Getting your first clients or expanding your client list can be tough, if you don’t know where to look. But luckily, we’ve rounded up a list of 10 niche companies that need cleaning services, that you might not have thought about before!

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  1. Isn’t Every Business Looking for Cleaning Services? The Answer is “Yes”. 
  2. Once You Have Your Clients, the Fun Part Begins! 
  3. The Bottom Line on Every Type of Business Looking for Cleaning Services

It’s a fact of life (as sure as taxes and death) that every business needs some form of ongoing cleaning service. As such, you can be almost 100% certain that there are hundreds of companies looking for cleaning services. 

Yet, for cleaning companies offering these cleaning services, it’s important to leave no stone unturned. After all, it’s a pretty competitive field, with loads of potential companies looking for cleaning services. 

Isn’t Every Business Looking for Cleaning Services? The Answer is “Yes”. 

Think about it: what business wouldn’t benefit from a thorough and professional cleaning every now and then (if not more regularly)? Whether you’re just starting a cleaning business, or are already well-established and looking to scale, Once you open your mind to the possibilities, it’ll be easier to source new companies needing cleaning services and expand your client base. In some cases, businesses that need cleaning services may not realize that they need them until they’re offered.

Without further ado; here’s our ultimate guide to sourcing and offering your services to those companies needing cleaning services. While some of these tips may seem obvious, others spark new customers for you to target. Let’s take a closer look at businesses that need cleaning services.

Healthcare Companies Looking for Cleaning Services

Needless to say, healthcare is one of the industries that should always be in the market for cleaning services (in the United States, and beyond). For obvious reasons, hospitals must be kept as clean as possible at all times, so they require cleaning services regularly. But keep in mind that it’s not just hospitals that need to be cleaned regularly. Private practice physicians with their own offices also need cleaning services. The same is true for dentists, dermatologists, chiropractors, physical therapists, and countless other healthcare providers who might work outside of a traditional hospital setting. Any healthcare setting, big or small, should benefit from regular cleanings and will benefit from regular cleaning services (like Molly Maid, for example).

Schools and Education Businesses that Need Cleaning Services

Schools of all shapes and sizes are also high on the list of places where regular cleaning services are needed. This applies to grade schools, high schools, public schools, private schools, and even universities and colleges. Also, don’t forget about preschools, daycare, and even community centers where students go after school. In a post-pandemic world, in particular, it’s more important than ever for schools to make sure that classrooms have been properly cleaned and won’t become a petri dish of germs for students to pass to each other.

A Restaurant Business Looking for Cleaning Services

Restaurants of all kinds should also be high on the list of businesses looking for cleaning services. When it comes to food safety, there’s no such thing as being too careful with cleanliness. Whether it’s a fast-food place, a casual restaurant, or a five-star establishment, a professional cleaning of the kitchen and dining area is a great idea. After all, any successfully-run restaurant needs to maintain compliance with the health department, so they should be motivated to find professional cleaning services that can keep them ahead of the curve. Even smaller businesses like cafes, bakeries, and butcher shops should know about the benefits of professional cleaning services.

Government Buildings and Businesses that Need Cleaning Services

Not all businesses think to sell to the government because there can be some red tape. But once you get a government contract, it can pay off handsomely for a long time to come. Keep in mind that government offices should be clean and well-kept so that the government looks organized and like it’s putting its best foot forward. Between local, state, and national offices, there are always government buildings that could use a professional cleaning every now and then to keep things looking good, even if it’s the local city hall.

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Fitness Centers and Gyms Businesses that Need Cleaning Services

This industry appears to be on the rise, which means there should be a lot of fitness-oriented businesses looking for cleaning services. Think about all of the sweat, tears, and even blood involved when people exercise. It’s not hard to recognize that gyms need to be thoroughly cleaned regularly, especially when people are sharing the same gym equipment throughout the day. With all of the gyms popping up, not to mention yoga studios and other types of fitness centers, these are all offices that need cleaning services on almost a daily basis.

Retail Stores & Companies Looking for Cleaning Services

Obviously, there is a broad range of retail businesses looking for cleaning services. No matter if it’s a small mom-and-pop shop or a massive department store, all good business owners should understand the importance of keeping a clean store (especially if they have a large amount of foot traffic). They can’t afford to collect dust or have floors go without being swept and mopped regularly, but these tasks often fall by the wayside as they have customers to serve and engage. This creates a huge need for businesses looking for cleaning services. Even if some of the smaller retail locations don’t need cleaning services every day, a large number of small clients can ensure regular work for a professional cleaning operation.

