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Start Tracking Work Time Effortlessly and Accurately

Designed for deskless teams to easily clock in while on-the-go

  • Clock in and out from any device with one click
  • Track time for jobs, projects, clients, equipment, mileage, and more
  • Always know where your employees are using GPS and geofencing
  • Automate your online timesheets and export to your payroll software
Employee Time Tracking App

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Connecteam automate time tracking

Clocking In and Out Has Never Been Easier

Automate your time tracking with a user-friendly time clock app

  • Your employees can clock in and out from any device
  • Track time using your mobile app, tablet kiosk, or computer
  • Access a simple and intuitive user experience with minimal training required
  • Time clock saves battery and uses minimal data
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Employee GPS Tracking

Track Your Employees’ Locations at All Times

Have peace of mind knowing where your employees are, whether in the office, in the field or on the move.

  • Monitor employees’ clocked-in locations with simplified GPS tracking
  • Keep your employees safe, secure, and compliant during every shift
  • Ensure employees clock in exactly where they need to using Geofencing
  • Instantly view virtual maps of employee routes with Breadcrumb technology
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Track Time with Ease

Connecteam's time tracking app for effortless record keeping
Track time for jobs, projects, clients,

Stay On Top Of All Business Needs

Easily keep track of everything business-related, not just work hours

  • See what every single employee is working on no matter where you are
  • Add quick short-cuts to other Connecteam features: chat, schedule, forms and more
  • Gain complete oversight on the admin desktop dashboard and mobile app
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Time tracking payroll

Spend Less Time On Payroll Processes

Easily have all relevant information and calculations ready for payroll

  • Clearly see every single detail of your employees’ timesheets
  • Automatically calculate jobs, projects, clients, equipment, mileage and more
  • Check and approve from any device with zero effort
  • Export 100% accurate timesheets to your payroll software of choice with one click
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screenshot of Connecteam's time with the comments option

Adjust the Time Clock to Fit Your Business Goals

Fully customize all features to track time your way

  • Have final say on your employees’ time clock usage with a wide range of settings
  • Easily connect your time clock to other features in the app
  • Deliver the app in your employees’ language - English, Spanish, Arabic, French, and more
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two employees stanging at the entrance of a resturant

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Small Businesses Think BIG

Connecteam’s employee timesheet app allows you to automatically record your non-desk team’s accurate work hours. Employees clock in and out from the in-app time clock, and then hours are automatically recorded onto digital timesheets, ready for review and payroll. You can review and edit all recorded data from here, including total hours worked per day, during a set payroll period, as well as overtime, time off, and breaks. The employee timesheet app also makes it easy to spot and correct potentially costly payroll mistakes by highlighting any discrepancies on your timesheets. Your staff can review their timesheets, request any edits, and submit their approval before you process payroll directly from the app. To make things even easier, you can set up pay rates for each one of your employees and calculate their wages automatically. So, if you’re looking for an employee timesheet app that streamlines your entire time tracking process all the way down to payroll, Connecteam is the most powerful and affordable solution for you.