8 of the Best Remote Work Software Solutions in 2022

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Josh Plotnek October 13, 2021 10 min read

Today, having remote work software is a must in order to ensure that your team performs to their very best. We have put together 8 of the best remote work software solutions, each with their unique features that will benefit your company in some shape or form.

Working Remotely On Phone

Quick Guide

    Like many of you who are reading this, working from home has become an essential part of my lifestyle. 

    So I don’t need to convince you that remote work is hard – you know that already! It certainly isn’t a perfect way to get things done. 

    As a manager or business owner, what you are looking for are ways to make sure that your employees stay connected, engaged and on task. 

    You are probably looking for ways to ensure that key company principles like communication, time management and motivation don’t fall through the cracks.

    There are a variety of online remote work tools and software that can help address some of, if not all of these challenges and generally make remote work a more efficient experience.

    One of these solutions is going to suit your company’s needs. What you need to ask yourself is the following: Is it easy to use? Is it quick to implement? And finally, is it super affordable? We’ve got all the answers for you here.

    8 Best Remote Work Software Solutions in 2022

    Connecteam Remote Work Features

    Connecteam is an all-in-one work-from-home software that allows managers and employees to stay in contact and organized, regardless of time and location. With a wide variety of features that cover everything from communication to time management to payroll (that integrates with Quickbooks Online), remote working has never been easier.

    For Whom?

    Connecteam’s remote working software is designed specifically for mobile or deskless employees, making working remotely more convenient than ever. Connecteam is used by companies from more than 90 industries including healthcare, cleaning, construction, retail and more.

    Key Features

    Send and track messages in either 1:1 or group chat

    Managers can create digital documents such as checklists, handbooks and ready-to-sign forms

    Easy and intuitive time clock for payroll and with optional GPS tracking

    Create suggestion boxes and surveys to receive feedback

    Share files easily such as pictures, videos, training manuals and policies

    Managers can assign tasks, team reminders and notifications

    Post updates about company goals, success stories, etc.

    Absence, PTO, vacation, sick leave management

    Pros & Cons

    All-in-one solution

    Quick-to-respond customer support

    Managing time and attendance is easy

    Easy to use and implement

    Affordable price for all businesses

    Free plan for up to 50 users only


    Starts at just $39/month for the first 50 users

    Free 14-day trial

    Free plan: Yes

    Connecteam Is The Number One App For Remote Workers

    Pukkateam Home Page

    Pukkateam helps bring remote teams closer. One of its main features is taking automated photos of the employees’ faces throughout the day. This informs coworkers when team members are currently available and away. Teams can stay up to date with what task each member is working on at any given time. Also, the app integrates with Skype and Slack, and allows users to start video calls with one click.

    For Whom?

    Pukkateam is designed to help teams improve remote work communication and specifically, team presence. This remote working software benefits employees that spend most of their working hours at a main office but need to work from home occasionally, as well as teams who are dispersed in different locations. 

    Key Features

    Customizable statuses

    Availability notifications

    One-click video calls

    Pros & Cons

    Real-time presence

    Easy to check on employee status

    Does not provide API

    No free option, only trial

    Limited features


    Group plan is $7/user/month

    Free 60-day trial

    Free plan: No

    Google Drive User Interface

    These days, keeping work files on your PC or Mac can be a recipe for disaster. You are better off storing them on some kind of cloud, which you can open on whatever device you are using. It’s safer that way. Google Drive is one of the classic cloud-based storage systems that is perfect for remote working. With many essential office tools, users can create all kinds of useful documents such as spreadsheets, letters and slideshows.

    For Whom?

    In short, Google Drive has a wide audience, and has more than 1 billion users. It is used by workers, students, and admin from all fields.

