    Teamdeck free hr software

    Teamdeck is yet another HR management solution, available for free, and supporting resource scheduling, time tracking, leave management, availability management. Teamdeck gives users visibility into their production pipeline, allowing them to forecast available employees accurately and plan work accordingly. 

    This HR software solution enables users to share insights with clients or stakeholders by exporting timesheets and reports. As an HR manager, you can also track employee vacations as well as their hourly availability, and manage time-off requests and approval. 

    Key Features:

    • Utilization management
    • Production pipeline visibility
    • Absence type management
    • Public holiday management
    • Absence management
    • Team utilization monitoring
    • Assignment management
    • Resource management
    • Timesheets
    • Availability management
    • Timesheet & report export
    • Time tracking
    • Approval process control
    • Vacation tracking
    • Leave tracking
    • Reporting & analytics
    • Capacity management
    • Billable & non-billable hours
    • Team productivity monitoring
    • Booking management

    Bottom Line On the Best Free HR Software In 2021

    The workforce and the whole concept of work are changing rapidly, and HR professionals should follow the trends and use modern software solutions to stay relevant and competitive.

    When managers effectively manage their team — they end up with a more engaged and productive workforce, that’s loyal and positive. Using HR software solutions helps make the entire process smoother. However, before investing in an online employee management system, write out your company’s needs and what features would best suit your business. Sometimes, the best HR software solutions are very affordable, or completely free.

    Best Free HR Softwar

    Connecteam’s all-in-one free HR app can help you promote transparency, give feedback to engage employees, and bring all workplace conversations, paperwork, collaboration, tasks, and tools in one place, in real-time.

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