Top 10 Timesheet App Solutions in 2021

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Rea Regan January 24, 2021 9 min read
Top 10 Timesheet App Solutions in 2021

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    Timesheet management. There are no two words that cause managers of all company types and sizes to run for the hills. (Well, apart from planning and distributing the job schedule!)

    And it makes sense. Timesheet management is exhausting. It’s time-consuming and has so many moving parts that you feel like you’re always playing catch up no matter what. Not to mention the high likelihood of time theft and human error. 

    In fact, “only 9% of business owners can say they never have problems with timesheet errors.”

    Until they make the switch to automated employee timesheet solutions. 

    Why should a manager switch to an automated timesheet app? Time is money. Plain and simple! Automated employee timesheet solutions help you avoid mistakes, misunderstandings, and payroll errors. If that’s not enough, we highlight a few more features that benefit you to use a timesheets app.

    • All hours are recorded as exact and not approximate
    • Time theft is not possible
    • Always know who clocked in and out with a LIVE view
    • View an accurate payroll balance in real-time
    • Remove friction from the payroll process with multiple export options
    • Intuitive and easy to use
    • Everything is documented and transparent
    • Reminders and auto-reports ensure nothing falls through the cracks
    • Ability to manage absences and time off

    Depending on the employee timesheet solution that you choose to run your company and manage employees, the list of benefits can be even longer as the features offered differ from solution to solution. 

    What about the benefits from an employee perspective? At the end of the day, employees want to better understand their current and projected salaries. When they have direct access to their employee timesheet, even on the go, they can focus on the job at hand instead of fretting over mistakes. 

    • Easily oversee work and PTO hours
    • Receive real-time notification that their time off or absence request was approved or rejected
    • Have a quick and easy overview of hours and how much they will be paid
    • The weekly timesheet helps employees spot anomalies and reminds them to look over their working hours to curb errors as soon as possible                                                   

    Given the above and knowing that 15% of employees have said that they’ve never paid accurately, it’s a no-brainer to start using an online employee timesheet. 

    Considering everything listed above, we took a look at a few employee timesheet solutions in the market and highlighted their most key features to make timesheet management a breeze. Check it out! 

    Top 10 Timesheet App Solutions in 2021

    1. Connecteam 

    Connecteam is the leading timesheet app that was specially built to save you time and effort so you can really focus on what matters without the mess, headaches, and endless paperwork. 

    Why managers say Connecteam is the best timesheet app in the market: 

    • Easily understand who’s working right now, on what, and from where
    • Use the timesheet mobile app to review and edit timesheets on the go 
    • Customize your timesheets with what matters like overtime and double time, daily limits,  auto-clock out, admin notifications, employee push notifications, etc.
    • Include shift attachments like time, location, tasks to complete, notes, attachments, and more
    • Enable geofence so employees only clock in and out from a pre-designated location 
    • Send periodic reports whenever you want of employee timesheets  and payroll exports to any email address 
    • Manage time-off requests and approvals, customize absence types, and refer to historical records at any time
    • Visual cues in the timesheet app immediately point out errors like daily limit, overtime, auto clock-out, vacation, edited break, etc. 
    • Communication features allow you to chat 1-on-1 with your employee to ask questions or clarify things when needed

    Why employees believe Connecteam is the best timesheet app in the market: 

    • Intuitive and easy to navigate 
    • A modern solution 
    • Ability to track work time for multiple jobs and shifts 
    • Automated notifications and reminders

    Price: The Connecteam employee timesheet is super affordable. Instead, you pay a fixed monthly price for up to 50 users with prices starting at just $39/month. A free for life plan is available as well. 

    Timesheets & Payroll Made Simple

    Designed from the ground up to save time and flag what matters.

    2. TimeCamp


    TimeCamp helps you eliminate messy and time-consuming paperwork by automating all work. You have the ability to approve and edit entries, work with a start and stop time, and have access to robust timesheet data.

    The following are helpful timesheet features available on TimeCamp:

    • Track hours as billable or non billable
    • Convert reports into any view like Excel, PDF, CSV, or via a Google Spreadsheet
    • View employee hours as productive and unproductive activities by tracking their time
    • Available on mobile (Android, iOS), desktop (Mac, Windows, Linux), web app
    • Send automatic reminders

    Price: Start basic at $7/month/user or go pro at $10/month/user. A free plan is also available if you’re working solo. A free 14-day trial is available on TimeCamp.

    3. Tick

    Tick time tracking

    Tick fills your basic time tracking needs as it allows you to automatically track time for specific tasks and shows you a direct overview of how much time was spent on those activities. After which, you can easily access all data in colorful timesheets.