    Key Features

    File sharing/storage

    Word-processed documents


    Slideshow presentations

    Collaborative editing

    Pros & Cons

    Safe and secure

    Easy to share files

    Useable on multiple devices

    High storage capacity

    Complicated user interface

    Doesn’t work without internet

    Long uploading/downloading time


    Business version costs $8/month per active user

    $1 per 25 GB

    First 15 GB are free for personal use

    Krisp Home Page

    When working remotely, one needs high quality communication tools, and this doesn’t mean just text-based ones. Phone calls can often be marred by poor internet connection and general background sounds. Krisp is a software that helps to mute unwanted background noise during phone and video calls. AI tech filters out non-voice sounds, bringing the caller and recipient’s voices to the forefront. This means that sounds of dog’s barks or a neighbor’s annoying drilling will no longer cause awkward disruptions during phone calls.

    For Whom?

    Krisp is a useful solution for employees who spend large parts of their days on phone calls. Online sales, customer service, and technical support teams and call centers can benefit significantly from Krisp, especially while working from home.

    Key Features

    AI-powered background noise muting

    Instant changeable settings

    Echo removal

    Pros & Cons

    One button to turn on and off

    Downloadable on multiple operating systems

    Compatible on multiple video conference apps

    Supported by any mic, headset or speaker

    Filter can make voices sound robotic

    Limited free trial

    High CPU usage


    Team Plan is $12/user/month

    Custom pricing for Enterprise plan

    Free plan limited to 120 mins/week

    Slack User Interface

    Sure, when we are in the office, we can simply turn around, tap a coworker on the shoulder and ask them a question. But when you are working remotely, you need some kind of tool to communicate with your team. Slack is an ideal solution to this problem. Have real time conversations with multiple teammates at once. You can open numerous channels and threads for different purposes and even share files.

    For Whom?

    Slack is a great solution for companies, both big and small. Those who require regular communication with teammates will see Slack as an essential piece of work from home software.

    Key Features

    Real-time conversations

    Create channels and threads

    File sharing

    Pros & Cons

    Easy user interface

    Integratable apps

    Effective notification options

    Easily shareable files

    Prone to freezing

    Poor video conferencing

    Limited text formatting

    Slackbot can be problematic


    Standard plan is $6.67/month

    Contact a representative for the Enterprise plan

    Free plan: Yes

    Todoist Home Page

    Working from home requires organization and knowing what tasks you need to be doing at all times. Todoist is a unique solution for this that focuses heavily on task management. This remote work app allows teams and individual workers to set reminders, so that you can stay on task, while also knowing what’s next to do down the pipeline. Users can also create sub-tasks, stay on top of productivity trends and integrate with virtual assistants like Alexa and Google Home.

    For Whom?

    Todoist is ideal for teams who may be working on multiple tasks at any given time. Creative teams, developers, and HR from both small businesses and enterprises can all benefit from its task management features.

    Key Features

    Task organization and delegation

    Task prioritization

    Productivity visualization

    Kanban boards

    Pros & Cons

    Simple user interface

    Easy to stay organized

    Quick shortcuts

    Use on multiple devices

    Unretrievable “done” tasks

    No calendar view option

    Lack of customizability


    Premium is $3/month

    Free plan for 80 projects and five people per project

    30-Day Free Trial

    1Password User Interface

    Readjusting to remote work can be a logistical nightmare. It can be a particular pain if you have to re-log into all of your accounts, but you don’t necessarily have all of your passwords written down. And if you do, it’s probably not the safest mode of password storage. 1Password solves this problem, helping users store all passwords in a secure digital vault. The only password users need to remember is the master one they use to open the app.

    For Whom?

    1Password is useful for anyone simply looking to make their online accounts more secure. This means that companies of all sizes and families can benefit from using an app that stores their passwords all in one place.

    Key Features

    Security breach alerts

    Advanced encryption

    Automated form-filling

    Pros & Cons

    Sync data on multiple devices

    Safe and secure system

    Simple to use

    Clunky user interface

    Ineffective autofill

    No free plan


    Personal plan is $2.99/month

    Enterprise is custom pricing

    Free 14-day trial

    Forest User Interface

    As previously mentioned, recent studies show that many employees choose to work remotely because they believe there are actually fewer distractions at home. Thankfully, Forest is a remote work tool that gets to the heart of this problem. 

    This neat little app aims to reward users for not using their smartphone in order to switch their attention to more pressing responsibilities. Users can set a timer on the app to measure how long they want to work for, distraction-free.

