Table of contents
  1. Employee Engagement During the COVID-19 Crisis
  2. Tips for Maintaining Employee Engagement

It is not an exaggeration to say that the current COVID-19 crisis has brought the entire world to its knees. Even the most powerful economies have been brought to a standstill as governments scramble to implement strict measures to slow down the spread of this novel coronavirus. As of this writing, there is no approved medicine yet for COVID-19 and the only way to prevent its spread is to maintain proper hygiene and practice social distancing. 

Most countries have already imposed stay-at-home orders to limit the movement of their constituents and facilitate social distancing. Only those industries and organizations that support  COVID-19 efforts and very few others are allowed to continue operations. As a consequence, companies worldwide are left with no choice but to adopt flexible work operations to continue their business operations. 

Remote work arrangements are not a new thing. Thanks to remote work management tools, it is now easier to perform work duties even if employees are far away from their office workstations. However, not all work can be done remotely, such as those in construction and manufacturing. In addition, not all companies are ready to adopt work-from-home arrangements. Not every employee has the right equipment to continue to work at home. There is also the concern of how long remote work should continue. It is one thing to ask employees to work from home, but another to expect them to be as productive as before given the crisis.

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With remote work management tools, it is now easier to perform work duties even if employees are far away from their office workstations.

Create a space where employees can talk freely

Some of the things that employees working from home will surely miss are those workplace banters and coffee break conversations. Especially now that we are dealing with a crisis that is unprecedented in many ways, everyone will want to talk about things that are not work-related. 

Keep the conversation flowing by creating a channel dedicated to non-work-related matters in your instant messaging app of choice. More importantly, participate in the channel and show that even if you are working in different places, conversations stay the same. 

Be flexible with work schedules

While it is recommended to have a consistent schedule, especially for catch-up meetings, you need to understand that your employees working from may not be as focused as in the office. There may be household chores to do or even kids to take care of. It is actually a good idea to allow your employees to focus on some of their personal tasks, especially if it will help refresh their minds for their work duties. As long as they provide the needed output for the day, they can do work in their own time. 

Improving employee engagement has always been one of the most important initiatives in business, especially in today’s competitive environment. Amid the  COVID-19 crisis, addressing employee engagement is even more challenging. But the current situation only makes it crucial more than ever. 

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