7 Must Have Apps for Carpet Cleaning Companies

When starting a carpet cleaning business there are a lot of things to consider. Should I franchise? How do I choose my location from which to operate? Which tools do I need to buy? How can I attract customers? All these are very valid concerns and you will no doubt encounter them more than once on your shaggy road to carpet cleaning fortune.

However, these are general problems which you may have already given it some thought. Heck, you may have already found your answers. Instead, we’re here to discuss the mobile apps that can turn even the most successful carpet cleaning business into an empire.

Don’t believe me?!

Here are the numbers:

  • 78% of small business owners believe that mobile apps make them more productive.
  • Almost 50% agree that apps have directly helped their sales team increase sales and revenue.
  • 291 small business owner hours and 589 employee hours are saved using mobile apps.
  • If all companies with less than 20 employees were to use mobile apps that improve productivity, an estimated 1.2 billion owner hours could be saved each year.

On top of it all, the carpet cleaning industry is expected to keep growing in revenue through to 2020. Annually, the carpet cleaning industry, in the US alone, generates on average $5 billion in revenue – this is why it’s so important to address the common challenges the industry is up against and to know exactly how a mobile app can help ease the tension so you can focus on the big picture.

revenue growing for carpet cleaning companies in US graph


Mobile apps can save you time and money and make your cleaning business more efficient. However, it comes down to choosing the right ones and that’s precisely why we rolled up our sleeves and did our homework to present you with a list of the top seven must-have apps. Each one is designed to take your business forward so you can rake in that revenue.

7 Must Have Apps for Carpet Cleaning Companies

1. Salesforce


Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) software solution available from the Apple App store or Google Play. You can use it to close deals, service customers, track marketing and share files on any device.

Pros: It has artificial intelligence built into your CRM and its analytics can give every employee access to data-driven insights anywhere and at any time. Essentially, business owners can run their sales and marketing from their phone using Salesforce. There’s a 30-month free trial that you can try out to ensure the product is right for you and your business.

Cons: Some features are charged at an additional cost on top of the various packages on offer.

Pricing: The more people that make use of this app the more you pay. For example, its Lightning Essentials package can be accessible for up to 5 users and will cost you $25 a month. The Lightning Professional package is available for any size team and costs $75 a month. If you need unlimited access to most of the features on offer you’ll be charged $300 per month.

2. Connecteam

End of day checklist

Connecteam is a mobile app that allows companies that manage non desk employees to communicate, manage tasks, share documents, and track and report time. The app is offered for a fixed monthly price, starting at $29 a month for up to 200 users.

Pros: Very versatile and easy to use. You can have your entire workforce on the app and ready to go in 15 minutes flat. Through the mobile app they’ll have quick and easy access to work orders, a time clock, timesheets, mobile chat, task management, their documents, and a lot more. They can track their time and clock in out with a GPS location and job costing functionality. They can request shifts and paid time off, and they can dispatch teams without having to leave the desk.

Cons: While there is a desktop based dashboard available for managers, called the Launch Pad, employees are required to use the mobile app.

Pricing: Connecteam is available at a fixed monthly price, starting at $29/month for up to 200 users. Or you can sign up for the free plan and can upgrade at anytime!

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3. Dropbox


If your business operates through sharing lots of information, then this file hosting service often referred to as the ‘godfather of cloud storage’ could be very handy as it enables you to store files digitally in one central place.

Pros: It’s easy to use and will keep your videos, documents and pictures safe. It offers 2GB of free storage.

Cons: Like all free plans it doesn’t have the extra frills and space. So if you need more than the basic package you’d have to dig into your pockets.

Pricing: If you need more space then you’ll have to pay for it. There’s Dropbox Plus which will give you 1TB of space and then there’s also Dropbox Professional and Business which will also offer more space and functionality. It’s up to you whether you want to pay monthly or yearly. Pricing depends on your billing country and the subscription you select.

4. WhatsApp


This handy messenger tool is not just convenient to send messages and files between friends and family – it can be used by businesses too. What’s more, WhatsApp will soon launch a free business app, so keep an eye out for any announcements. In the interim, it’s available on iPhones, Android and Windows Phones.

Pros: If you make use of this app it will connect through your company’s internet connection so there won’t be expensive calling charges. You can send unlimited messages and documents files of up to 100Mb. The ticks next to the messages will indicate whether the message has been sent (single tick), delivered (double tick) and read (when the tick turns blue). If your employees are on the move, they can also send audio and video messages.

Cons: Not ideal for large corporates if they have lots of employees as the group size limit is currently at 256.  You need to have data at your disposal as it will not work offline.

Depends on your internet, data charges and the usage thereof.

5. Asana


You can use this project management app to track your team’s work, manage projects and share tasks.

Pros: It’s easy to manage the progress of projects when asking for the overview option. You can list all the necessary task and assign team members to do them. You can add and subtract member to the project without having to create an entirely new project.

Cons: The basic functions are free but if you want more functionality then you have to pay for it. You wouldn’t ditch email altogether as the basic version sends you notifications every time a team member leaves a comment.

There’s a free basic version, otherwise there’s Premium ($9.99 per month) and an Enterprise version – price available on request.

6. Waze


If your employees are on the go all the time from one customer to another then this maps and traffic navigation app would be a handy tool for them. It helps you find the most efficient route to where you need to go and it will provide you with road reports, accidents, police traps, and will warn you of other road hazards that you’d rather avoid.

Pros: It offers a fast way to navigate and boasts a strong community base. The app crowd sources its data from other drivers that are also on route offering real-time information.

Cons: Critics say the layout of the app is cluttered which can be confusing and increases the chances of pressing the wrong thing. Other data that it provides can clog up your screen so for a better interface many recommend Google Maps instead. It can also chew your battery and data.

Pricing: Free.

7. Onfleet


Onfleet manages and analyzes local deliveries with simple software.

Pros: Simple and comprehensive dashboard, color coded statuses, filters and search, accurate ETAs, real-time alerts, automatically delivered text messages to customers, a variety of integrated apps, and route optimization.

The driver app has been known to be buggy, driver profiles lack a bit of additional information, and general user experience can be a challenge.

Starts at $125 / month, which includes 100 monthly tasks and a 14 day free trial. The number of drivers and dispatches is unlimited.

Clean carpets need smooth operations

There are plenty of apps out there that can help your business run more smoothly. While some of the products may be free or cheap you have to bear in mind that they may not be so easy to adopt or integrate into your existing IT infrastructure. Before using such tools, make sure you find out the cost of integration and make use of any free trials so that you can determine if the app is right for your business.

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