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free employee timesheet app

Simple, accurate time clock solution for the deskless workforce

  • One-touch clock in and out
  • Real-time visibility
  • Advanced GPS capabilities
  • Simplify your payroll process
free employee timesheet app
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Easily track employee work hours,
streamline payroll process, and more!

time clock app for multiple employees

Mobile Time Tracking

Built & designed for deskless teams

Automate time tracking with a simple mobile time clock app. Include GPS location, digital time log, jobs, and more. A simple and intuitive user experience that doesn’t require any training.

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timesheets employee time clock app

Timesheets Made Simple

Save time and effort on payroll calculations

Streamline timesheets review and approval process. Quick actions and visual flags point out what matters: auto-breaks, overtime, double-time, daily limits, and more.

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GPS employee time clock app

Real-time Visibility

Always know who clocked in, when, and where!

Whether you’re in the office or in the field, gain real-time visibility into staff activity. Easily contact team members with the in-app chat function and track team performance, even on-the-go!

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clock in clock out app for multiple employees

Absences & Paid Time Off

Simplify absence requests and approvals

Get notified whenever an employee makes a request then simply review, accept or reject requests on the go. Employees receive real-time updates so they immediately know if their requests were approved or declined.

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time clock kiosk app

A Kiosk Station App

Let the team clock-in from a centralized location

Set up the kiosk app in minutes to allow your team to easily and quickly log in and out using a unique, personalized PIN code from a single location. Supported on both iOS and Android.

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employee time clock app geofencing feature

Geofencing Capabilities

Ensure employees are where they should be

Avoid employees clocking-in outside the pre-designated site with advanced GPS geofence capabilities. Simply set up worksites and link them with a job, a customer, or a project. Once set up, employees utilize the time clock only in pre-defined locations. 

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employee time clock app push notifications

Push Notifications, Reminders & Reports

A time clock app that works for you

Smart automation ensures operations run smoothly: push notifications to remind your team to clock-in and out, daily limit alerts, auto clock out for employees who exceed the allowed working hours, and more. Avoid overtime and get daily summary reports!

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Watch the video below to see Connecteam time clock in action!

free employee timesheet app

What Our Customers Say

This software is so user-friendly. It has saved us a TON of time with the time clock, chat, and workflow features. Their customer service is the most helpful from any company I have ever worked with

Wendy H.

Staff manager

The Connecteam timeclock software is very easy to set up, roll out to users and maintain. It provided everything we needed and is very cost-effective. Great product for a good price and incredible support team!

Jason R.

Operations leader

This time clock app is extremely easy to use and there's also a free plan! It is easy to communicate and use! Everyone on the app loves it! Great Service! :)

Natasha R.

HR Manager

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Connecteam’s employee time clock app offers a GPS time clock that can be accessed from any mobile device. Our employee time clock app can be used to track time spent on work hours, jobs, or projects. Designed especially for non-desk employees, our employee time clock app is easy to use and requires no training, so you can start using your very own employee time clock app for multiple employees within minutes. Connecteam’s employee time clock app helps with monitoring regular hours, double hours and overtime, which all can be highly customized to fit your business’ needs. Connecteam’s employee time clock app can also help with mileage read, equipment usage, or any other information necessary to issue with payrolls. It also has an integrated in-app chat and easy to use timesheets, which makes the payroll process faster than ever before. If you’re looking for a time clock app for multiple employees that are usually on-the-go with no access to a computer, Connecteam’s employee time clock app is the most powerful and affordable solution for you non-desk employees.

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