    Here are some helpful features you can find on Tick:

    • Includes project budgeting tracking 
    • Reports are transparent 
    • Run timers
    • RSS project tracking
    • A Google Chrome extension is available
    • Integrates with 100+ solutions

    Price: Pricing is calculated based on projects, for example, a single project is free every month. 10 projects cost $19/month while 60 projects are $75/month. A free 30-day trial is available. 


    If you need classical timesheets then comes in handy. Managers can watch over their employee’s work progress and workflow. So if all you need to do is keep an eye on your employee’s work then this simple solution is best.

    What other benefits does offer? 

    • Track expenses and mileage 
    • Upload receipts from your smartphone
    • All employee documents are kept in the HR suite
    • Make payroll and billable time calculations
    • Handle employee vacation requests

    Price: The standard plan will cost $4.50/user/month. A free plan is available as well, otherwise sign up for the free trial.

    5. Scoro

    Scoro time tracking

    Managing all factors of project management for your business is easily done on Scoro. You have the ability to track employee work hours, manage timesheets and tasks, with the ability to further manage finances and workflow. Scoro goes beyond just showing how many hours your employees worked but it also shows the progress of assignments, your team’s productivity level, all key dates, budget status, and more.

    • Integrates with 1,000+ solutions
    • Automated reports
    • Tailored dashboard 
    • CRM
    • Project management hub

    Price: For a minimum of just five users, pricing starts at just $28/month/user for the most basic plan. A free 14-day trial is available. 

    6. Harvest

    Harvest time tracking

    Harvest has a friendly interface that makes it simple to track time, manage invoices, and handle reports with easy timesheets and billing. In a clean dashboard, you can instantly see all key information for your team, the project, and the budget. 

    • Track time as you work
    • Manually add hours in 
    • Daily timers
    • Integrates with hundreds of solutions
    • Manage expenses and take a photo of your receipt
    • Review and approve team timesheets
    • Automatic reminders
    • Set hourly and fee-based budgets

    Price: For a single seat and two projects, Harvest is free. Otherwise, you’re looking at $12/seat/month. A free 30-day trial is available. 

    7. Monitask


    Freelancers and remote teams use Monitask to automate timesheets, which are hosted in a simple interface. A few helpful features include tracking tasks, monitoring app usage, and creating detailed reports. 

    • Add employees and team members with their email address
    • Mobile app and web accessible 
    • Share reports in CSV or PDF formats
    • Manual time entry optional 
    • Offline entry of hours available 

    Price: Pricing starts at $4.99/user/month or the free plan for a single user is available. A free 10-day trial is an option to get started. 

    8. Zoho Projects

    Zoho Projects time tracking

    While Zoho is better known as a project management tool, it does offer a time tracking solution which allows you to better manage hours through timesheets and task timers. Additionally, you have the ability to manage milestones, include task lists, and can also set projects tasks, subtasks, and recurring tasks.

    • Automatic timers
    • Approve or reject timesheets
    • Turn timesheets into invoices for easy billing 
    • Detailed reports
    • View planned and actual time 

    Price: There are four pricing plans, each of which charge per user a month. You can get started at $3/user/month and you have a limit of up to 10 users. A free 10-day trial is available. 

    9. ClickTime


    If you want a cloud-based time tracking solution, then ClickTime is for you. All timesheets can be viewed online so you don’t have to download anything. There are even timesheet templates for you to implement. A mobile app is available as well.

    • Create goals and custom fields
    • Hours can be edited, added, and copied
    • Payroll integrations
    • Timesheet approvals
    • Resource planning
    • Detailed reports

    Price: Plans start at $9/user/month. A free 14-day trial is available.

    10. Replicon

    Replicon time tracking

    Project managers of large companies, managers of medium-sized teams, and remote teams like working with Replicon. It uses GPS tracking to easily track time and projects so that your timesheets are accurate. 

    • Manage time off
    • Track project expenses
    • Manage project hours and costs
    • Use prebuilt or customized templates
    • Track billable and nonbillable hours

    Price: Pricing is split by either projects or segments. Projects, for example, will cost $60/month for up to 5 users with any additional user costing $10. 

    Bottom Line On Using A Timesheet App in 2021

    It is undeniable that using a timesheet app over manual efforts removes many common challenges associated with managing timesheets. For example, it offers transparency, leads to better productivity, includes integrations for more robust handling of timesheets, fewer mistakes, and unifies the timesheet process in a single place. 

    Fully review the list we created above to find the best employee timesheet solution that works for you and your employees. Be sure to write out what features are a must and what would be nice to have. Then see which solution matches this list and choose the most affordable solution for your company. 

    Paper time cards and timesheet handling is a thing of the past. It’s time (pun intended) to join the timesheet mobile app revolution. 

    #1 Timesheet App

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