Hundreds of Logistics and Operations Companies Choose Connecteam to Tackle Daily Challenges

A lot of work goes into managing and successfully running logistics and operations companies, and with the numerous challenges these companies are up against, we decided to give these challenges a closer look.  

We wanted to discover just why hundreds of logistics and operations companies chose Connecteam to correct their challenges and how they utilize our employee app on a daily basis. 

Challenges logistics and operations companies faced before Connecteam: 

  • Endless piles of reports

“Every time an equipment repair request comes in, we can spend hours going back and forth because an employee made a mistake – if we can even receive these reports on time it’s a miracle.”


  • Safety protocols must be followed

“Informing every employee about hazards or incidents takes a lot of time and that time can put our employees in danger – this is something we must correct. We waste too much time calling employees to ensure they are aware of safety protocols, like if working at height regulation is changed, we need to make sure they are aware of proper protocol.” 

“Scheduling meetings that work for every single employee, across many locations, to address safety protocols takes too much time and often not everyone shows up so we are always chasing after a handful of employees to bring them up to speed. Not to mention the complexity of tracking who attended those meetings”


  • Scheduling employees takes a lot of time

“Every week, I lose full days just creating the schedule for the week ahead – from checking availability and time off requests, I can barely stay on top of this task!”

“If someone calls in, finding a replacement is a nightmare because I have to dig up the current schedule to see who is on the clock and who isn’t, then I need to check if a replacement can come in or not. It’s exhausting.” 


  • Internal communication is rocky

“Communicating updates and announcements takes a lot of time and is a messy process – whether it’s an email or a text message or I’m calling everyone individually, or setting up a conference call, it’s just so time consuming. Even something as simple as changing someone’s shift on the day is hard to do. .”

“I have no way to track if everyone got the message and read it, I literally spend days chasing after everyone to make sure we’re all on the same page” 


  • On-boarding and training is complicated

“A full day can be wasted because I’m too busy organizing a day and time that works for all my employees to come in and learn a new method or learn how to use a new piece of machinery. The employees don’t like these training days and we lose a lot of time organizing them.”

Logistics and Operation Companies rely on Connecteam's employee app

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Connecteam’s employee app can take your logistics and operations business to the next level. Job scheduling, time tracking, daily checklists, reports, training & on-boarding, and more – all available in one place, at any time.

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How Connecteam helps you tackle common challenges:


Organizing daily checklists and report 

Day-to-day operations are a key aspect of logistics and operation companies, checklists and reports are commonly used to help reduce friction from daily activities, automate information flow, and to gain better oversight. 

  • Pre-trip truck or vehicle inspection checklist 
  • Pre-drive checklists for forklift
  • Driver checklists for loading and unloading procedures 
  • Driver Trip Report, including loading information 
  • Daily crane inspection
  • Repair Order ticket
  • Speed and parking tickets 
  • Field and Job invoice
  • Accident report
  • Incident report
  • Hazard observation report
  • Customer complaint form
  • Post Delivery and Job form 

All entries submitted by employees are digitally logged, can be automatically sent to a predefined email address as a PDF copy and can be exported in an Excel format.


Streamline communication

Communication needs are a fundamental element for all logistics and operations companies and with Connecteam, it’s easier than ever to achieve efficient and trackable communication with features like: 

  • Realtime Push notifications and updates: to easily send formal and informal announcements, such as safety alerts, letter from the CEO, travel updates, reminders to complete a report, and more. 
  • Employee directory: searching for work contacts can be done with the in-app directory instead of employees being forced to save, edit and delete work contacts on their personal phone. 
  • Chat groups and channels: to streamline day-to-day communication easily and efficiently by sending messages to specific groups (supervisors, warehouse location, etc.) 

Logistics and Operation Companies take communication forward with Connecteam


Safety awareness and standards are boosted

When it comes to safety, logistics and operations companies leverage Connecteam to raise awareness and uplift cross company safety standards. Best practices include:

  • Quick and easy reporting: making it easy for each employee, whether they’re in the warehouse, shop or on the road, to report in realtime, and automatically sends the report to the relevant supervisor for further evaluation and response.
  • Ongoing safety trainings: allows managers and safety officers to keep an eye on each employee’s progress.
  • Safety first communication: distribution and communication of safety related updates and protocols is done in real-time. Some examples include incident finding report, update to procedures, realtime updates on prohibitions or risk factors such as a closed route or rough weather conditions.
  • Safety digital resources: ensures all safety protocols are available at a click, as well as ‘lessons learned’, incident findings, and periodical safety tips.


SOPs and company protocols are always available

There are various and common materials that logistics and operations companies need to make available for their employees, even if they’re not in the office. 


Job scheduling is easy

Logistics and operations companies often require the ability to manage complex scheduling needs and Connecteam makes it easy to do just that. 

  • Assigning employees to shifts based on different locations and customer base.
  • Dispatching teams or individuals to specific missions with all the relevant information for the shift (address, contact name, etc.)
  • Keeping records of when an employee clocked in and clocked in with a GPS stamp for each record. 
  • Employees can add shift notes and attachments with videos, pictures and free text. 
  • Allowing employees to accept or reject shifts (optional – can be disabled).


Time tracking is easy

Connecteam makes it easy to track working hours and handle payroll sheets, including:

  • Clocking in and out of shifts with a GPS location stamp.
  • Sending push notifications to remind employees to clock in and out (this helps lower overtime as you have total visibility on what’s happening). 
  • Utilizing notes and tags, to address specific needs (like filtering by customer or specific dates).
  • Easily viewing current or past timesheets.
  • Exporting payroll sheets, per shift or as a total.


On-boarding and training is a smooth process, making everything available in one place

The need to deal with high employee turnover and to bring them up-to-speed as quickly and as efficiently as possible, leads logistics and operations companies to build an in-app on-boarding process

In-app training is used to reach every employee and makes it easy to track progress and execution of training, topics include:

  • Health and safety training
  • Driving related trainings 
  • Sexual harassment training
  • Equipment usage and maintenance
  • Test and quizzes. 


Compliance purposes

Connecteam is used by logistics and operations companies for compliance purposes. ‘Read and sign’ forms are common, as well as periodical refresh trainings. All documents are logged and are automatically sent as a PDF copy to predefined email(s)  that can be customized per each form, and users can export a summary report at any time. Examples include: 

  • Employee handbook acknowledgment
  • Uniform agreement 
  • Sexual harassment policy
  • Incident findings report
  • Periodical refresh trainings
  • Winter driving
  • Working at height
  • Sexual harassment training
  • Loading safety tips
  • Protocols refresh training

Logistics and Operation Companies further compliance with Connecteam


Human resources needs

 HR teams and executives in logistics and operations companies use Connecteam to automate processes and gain better visibility over workforce related issues.

    • Recommend a friend: making it easy for the workforce to recommend friends for a position, increasing their recruitment reach.
    • Personal information form for on-boarding new employees: have new hires fill our the following: personal info, contact info, emergency contact, documents such as tax forms and photo ID, etc.
    • Updating contact information: anytime an employee needs to update their contact information, they can do it immediately through the app like their address, name change, mobile number, email, bank account number and more.
    • Employee satisfaction quarterly survey: know what the satisfaction levels are for each employee (about their role, manager, company culture and more).


Connecteam is a leading all-in-one employee app with many capabilities that help scale your business. On top of that, Connecteam is super affordable so what are you waiting for? Start with a free plan now!

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