Hospital Housekeeping Checklist Template

Use our hospital housekeeping checklist template as a starting point to customize yours to fit your company.

Hospital Housekeeping Checklist Template

What Are The Benefits Of Using This Hospital Housekeeping Checklist Template?

  1. It Promotes Infection Control:

    The Hospital Housekeeping Checklist Template serves as a guiding tool to enforce rigorous cleaning and sanitization, contributing significantly to patient safety and infection control.

  2. It Streamlines Cleaning Processes:

    By providing a structured list of tasks, the checklist streamlines the execution of cleaning activities, minimizing oversights and optimizing efficiency.

  3. It Bolsters Patient Safety:

    Through consistent cleaning of patient rooms and waiting areas, the checklist reduces the risks of cross-contamination, leading to enhanced patient safety.

  4. It Ensures Regulatory Compliance:

    Aligned with healthcare regulations, the checklist enforces strict cleaning standards, helping the facility avoid penalties and ensuring full compliance.

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This Hospital Housekeeping Checklist Template is a valuable tool for maintaining a clean, safe, and hygienic environment within healthcare facilities.

This checklist ensures that all areas are consistently cleaned and sanitized, promoting infection control and patient well-being.

Customize this template to align with your hospital’s specific cleaning protocols and enhance housekeeping efficiency.

Hospital Housekeeping Checklist 

General Areas:

1. Lobbies and Waiting Areas:

   [  ] Dust and wipe down surfaces.

   [  ] Empty and sanitize trash bins.

   [  ] Vacuum and/or mop floors.

   [  ] Sanitize frequently-touched surfaces.

2. Hallways:

   [  ] Vacuum and/or mop floors.

   [  ] Wipe down handrails.

   [  ] Remove visible trash.

3. Elevators:

   [  ] Wipe down elevator buttons and panels.

   [  ] Vacuum and/or mop floors.

4. Restrooms:

   [  ] Clean and sanitize sinks, faucets, and countertops.

   [  ] Clean and sanitize toilets.

   [  ] Refill soap dispensers, hand sanitizers, and paper towel dispensers.

   [  ] Empty and sanitize trash bins.

   [  ] Mop floors and clean mirrors.

5. Staircases:

   [  ] Sweep and mop stairs.

   [  ] Wipe down handrails.

Patient Rooms:

1. Surface Cleaning:

   [  ] Wipe down all surfaces.

   [  ] Clean and sanitize medical equipment.

   [  ] Dust light fixtures and ceiling fans.

   [  ] Clean windowsills and blinds.

2. Bed Linens:

   [  ] Change bed linens and pillowcases.

   [  ] Disinfect bed rails and call buttons.

   [  ] Vacuum and/or mop the floor.

3. Trash Disposal:

   [  ] Empty and sanitize trash bins.

   [  ] Dispose of medical waste properly.

4. Bathroom:

   [  ] Clean and sanitize sinks, faucets, and countertops.

   [  ] Clean and sanitize shower/tub and toilet.

   [  ] Refill soap and paper towel dispensers.

   [  ] Mop floors.

Operating Rooms and Treatment Areas:

1. Disinfection:

   [  ] Clean and sanitize all surfaces.

   [  ] Use appropriate disinfectants.

2. Waste Handling:

   [  ] Dispose of biohazardous waste.

   [  ] Empty and sanitize trash bins.

Staff Areas:

1. Break Rooms:

   [  ] Wipe down tables, chairs, and appliances.

   [  ] Clean microwave and refrigerator.

   [  ] Empty and sanitize trash bins.

2. Administrative Areas:

   [  ] Dust and wipe down desks, equipment, and phones.

   [  ] Empty and sanitize trash bins.

   [  ] Vacuum and/or mop floors.

Public Areas:

1. Cafeteria:

   [  ] Clean and sanitize tables, chairs, and food service areas.

   [  ] Empty and sanitize trash bins.

   [  ] Sweep and mop floors.

2. Gift Shop/Pharmacy:

   [  ] Dust and wipe down shelves and displays.

   [  ] Vacuum and/or mop floors.


Remember, providing clear instructions, proper training, and regular supervision can help ensure that the cleaning tasks are performed effectively and consistently.

The Hospital Housekeeping Checklist Template is an essential resource for maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene within healthcare facilities.

By utilizing this template, housekeeping staff can systematically clean and sanitize all areas, ensuring patient safety and infection control.

Customize the template to match your hospital’s cleaning protocols and enhance housekeeping efficiency for a healthier and safer environment.

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