Top 9 Nurse Scheduling Software Solutions in January 2022

Rachel Cohen October 28, 2021 5 min read

COVID has already changed the working day of a nurse, and the scheduling rulebook has been chucked out the window! Make your scheduling process easier with a nurse scheduling software solution. We list the best solutions in the market today.

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    Running a medical practice requires a lot of responsibility, especially as you have to ensure the nurses are in the right place at the right time. But you already know that.

    COVID-19 put a lot of pressure on already exhausted nurses, and it also highlighted the importance of nurse scheduling software. It’s clear that effective scheduling reduces the stress nurses feel when they are unsure of where they need to be. Delays during the pandemic cause staff to be demotivated and could affect patient care. 

    With so many administrative tasks, scheduling for full time and part time staff should be simple. With the correct nurse scheduling software, you have an overview of all your staff. This, in turn, decreases the stress in the air. We share the top nurse scheduling systems that help manage a nurses’ schedule in full.

    Top 9 Nurse Scheduling Software Solutions in 2021

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    Connecteam comes in at number one for the nurse scheduling software, as it does far more than just scheduling. In fact, even the review site Capterra ranked Connecteam as the number one nurse scheduling software. Connecteam encourages working together and achieving the common goal. This nurse scheduling software simplifies and shortens your scheduling process. There are numerous scheduling features that make it easier to avoid any costly mistakes you may typically make with manual scheduling (including an integration with Quickbooks and Gusto payroll, meaning your payroll will always be 100% accurate), plus there are numerous quick actions so you can get back to the task at hand.

    Connecteam’s nurse scheduling software is accessible from any device, anywhere, meaning they get back to work and do not worry about their schedule.  

    Key Features

    No training needed – set up and start using

    Nurses on the go view schedules on mobile devices

    Simple drag and drop schedule templates

    Shifts are completed in minutes

    Publish open slots so employees pick suitable shifts

    Nurses receive notifications in real-time, keeping employees informed of any changes

    Managers use the in-app chat to send direct or group messages

    Split your workers into smart groups


    Starts at just $39/month

    Free plan

    Free 14-day trial

    Create the Perfect Nurse Schedule with Connecteam

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    Medical centers turn to Eschedule as a nurse scheduling software because of its time sensitivity. Eschedule lets you automate scheduling, company wide-training, and is suitable for most web-enabled devices. You can even receive notifications by email or SMS.

    Key Features

    Notifications in real-time

    Manage shifts including time-off requests

    Customized reports

    Keep tabs on hours worked


    For up to 15 employees, the price is $25/month

    For 61-100 employees, the price is $95/month

    Courtesy of Capterra

    Created by Shiftboard, ScheduleFlex is designed with healthcare in mind. ScheduleFlex is a nurse scheduling software that assists you in sharing information company-wide, updates workers when there are open shifts, and has access via mobile devices. Even flexible scheduling is available.

    Key Features

    Flexible scheduling

    Qualified workers are automatically assigned skilled shifts

    Create smart groups for employees

    Communicate by department or individual


    Book a demo with one of their sales representatives

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    Snap Schedule is an online nurse scheduling software designed to make scheduling shifts easy. Working with pen and paper makes it hard to keep on track of schedules. Snap Schedule saves you from double-booking shifts and increases productivity. The staff has a clear view of their working week. 

    Key Features

    Transparent scheduling with an easy shift swap

    Easy access on mobile devices

    Simple clock in and out

    Full schedule management 

    Control over employees hours


    Starts at $450/year

    Each employee added to the schedule costs you $36

    ScheduleAnywhere is accessible from any location for any size team. ScheduleAdvance could help with your daily operations, improve efficiency, and enhance communication. 

    Additional features include: 

    Key Features

    Quick-shift dispatch

    Employee self-scheduling

    Tailored reports

    Track skills


    Up to 10 employees costs $25/month

    Up to 25 people, it’s $50/month

    51+ people, speak to a rep

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    TrackSmart Scheduling allows you to schedule in advance. TrackSmart can be accessed from any device, anywhere, anytime. Workers can make changes to their shifts without your input.

    Key Features

    Increases staff commitment

    Easy clocking in system

    Simple payroll reports

    Motivates employees


    Starting at $22/monthly for up to 15 people

    $89 for up to 200 users

    Courtesy of Smartlinx

    SmartLinx is often used to put the focus back on the patients. SmartLinx provides notifications when shifts free up, and any changes in the schedule can be sent via text, email, push notification, or in-app notification. 

    Key Features

    HR has a full overview of time off, payroll questions, salaries, etc

    Assists employees with understanding their schedule better

    Encourages engagement

    Strengthens your team

    Edit requests in real-time


    Book a demo with one of their sales representatives. 

    Courtesy of Nursegrid

    Hospitals opt for NurseGrid as a nurse scheduling software because it provides better distribution over shifts. NurseGrid also improves communication between colleagues.

    Key Features

    24/7 access to the schedule

    Manage shift swaps in real-time


    Book a meeting with their sales assistants to find out more about their pricing options. 

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    WhenIWork enables nurses to have a schedule that’s efficient and accessible from most devices. WhenIWork nurse scheduling software provides nurses with the right equipment to treat patients without worrying about unexpected changes to their day.

    Key Features

    Improves patient care as schedules can be updated from their smartphone

    Schedules shifts for multiple locations from one app

    Easy to set availability

    Manageable payroll


    $2/user per month for up to 100 employees

    Over 100 employees, schedule a demo

    Frequently Asked Questions On Nurse Scheduling Software

    Is Nurse Scheduling Software Expensive?

    It all depends on the nurse scheduling software solution that you choose. Some are more expensive than others, so it all depends on what your budget is. The range is from $39 a month and can go up to the hundreds each month. Some nurse scheduling software charges per user so that’s something to be mindful of.

    Check out our list of the top online scheduling software solutions that are reasonably priced.

    Are There Free Nurse Scheduling Software Solutions?

    Yes, there are free nurse scheduling software solutions but most have limited features. Therefore, you must have a list of features that are required in the nurse scheduling software that you choose to implement.

    What Features Should Nurse Scheduling Software Include?

    That’s really a question you need to know for yourself. But generally speaking, nurse scheduling software should include templates, predictive scheduling, shift swapping, communication, calendar views, and should be accessible on the go.

    All features should make it easy for you to avoid common scheduling problems.

    Nurse Scheduling Software is Vital

    The above shows the capabilities of each app. With the recent pandemic and the necessity to move to digital solutions, nurse scheduling software should be a must at your facility. Check out our tips on how to prepare a job schedule so the process is more efficient.

    If you want to run an effective medical practice that will increase patient focus, and keep your staff retained, then it’s time to make the switch to nurse scheduling software.

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