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  1. 5 Fire Department Shift Scheduling Software Solutions
  2. The Bottom Line On Firefighter Work Schedule

Full-time firefighters work, on average, 56 hours a week. However, overtime is an occupational hazard. Not to mention, more often than not, they are working long periods (sometimes exceeding the standard work week) and varied hours. 

In this time, they must constantly be on alert when faced with life-threatening situations. In addition, they work with their local communities, maintain the fire station, and are always sharpening their skills with consistent and rigorous training.  

They are genuine superheroes. We cannot thank them enough for all they do. 

Now, considering that the employment of firefighters is projected to grow 6% by 2029, creating safe and healthy fire department schedules cannot be underestimated. 

If you manage a firehouse and are drowning in countless manual paperwork and Excel spreadsheets, you’re not alone. Most firefighters are facing excessive scheduling issues, especially as their crew often works 24-hour schedules, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Most firefighter chiefs recognize the importance of fire department shift scheduling software. Effectively handling time-off requests, overtime, training sessions, on-call teams, qualified team members scheduled for shifts, and so much more is more easily handled with an automated fire department schedule generator. 

We reviewed various fire department shift scheduling software solutions and based on feature capabilities and pricing, we compiled a list of the five best digital fire department schedule generator solutions. 

5 Fire Department Shift Scheduling Software Solutions

Connecteam is a leading fire department shift scheduling software solution, as reviewed by GetApp and various other review platforms. The fire department schedule generator solution makes it easy to save time and effort on planning and executing the firefighter work schedule thanks to its advanced features.

  • Enhance team training: whenever training sessions are scheduled, you can create a big team shift where many crew members are assigned in which case they HAVE to attend, and managers can also add a number of open spots for people to “claim” and join the training. 
  • Get real-time notifications: if someone can’t come to training that day, they can add a note to the training shift on the fire department work schedules to explain why. Plus, every time a training session is created, your team receives a notification in real-time with all the necessary information. 
  • More efficient scheduling: make it easier for your paid employees and volunteers to know when they’re scheduled to work and what shifts are available for them to claim. Create a firefighter work schedule based on staff skills or rank. Use the drag and drop templates, create duplicates, copy the previous week/month, etc. 
  • Detailed shift information: add all key information regarding a fire department schedule shift to make work more efficient, include information like time, location, tasks to perform, notes, attachments, pictures, etc. 
  • Under one roof: your team can instantly see the fire department schedules so it’s easier to set their availability, request time off, and take on open shifts. 
  • GPS time clock: allow your team to clock in and out right from their mobile phone, where a GPS timestamp is tagged, or via the centralized kiosk app to ensure no one clocks in before they’re scheduled. 
  • Streamlined internal communication: enhance logistical and operational communication by sending engaging updates, key announcements, and more with robust communication features including chat groups, push notifications, one-on-one chat, updates directly to your worker’s cell phone, an in-app employee directory, start a live poll, send surveys, and more.

Price: Connecteam’s fire department work schedules app is highly affordable as it offers fixed monthly pricing starting at just $29 for up to 30 users.

#1 Scheduling Software

Easy and productive scheduling is just a click away.

Snap Schedule Firefighter software

Snap Schedule allows you to easily schedule firefighters and support all personnel. While also easing any scheduling issues that typically come up which can lead to overtime and time lost. Say goodbye to a time-consuming process as Snap Schedule is accustomed to each shift: ABC where firefighters are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, second is the 4-48 (24 on 48 off) shift schedule, and finally, you have the 48-96 (48on 96off) shift schedule.

These are some of the scheduling features that are available:

  • Drag-and-drop or auto-generate templates 
  • Supports fixed, rotating, split, multiple shifts, and on calls
  • Breaks configured in
  • Assign tasks to be completed
  • Clock in and out from their mobile phone or an on-site iPad
  • Leave and time off accruals
  • Schedule by skill or position
  • Automated shift callouts

Price: There are actually three pricing options available and they’re all based on how many schedules you need and how many employees need access. So, a single schedule subscription fee is $450/schedule/year. While each employee that is needed costs $36/user/year.

With all that in mind, a single schedule with 50 employees will cost $2,160/year. 


From managing overtime, scheduling under one roof, cloud-hosted, and employee access from desktop or mobile, CrewSense is a Fire and EMS solution provider. Its key feature is that it removes headaches and grievances thanks to rules-based overtime & shift callBacks.

The following are some features available on CrewSense:

  • Push notifications and reminders 
  • Detailed record logs
  • Drag and drop templates
  • ‘Strike Team’ schedules work best for long-term deployments
  • All employee information in one place 

Price: Contact a sales representative to learn more about pricing. 

Aladtec software

If you have full-time, part-time, or volunteer positions at your rescue station, Aladtec is equipped with the scheduling features you need to run operations effectively. 

See below some of their top features:

  • Employees set their own availability as Preferred, Available, or Unavailable
  • Create schedules based on availability, seniority, hours worked, etc.
  • Create schedules with spreadsheets, paper, or desktop scheduling applications
  • Add special events and extra duty schedules
  • Track training classes, meetings, court appearances, and more
  • Automatic scheduling is available for pre-configured rotations such as 24/48, 48/96, Chicago Rotation, California Rotation, etc. 
  • Employees can sign up for open shifts
  • Track overtime and shift trades

Price: Pricing is only offered through an annual subscription and is fully based on how many full-time and volunteer employees you have. You’ll have to talk to a representative to learn more about pricing. 


TargetSolutions allows you to schedule and track the education and training of your crew, create a workable schedule, and manage apparatus and equipment maintenance. 

Some targeted features include:

  • Document all training sessions, like offline drill-yard events
  • Offer all necessary policies, inspections, driver’s licenses, EMT credentials, etc.
  • Detailed reports
  • Create online courses
  • Create customized checklists for routine checks of trucks, tools, medical supplies, drugs, etc.
  • Create a workable schedule with overtime and emergency call-outs

Price: Talk with a representative to learn more about pricing. There is also a free 30-day trial. 

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The Bottom Line On Firefighter Work Schedule

Undoubtedly, a firefighter work schedule is one of the most important aspects managers and chiefs must get right. However, you don’t have to do it all alone, through fire department shift scheduling software, this becomes a much more manageable task. 

At a glance, you can improve team efficiency, avoid common mistakes and errors, have all relevant information in one central location, and you have increased accountability and visibility. By reviewing our choice of fire department shift scheduling software solutions above, you can save some much needed time and energy creating your next fire department work schedule.

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