Car Dealerships Businesses that Need Cleaning Services

businesses that need cleaning services Connecteam

This might be one of the most overlooked businesses looking for cleaning services. Obviously, the cars they’re trying to sell need to look clean and brand new, but the showroom and sales offices should also be clean to help make potential buyers comfortable and confident that the dealership does things the right way. In that sense, it shouldn’t be hard to convince any car dealership that doesn’t have a commercial cleaner that they are doing themselves a disservice if they aren’t receiving some kind of regular eco-friendly cleaning service.

A Grocery Store Business Looking for Cleaning Services

Just like all of the restaurants that serve food, grocery stores are among the offices that need cleaning services, usually daily. Large grocery stores have massive amounts of customers every day, with most employees there just trying to make sure shelves are stocked and check-out lines are moving swiftly. That creates a huge need to hire an outside cleaning service that can come in and make sure the store stays spick and span (and is even an opportunity for more niche types of cleaning services, such as a pressure washing business). It might be a big job, but it’ll give cleaning services a chance to prove that they can do a better job than internal employees. At the same time, smaller grocery stores probably don’t have enough employees to keep up with cleaning either, which means they need to find a professional cleaning service.

Warehouse Businesses that Need Cleaning Services

Cleanliness is often an important part of workplace safety for huge warehouses, yet it’s not easy to keep the entire warehouse clean. That means these big warehouses are among the companies needing cleaning services. Typically, workers from a professional cleaning service will come almost every day and cover a different section of the warehouse every day, essentially giving the entire warehouse a good cleaning once a week. Warehouse cleaning is also a great way to train your cleaning staff on how to go about big jobs. 

Banks & Associated Companies Looking for Cleaning Services

Think about it this way, would you want to do business with a bank that was filled with dust and dirt? Banks are one of the businesses that need cleaning services because they need to keep up appearances, including having a perfect, seemingly never walked on carpet (another niche potential: a carpet cleaning business specialism!). Everything inside needs to be neat, clean, and orderly, which is why they are a perfect client for commercial cleaners. The catch is that commercial cleaners usually come to banks after hours (perfect for cleaners with a different type of schedule, such as the 9/80 schedule), and need to be trustworthy if they’re going to clean in or around all of that money. But there is undoubtedly a need for banks to be cleaned professionally, so that they can remain looking “a million dollars”! 

Once You Have Your Clients, the Fun Part Begins! 

Of course this is just a starting list of all the types of clients you could have in a cleaning company. 

When it comes to having to manage all these clients, that’s a whole other story. You’ll likely need a way to keep all your employees organized in one big, complicated schedule, handle whether these employees are full-time or part-time, and know how to hire the right people

That‘s all before you get your head around how to make sure each of these employees are where they say they are, showing up to their jobs and making sure they see and answer your important messages

You should start preparing your business for growth by using a digital solution, like Connecteam.  

With everything you need to organize (ensuring you always have enough cleaning products, for example) and manage your business operations and employees too, Connecteam has it all: a super easy to use employee time clock; an internal chat; an automated schedule maker and so much more. 

It takes under 2 minutes to sign up, and requires absolutely no training to use. 

Best of all, it’s completely free, and even has a 14-day free trial if you choose to use one of its paid plans. Read more about how other cleaning companies have managed this, or start looking into digital solutions for your cleaning company.

The Bottom Line on Every Type of Business Looking for Cleaning Services

We’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to businesses that may need cleaning services (both green cleaning, or otherwise), as well as how to navigate each of these! Now that we’ve given you some examples, it’s over to you!

With the number of physical businesses around, it’s not hard finding places that would need your services. So think outside the box, use sources like Google or even current clients to see if you can find businesses that are looking for commercial cleaning services. 

You might be surprised how many new clients you find! Of course, once you have your clients, you then need to turn your attention to making sure your workers in the field are managed effectively, and that you know everything there is to know about lone workers and their needs. Remember too, that with cleaning services come worker responsibilities, including ensuring that they work their agreed hours, working around all types of full-time and part-time workers, and you as an employer stay compliant.   

Of course, wherever your cleaning company is at presently, it always pays to have your workforce management and internal operations sorted and ready to run: from managing your employees’ time, to ensuring you pay them accurately, a management and communication tool, like Connecteam, is the best way to ensure you have repeat, returning clients…as well as as profitable business.

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