    For Whom?

    While it’s clear that remote workers will benefit from it, anyone who needs to focus on the task at hand without distractions should consider downloading Forest. Environment-conscious users should also consider using the app, as Forest rewards users with virtual tokens that they can spend to donate to organizations that plant trees around the world.

    Key Features

    Phone usage and screen time counter

    Achievement log

    News section

    Online store

    Pros & Cons

    Unique user interface

    Eco-friendly feature

    Prevents distractions

    Many features are not free


    Pro plan is $1.99

    Basic plan is free

    Frequently Asked Questions On Remote Work Software

    Why do I need remote work tools?

    Remote work is becoming increasingly normal around the world. Therefore, it is now imperative for companies to have remote work software for those employees who, for one reason or another, are required to work away from home. Having the right remote work tools has multiple benefits: it saves lots of time, increases productivity, reduces distractions, improves communication, and maintains team morale, to name a few.

    Is remote work software affordable?

    Every remote work app is different, offering a variety of features, and they all have their pros and cons. So pricing is going to vary. It also depends on how many employees need remote work software, how often they are going to work from home and what features they need on a daily basis. Some remote work apps can be as low as $39/month. We advise starting with a free trial to see if the remote work app is a good fit for your company. Once you know what features you definitely need, you can adjust the price plan accordingly.

    Are remote work apps suitable for all my employees?

    The truth is that different remote work tools might be more appropriate for different employees. Some will check all the boxes regardless of what department you work in. Some will be easier to use than others and as a result, simpler to implement for the entire company. Connecteam’s remote work app is an effective solution for deskless companies whose employees might not be so tech-savvy. Hardly any training is required, meaning that employees can competently use the app regardless of location.

    What are the benefits of working remotely?

    Let’s face it – keeping others safe and healthy isn’t the only valid reason to work remotely these days. Many of us have other responsibilities, like parenting duties and doctor’s appointments. Others simply find working remotely to be a useful change of pace, in which they have managed to produce their best results for their company.

    How many people work remotely these days?

    The following numbers show that remote work is only going to become more prevalent as time goes on:

    • According to a study conducted by Owl Labs, in which 1,202 full-time employees took a survey, a whopping 62% of those aged between 22 and 65 admitted to working remotely, at least occasionally. 
    • Upwork produced its own study, revealing that by 2028, 73% of all departments are expected to have remote workers.
    • Also, in a survey created by FlexJobs, 75% of employees claimed that the reason they preferred working remotely was due to less distractions. 74% also admitted that it was because they received fewer interruptions from colleagues.

    With numbers like this, it’s clear that remote work is the future.

    What are the challenges that remote workers regularly face?

    • It’s becoming increasingly difficult to communicate when coworkers are dispersed and working in different locations. Not having a platform where workers can instantly message each other can make team tasks take much longer than usual.
    • Working remotely can inevitably lead to a mix of workers’ professional and personal lives. As a result, managing one’s time effectively is getting tougher.
    • Many companies pride themselves on their company culture. A lack of togetherness on a daily basis can negatively impact team morale.
    • Not working face to face with managers can make employees feel like they are working without clear direction and a sense of solid leadership. This can also lead to poor organization. 
    • While many who work remotely believe that it improves productivity, others believe that it does the opposite – causing a lack of motivation.

    The Bottom Line on Remote Work Software

    The previously mentioned remote work tools all have their own distinctive features that set them apart from the crowd. This also means that they fulfill unique purposes and different kinds of companies will benefit from each one (and maybe more than one). 

    One thing’s for sure, these apps are likely to solve various issues your business faces when it comes to working from home. Day-to-day operations like file sharing, messaging, scheduling, clocking in and out, task management and more are going to be so much easier.

    Make sure to run through each of the remote work tools listed so that you can cherry pick which ones are most suitable for your operations. These apps will ensure that your employees produce excellent results while working remotely.

    The pandemic has forced us all to make radical changes in order to keep up with the times. A notable change that many of us have made is how and, more specifically, where we work. 

    Stay In Touch Anywhere With The Connecteam Remote Work App

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