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Accurately track frontline employee work hours and submit timesheets for payroll in a click

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  • Best ease of use
  • GDPR Aligned
  • ISO 27001
  • SOC 2 certified
Connecteam's time clock interface desktop and mobile

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Learn about our Employee Time Clock in 2 minutes

Connecteam's Time clock app interface

Record precise employee work hours your way

Time clock app
Have your team clock in/out via the mobile app or on-site kiosk app

  • Ensure everyone clocks in at the right place and time with an optional digital geo-fence
  • Let staff clock in when starting a shift or job by syncing their schedules

Digital timesheets
Fill work hours manually without hassle or mistakes

Connecteam time clock interface

Stay in control of your day-to-day

  • Monitor attendance in real-time with late or missed clock-in notifications
  • Reduce the time and effort needed to record employee hours and calculate pay
  • Easily manage absences, PTO requests, and overtime
  • Instantly chat with your team on work-related issues on the app
Connecteam time clock interface

Easily Track & Manage Employee Hours

Always know exactly who’s on time, late, and absent

Keep timesheets compliant with inconsistency alerts

  • Set break and overtime rules in accordance with local, state, and federal labor laws
  • Receive alerts about discrepancies, like exceeded overtime limits and double bookings
  • Automatically list hours, breaks, overtime, and time off on timesheets, ready for payroll
  • Reduce your administrative workload by approving timesheets individually or in bulk
Connecteam time clock interface

Streamline payroll and invoicing 

  • Export timesheets as PDF or XLS files to your preferred payroll software
  • Choose to integrate the app with payroll providers like Gusto, Quickbooks, Xero and Paychex
  • Simplify billing and invoicing by tracking time per project, job, or client
Connecteam time clock interface

Discover Time Clock Features

  • Timesheets

    • Absence History

      View the entire absence history.

    • Pay Rate

      Pay rates allow you to set the rate at which each user in your company is paid.

    • Setting Payroll Period

      Define your payroll cycle and set up reminders for your staff.

    • Scheduled / Planned VS. Actual Hours

      Identify whether an employee worked more or fewer hours than planned.

    • Add Absence Policies

      Add different paid and unpaid absence policies such as vacations, sick leave, parental leave etc.

    • Conflicts

      Timesheet conflicts indicate any overlap in employee hours and lets you to quickly resolve them.

    • Payroll Integrations

      Choose to integrate the app with payroll providers like Gusto, Quickbooks, Xero and Paychex.

      Learn More
    • Payroll Period Reminders

      Set up reminders for your employees to go over their time entries and for managers to approve timesheets on time.

    • Task / Job Time Log

      The activity log allows you to check all recent activity on your account and shows you the exact time actions were made.

    • Weekly Timesheet Report Email

      Connecteam sends via email a weekly summary to each user of their work hours for the past week, and to admins a summary of their employees’ hours.

    • Timesheets Approval

      If you have gone over employee timesheets and they are ready for payroll, you can approve them – automatically locking approved days for the payroll cycle.

      Learn More
    • Lock Days

      Inside your timesheets you have the option both to approve the timesheets and lock. It can be a great solution if you see a discrepancy and do not want anyone making changes until you verify them.

    • Punch Rounding

      Here you can decide whether or not you would like to round your timesheet. If you enable timesheet rounding you can customize the time start and end times of shift to the nearest increments of 5, 10, 15, and 30 minutes.

    • Timesheets "Issues" Column

      Timesheet Issues helps streamline the timesheet review process, focusing admins on critical issues that demand attention. The Issues column consolidates all issue types in the timesheet: conflicts, pending timesheet requests, and pending time off requests.

  • Jobs

    • Sub Jobs per Job

      Sub-jobs give the admin an option to create jobs that are aligned and connected to the main job

    • Jobs

      Using jobs in the Time Clock can help you track where your resources and hours worked were spent (it can be positions, customers, projects or worksites).

