The #1 Employee Time Clock App for Busy Managers

Simple, accurate time clock app for deskless teams

  • One-touch clock in and out
  • Real-time visibility with GPS
  • Absence & PTO approvals in a click
  • Payroll integrations
Best Employee Time Clock Management app

Trusted by Over 36,000 Companies Worldwide

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Tracking employees’ work hours when clock in and clock out

Tracking employees’ work hours has never been easier

Turn any device into an employee time clock

  • Simple and intuitive to use
  • Customized automated reminders
  • Track work hours spent on jobs, projects, clients, and more
  • Track time using a mobile clock-in app, a tablet kiosk, or from a computer
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Employee time clock app with a real time GPS location tracking

Bridge the gap between you and your employees

Stay on top of your business in real-time

  • Always know who clocked in and out, when, and where
  • Accurate real-time GPS location tracking
  • Get alerts when employees are late clocking in for shifts
  • Gain real-time visibility into staff activity
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Easily Track & Manage Employee Hours

Always know exactly who’s on time, late, and absent
Accurate employees timesheet in Connecteam employee time clock app

Take back control of your time with digital timesheets

100% accurate timesheets in zero time

  • Quick actions and visual flags point out what matters
  • Auto-breaks, overtime, double-time, daily limits, and more
  • Streamline the timesheet review and approval process
  • In-app chat for shift-related communication
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Clock in app to reduce time theft and buddy punching

Save Money and Prevent Payroll Issues

Eliminate time theft, buddy punching, rounded hours, and overtime expenses

  • Avoid early clock-ins and forgotten clock-outs
  • Make sure employees clock in from the right location with geofencing
  • Alerts when employees reach overtime
  • Easily spot and correct potentially costly payroll errors
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Our employee time clock app is Complied FLSA and federal laws

Ensure peace of mind with full compliance

  • Set correct break and overtime rules to comply with federal/state/city laws
  • Comply with FLSA record-keeping rules with stored time cards
  • Calculate hours/wages for completely accurate payroll, including PTO, breaks, and overtime
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Employee time clock app with easy and accurate payroll

Smooth, accurate payroll in a click

Easily export your timesheets to your payroll software.

  • Calculate accurate hours and wages for payroll, including PTO, breaks, and overtime
  • Quickly choose your payroll period for smooth paydays
  • Seamlessly import timesheets to Quickbooks Online or Gusto
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an employee Time Clock app?

A time clock app, also known as a time tracker, is a digital solution for employees to clock in and out of their shifts. 

Time clock software also allows admins to manage schedules and edit and export timesheets, making payroll a breeze. 

An effective time clock app notifies managers when employees are late to shifts, can track where and when an employee clocks in, and enables communication by including notes and tasks related to the shift itself.

Is Connecteam’s Time Clock app free?
What are the benefits of using Connecteam’s Time Clock app?
Can employees and managers view and approve timesheets through the app?
Does Connecteam also produce a report of hours worked for each client/site/project?
Can I be alerted when someone is late for work?
Which types of work hours can I track?
Can I choose what to track time for? For instance, is it possible to track time for different projects, sites or clients?
On what devices can I use Connecteam's Time Clock?

Connecteam’s employee time clock app offers a GPS time clock that can be accessed from any mobile device. Our employee time clock app can be used to track time spent on work hours, jobs, or projects. Designed especially for non-desk employees, our employee time clock app is easy to use and requires no training, so you can start using your very own employee time clock app for multiple employees within minutes. Connecteam’s employee time clock in app helps with monitoring regular hours, double hours and overtime, which all can be highly customized to fit your business’ needs. Connecteam’s employee time clock app can also help with mileage read, equipment usage, or any other information necessary to issue with payrolls. It also has an integrated in-app chat and easy-to-use timesheets, which makes the payroll process faster than ever before. If you’re looking for a clock in clock out for multiple employees that are usually on the go with no access to a computer, Connecteam’s employee time clock app is the most powerful and affordable solution for you non-desk employees.

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