    • Switch Jobs

      Rather than having users clock in and out multiple times a day simply have them switch jobs, and they can smoothly move from one job to the next in less steps.

    • Shift Attachments in Use

      Shift attachments can be marked as required, such that users must complete them before clocking out. Shifts attachments fields: Dropdown list, Text box, Number, Image attachment, File attachment, Signature.

  • Overtime

    • Overtime - Partial Day

      If you pay your employees at a different rate during different hours of the day.

    • Overtime - Daily

      If your employees get paid more after working a certain number of hours in a day.

      Learn More
    • Overtime - Weekly

      If you pay your employees after they work a certain amount of hours per week then weekly overtime is for you!

    • Overtime - Holiday

      With Connecteam’s Holiday over time, you can easily create a list of holidays and the rate they are paid at.

    • Overtime - Consecutive

      If your state or country requires you to pay employees overtime if they work a certain number of days in a row.

    • Overtime - Holiday Repeat

      Easily create a list of holidays and the rate they are paid at. You can save & repeat your holidays and overpay settings.

    • Overtime - Payroll Period

      Do you pay your employees if they work more than a certain number of hours during a specific payroll period? Then this overtime option is for you.

    • Auto clock-out

      You can decide that the employee will be clocked out automatically after a certain amount of hours if they did not do it manually.

  • General

    • Number of Clocks

      Use multiple clocks for multiple locations and teams with different attendance policies.

    • Export

      Export timesheets easily in multiple formats such as pdf and excel with customizable settings.

    • Chat From Today View

      Send messages to one or a few users simply by selecting their names, and selecting “send a chat message” from the Actions Tab.

    • Clock In From Any Device

      Allow users to easily clock in and out quickly on a stationary tablet device such as an Ipad, from the mobile app on Iphone or Adroid devices or from the browser.

  • GPS

    • Map View

      View job sites or employee location & routes

    • Breadcrumbs

      Track employees’ location while they’re clocked in and on the move.

    • Geo Location

      When turned on, Connecteam’s time clock map display helps you easily locate your employees. You can even see their location for previous days.

      Learn More
    • Geo-Fenced Sites

      Allow you to create a radius around a specific address and ensure that employees are clocking in & out from the correct location and nowhere else.

      Learn More
  • Kiosk: Code, Biometric, iPad, Android

    • Kiosk

      Allow users to easily log in and out quickly on the same device. The Kiosk App can be added to a stationary device such as an iPad, or even to a manager’s phone.

      Learn More
    • PIN to Log In

      The Kiosk Pin Code is personal and private, and can be found by each user in their main Connecteam app profile.

    • Kiosk Auto Clock Out

      Clock users automatically out when the shift is finished.

    • Selfie to Log In to Kiosk

      Require users to take a Selfie when logging in (optional).

  • Customization Settings

    • Customization Options

      Decide how users can track their work time and select which user actions require an admin’s approval.

    • Modifying Approvals

      Set your own chain of approvals to fit your business, reverse approvals when mistake happen.

    • Limitations

      Set limitations for clocking in and clocking out according to your business and employees needs.

    • Advanced Filters

      Use advanced filters to filter by smart groups, user profile fields, or tags. This is also useful if you need to publish shifts for specific users only.

    • Duplicate Time Clock

      Duplicate any existing time clock quickly and efficiently.

  • Breakmanagement

    • Manual Breaks

      Allow your employees to manually clock into paid or unpaid breaks.

      Learn More
    • Auto Breaks

      Automatically deduct X amount of minutes after a certain amount of hours worked.

      Learn More
  • Reporting

    • Export Shift Report

      Export a report that displays hours by shifts (and not by days)

    • Auto Reports

      Receive your payroll exports automatically in your inbox

      Learn More
    • Multiple Time Clock Export

      Export all your employee’s timesheets and merge them into one combined export.

    • Custom Export

      Decide which custom fields to include in your reports: overtime, breaks and any other data which is captured or attributed.

    • Adding Fields to Reports

      Every change you make while customizing your report will always appear in the export preview directly to the right of your report columns, meaning there are no surprises! You can see the exact format of custom reports prior to exporting them.

  • Notifications

    • Enable & Customize Notifications

      Choose to receive notifications on employees or admins activity in the time clock.

    • Enable Reminders

      Set up reminders for employees or admins to complete time clock assignments. Reminder settings can be entirely customized to employee preferences.

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Customize Time Clock to suit your exact business needs

What our customers love most

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A BIG deal for small businesses

Connecteam is 100% free for up to 10 users!

Frequently Asked Questions

A time clock app, also known as a time tracker, is a digital solution for employees to clock in and out of their shifts.

Time clock software also allows admins to manage schedules and edit and export timesheets, making payroll a breeze.

An effective time clock app notifies managers when employees are late to shifts, can track where and when an employee clocks in, and enables communication by including notes and tasks related to the shift itself.

Yes. Everyone gets a 14-day free trial to use all of Connecteam’s Time Clock features. After the trial ends, you can opt for the free-for-life plan or subscribe to a premium plan to continue using all of the Time Clock features Connecteam offers.

Connecteam streamlines all aspects of employee shifts and the payroll process.


Using Connecteam’s Time Clock app, admins can:

  • Easily schedule employees using recurring shifts
  • Ensure employees are only clocking in from the job site to eliminate time theft using our Breadcrumbs feature
  • Track employee location while clocked in to prevent buddy punching
  • Manage overtime with customizations such as daily time limits, auto-clock out, and overtime pay rates
  • Export timesheets for easy and error-free payroll processing
  • Communicate with your employees directly
  • Create shift attachments like tasks, location of worksite, notes, and more
  • Keep easy to find records, as required by law, of all employee timesheets

Through an employee’s mobile phone, they can:

  • Clock in and out
  • Request time off
  • View their weekly/monthly schedules
  • Trade shifts with admin permission
  • Document relevant information regarding their shift such as mileage driven, equipment used, or project progress

Yes. You can even set up automatic reminders for them to do so before every payroll period.

Yes. You can set up your account so every hour is allocated towards a specific job, which can be a client or project. Connecteam will automatically produce reports of hours worked for each job, so all that’s left for you to do is sit back and relax.

Yes! Connecteam gives you several options to receive alerts. Whether you want to be alerted in real-time once someone is late for work so you can immediately get in touch or prefer to get an automatic daily report emailed to you – Connecteam can fit your needs.

*Pro Tip: Switch on daily reminders so your users never forget to clock in!

Connecteam makes it easy for you to track your users’ total hours, overtime, or double time, with each type conveniently displayed in separate columns in their timesheets, giving you a clear and straightforward understanding of your upcoming expenses.

*Pro Tip: Use the timesheets to keep track of paid and non-paid time off.

Yes! With Connecteam’s Time Clock, you can set up time tracking per job, project, or client according to your specific business needs. No matter the circumstance, we got you covered.

*Pro Tip: You even have the option to utilize multiple Time Clocks and assign them to different teams, departments or locations. You decide!

Connecteam is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store and is compatible with all Android and iOS devices.

*Pro Tip: You can even install the Connecteam Kiosk app to your tablet and create a kiosk station for everyone to clock in from. No need for a personal device.

Employee time off requests, balances, and policy management are all part of the Time Off product (included in the HR Hub).

Connecteam’s employee time clock app is the best way to track employee work hours and time spent on jobs or projects. Designed specifically for non-desk teams of all industries, the employee time clock syncs with the shift scheduler and allows you to monitor attendance, PTO, breaks, and overtime hours in real-time. All tracked hours are then automatically recorded onto digital timesheets, ready for review, approval, and payroll to speed up the entire process. The app is also enabled with GPS and geofencing technology so you can track employees’ locations while on the job to ensure they don’t leave their job sites while working, preventing time theft. With multiple communication channels, such as in-app chat and an employee updates feed, Connecteam allows you to remain synced and aligned with your teams no matter where they’re working.